Feeling The Bern; Or, A Tale Of Two Donkeys

It seems to me that there are two parties inside the Democrat party. One (let us call it Donkey 1.0) is the party we have learned to know and hate in the last twenty or so years: baby-killing, perversion-affirming, gun-controlling, eco-panicking, tax-and-spend type of guys. The other (Donkey 2.0) is the same, with the addition of Marxism.

Donkey 1.0 and Donkey 2.0 don’t really like each other. Actually, the hate each other almost as much as they hate Trump. More importantly, they see themselves as not compatible with the other. Which is, in fact, perfectly reasonable if you consider that Donkey 1.0 has an abundance of Billionaires among its supporters, of which not one, but two are actually vying for the top job; whilst Donkey 2.0, which sees with hostility and resentment the very existence of Billionaires, is largely fuelled by champagne-sipping actors feeling “virtuous” between two cocaine benders and by the vast number of envious, resentful people once – and rightly so – called the Undeserving Poor.

Donkey 2.0 was kicked in the … ass in 2016 already, when the party establishment rigged the rules to make Hillary prevail on her way to glorious defeat in November. They are, therefore, positively angry, and ferociously determined to not let it happen again this time. This does not faze Donkey 1.0 a bit, with an unlimited amount of money to spend and no lack of Greta-angering private jets to coordinate their movements; but then again, Bernie and Fauxcahontas (yes, she is still in the race! It’s difficult to let those private jet flies go!) don’t disdain a private jet ride, too.

It seems to me that in this simple reality (two parties, united by the same baby-killing zeal and desire to control your life in the minutest detail) lies one of the most important keys to understand this race. The leaders of the two parties will, likely,  compromise at some point (remember: Bernie graciously accepted to be set aside in 2016 and supported the very woman who had rigged the game against him, thinking of his necessity to remain in the graces of the party!). Still, I doubt that the respective grassroots will do the same.

Les us say that Bloomberg wins the nomination, buying all opposition and promising the Bernies of the world one house here and one well-paid charity job there. In my eyes, there will be no amount of public display of (fake) affection that will move the People Of Marx to enthusiastic support of a Billionaire who will, very clearly, have nothing to do with Marxism. Nor should you think that, once deprived of their economic revolution, they are going to be happy with environmental madness: it is clear to them, and to everybody else, that climate panic is about total population control, not the environment. The result of this will be a handful of millions of votes missing from Bloomberg’s tally. This spells, bar an astonishing amount of complacency from the other side, a clear defeat.

Even worse will the Donkey fare if it is the Bern who carries the day. After all the toning down of Marxism has been done and the fake support of the Democrat Establishment has been promised, a Bernie run would be seen with terror by many of the decades-long supporters, whilst a vast number of Independents will run to the ballot and will not be able to wait to vote for Trump. Bernie would have a difficult run if the economy were bad. As it stands, the economy is so good that this would be just suicide.

I do not see how this situation can be remedied. The reality on the ground clearly indicates that these are two parties under the same (circus) tent. No artificial statement of unity, of which we will read many after the Convention, will change a iota in this.

Sanders, together with AOC and the virtue-signalling, champagne-sipping actors, has destroyed the Democrat party, splitting it right in the middle with its poisoned ideology. When even James Carville and Chris Matthews are terrified of you, you should really think how electable you are.

The Tale of Two Donkeys is, alone, an important key to understanding this election. A successful President running on a very strong economy, and on promises kept, will do the rest.

Do not ever become complacent. Still, I invite you to savour this race to the full until November.

Let’s party like it’s 1984!


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  1. This is one your best Mundabor. Great work! Yes, great entertainment and even more an expression of the madness that possesses the Democrat Party and its constituents. Clearly the Democrat Party is the party of the devil, driven by its evil beliefs into chaos. This is the devil doing his work ultimately to the benefit of good. Thanks be to God.

  2. The Democratic (sic) Party is a mirror example of the hierarchy in control in Rome who have worked hard to destroy the true Catholic faith and yet there is a remnant that still opposes them and will remain faithful to the Truth. Both the Democratic (sic) Party and the hierarchy working to destroy the true Catholic faith have opposition within and both, born out of evil, will disappear into the annuls of history as another failed attempt by the Devil to destroy mankind.

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