Pope Paper Tiger And His Pussycat Prelates

The latest Excrementation, which stopped short of the Nuclear Holocaust which, by this pope, we were authorised to fear, allows in my eyes to have another example of the way Francis thinks and operates.

Francis has no shame, or faith, or decency. But with all that, he will only do that which he thinks he can get away with. As with the first synod on the family, or the SSPX, he will always stop whenever he sees a realistic danger to get seriously hurt. In parallel, he will only act (say: Amoris Laetitia) when he is very confident that he can do so with impunity.

It seems that this time, at least concerning the “deaconesses” and the “viri probati”, he did not trust himself to push heresy as hard as he would have liked to. The book that Ratzinger would not have written, if he had known the controversy that it would generate, might have played a role. More likely, private warnings from a number of bishops and cardinals played a more important part, then Francis would walk over a whining, crying, frail Benedict with a tractor, if he thought he can do so with impunity. Sarah, he would not even notice.

We see, from all this, how – in the end – easy it is to force this scoundrel to at least shut up. And we see, in the same way, how atrociously cowardly most of our bishops and cardinals are, who – at the very maximum, and certainly in not very great numbers – manage to stage some resistance only when Armageddon appears near.

Twenty Cardinals would be enough to have Francis hide under the bed. The four Dubia Cardinals alone would have put an end to any official antics after their own very public censure. Really, we have been needing, all these years, no more than a handful of cardinals, or a couple of dozen bishops, to give Francis a much-needed Humble Pacifier. They were, in seven years, not to be found.

What we have now is a heretic can kicked down the road. Francis will give it further kicks himself if he thinks he can, and leave things to some Tagle or other if he cannot; because this one, my dear readers, is not motivated by any sort of religious zeal, but by hatred for the Church and a petty desire to feel important as he inflicts damage to the faithful he hates.

The way with Francis is to make him feel that popes have been deposed already and could be deposed yet. It is quite remarkable that hundreds of prelates should be afraid of an adversary so evidently mediocre, so obviously ready to cave when he does not feel sure of the outcome.

Our Cardinals (first) and Bishops (second) bear a great part of the responsibility for the last seven years. Then facts show again and again that Francis is a paper tiger; a little, old, petty lewd man bent on angering and insulting everyone as long as he can get away with it.

Francis is a paper tiger; but even a paper tiger can try to look strong if all he has to deal with is a bunch of kitten.

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  1. People are celebrating what this old poop has put out in the exhortation. In my opinion they are being naïve. That final report may have any number of things in it. Any impression he has retreated from his contribution to the destruction of Catholicism is just an illusion and wishful thinking.

  2. Joseph D'Hippolito

    …”he will only do that which he thinks he can get away with. …”
    That was exactly how JPII behaved concerning capital punishment. The wording in his CCC did not match his public remarks, which were far more direct. JPII and Ratzinger as head of CDF combined to sow enough confusion to keep everybody off balance. JPII also could rely on a pliant group of both clergy and laity who were infatuated with the late Pope’s well-crafted cult of personality. That cult exploited the Catholic tendency toward (and demand for) blind deference to clerics and prelates.
    Francis learned from a master. The only difference is that Francis is far less adroit publicly than JPII was.

  3. Dear Mundabor, I have over the past couple weeks had the joy of finding, reading and very much enjoying the content of your blog. So , my regards on your content and writing style.
    I am currently rather sleep deprived and have an 11 hour road trip ( in the passenger seat) ahead of me with a rather grumpy spouse ,2 cats, and fair portion of my household belongings. Please , if you are able, add me in your prayers, I most assuredly would appreciate it.
    I do believe the comment of JP II ” as more Catholic as a whole” while in degrees of separation, is accurate, when juxtaposed to the man in the dingy zip-up pope suit and ” oh so umble brown shoes” is similiar to , say ,a comparison of common “Italian” restaurant fare in Leipzig DE, compared to the same in Cincinnati, OH. They have may have similar ingredients but, vastly varied cooking techniques. Either way ,you likely aren’t going to be partaking in authentic Italian cuisine. Merely a sub-par substitute. Or more directly, a VII pontificate versus , well, just about any of at least 260 popes.

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