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Apostolic Excrementation Is A Bomb Waiting To Explode

I have now made my homework on the text.

I wish I could share the optimism of those who see in the text of Querida Amazonia a stop to the mass ordination of married priest. However, I think that Mr Verrecchio has, from what I have read up to now, one or two very sensible arguments.  I am a bit in the middle, as I will proceed to explain.

What follows is paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Excrementation. Emphases mine.

2. During the Synod, I listened to the presentations and read with interest the
reports of the discussion groups. In this Exhortation, I wish to offer my own
response to this process of dialogue and discernment. I will not go into all of the
issues treated at length in the final document. Nor do I claim to replace that text
or to duplicate it. I wish merely to propose a brief framework for reflection that
can apply concretely to the life of the Amazon region a synthesis of some of the
larger concerns that I have expressed in earlier documents, and that can help
guide us to a harmonious, creative and fruitful reception of the entire synodal
3. At the same time, I would like to officially present the Final Document,
which sets forth the conclusions of the Synod, which profited from the
participation of many people who know better than myself or the Roman Curia
the problems and issues of the Amazon region, since they live there, they
experience its suffering and they love it passionately. I have preferred not to cite
the Final Document in this Exhortation, because I would encourage everyone to
read it in full.

So: Pachamama Francis is *not* officially endorsing the heretical Final Document. His exhortation is to be read as a response to it, which clearly (as far as anything with that cretin can be “clear”) means that the response of the Pope has higher authority than the document he is responding to.   I note here that Francis is clearly not ratifying the decisions of the Synod. Therefore, I think that Can. 343 does not find application.

However,  Pachamama Francis is not slamming the door on the heresy. In fact, he encourages us to read all that manure. He does not endorse the heresies, but he does not want the discussion to die. 

To me, the meaning seems clear: “I do not have the balls to ratify the Final Document, because you never know what could happen afterwards. But I hate the Church and all Her institutions. Therefore, I refuse to close the debate and I actually encourage fake Catholics to “make a mess”; what I could not destroy today could well be destroyed tomorrow, no?”.

We can accept as uncontroversial that the document, in itself, does not endorse either mass consecration of married men or – which would be impossible anyway – sacramental deaconesses and other such rubbish. Still, the issue is not that. The issue is in the fact that Francis has refused to close the door on the subversives, clearly showing that he is on their side, but he does not see it as feasible – or prudent for his own job security – to officially endorse their theories.

Therefore, we remain in a state where we are invited to read, and therefore to debate, the unreadable and not debatable.

Trust this cowardly subversive to put a bomb in his document, so that he can continue to wreak the Church whilst maintaining the desired amount of plausible deniability. The bomb is still there, armed, waiting for a Pope able and willing to make it explode. Francis is willing; but, for the moment, he does not feel able.

What a little, cowardly piece of work this guy is.





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