Querida Amazonia Is No Humanae Vitae Moment

Ahh…the eternal optimists, who always make “trends” out of every event, are now wondering whether the Excrementation constitutes Francis’ “Humanae Vitae” moment. How I wish I had their innocent, naive spirit!

Look: Paul VI was no hero, but at least he was Catholic! He allowed an awful amount of rot to fester, but his active participation to it was, if certainly scandalous in his and in any time, rather minuscule when compared with the almost daily barrage of Catholicism-free nonsense coming from the Humble Pachamama Pope!

It is obvious that Paul VI used HV to say “the nonsense stops here”, drawing a line in the sand in the matter of contraception. Nothing of the sort happens with the Amazonian Excrementation. In the latter case, Francis stops short of ratifying the nonsense concerning viri probati, deaconesses and the like (I do not even want to investigate what other rubbish is there, as I am sure that there is an awful lot), but he actually recommends the heresies of the Final Document to everybody, as if they were an acceptable source of debate and inspiration!

Francis is not saying that the debate ends here. He is saying that he actually wishes for it to go on! That he has no nerve to push his nonsense farther is merely a result of his inveterate habit of having two tongues, and of his innate propension for cowardice. It’s pressure from outside, not courage from inside.

This is not Francis saying “stop!” This is Francis saying “go on!”. The difference is fundamental.

Never lower your guard. Never think that Francis is backpedaling, much less converting to Catholicism! He is, and remains, a clear and present danger for the Church.

But he is, and remains, a little, cowardly, petty old bully.

Stay vigilant, and keep the pressure on the man as much as you can in your little sphere of influence.

You put together millions of us and, as we have just seen, it works.

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