Gay Scouts Of America File For Bankruptcy

In a piece of good news that will not fail to please the readers, the Gay Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy. What this means, is that they will now begin to sell the silverware (they have a lot of that) to deal with the many sexual abuse charges they are facing.

They will, of course, re-emerge from bankruptcy at some point as a new organisation, and I bet the legal framework is more complex than the newspaper article mentions. Still, the new organisation will be, as things stand now, also doomed.

These people allow weird things, like having boys who think they are girls to join them. This is in addition to allowing homos within their ranks, after which they are suprised that it rains sexual abuse charges on them.

Most homos like young men. Deal with it.

Similarly, “boy” means “boy”. To allow a boy who thinks he is not a boy to join the Boy Scouts is like admitting to a seminary a young man who thinks he is a girl (or, come to that, an elephant, or a Ming vase). What other things these people do I have no idea, but I am sure the details are quite disturbing. I am curious to know whether the Girl Scouts allow boys who identify as girls, or the Boy Scout girls who identify as boys.

Confusing? It’s because they are confused themselves.

Henceforward, the Gay Scouts will be an organisation for the offspring of liberals who insist in confusing their children as much as humanly possible, perhaps because they think that growing them in a “tolerant” environment will help the parents themselves get away with all the selfish stuff they do (infidelities, divorces, remarriages, addictions, etc.). If you are a marijuana-smoking  swinger, with a divorce behind you and actually liking the fact that your second wife really likes the milkman, the Gay Scouts might just be the right place for your boy; particularly, of course, if you have encouraged him to “identify as girl” just in order to go for the safest option.

The simple fact is that, besides the obvious impiousness of the PC stuff, it never pays to get away from common sense. A boys’ organisation is either a boys’ organisation, or it is useless. Going away from the simple facts of life is like hoping that water will suddenly start falling upwards.

The Gay Scouts are desperate. Desperate people with no faith do desperate, stupid things. It really is amusing to see how dumb they are.

Keep your boys away from the Gay Scouts. There’s nothing good left in them.



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  1. Still waiting for V2 Francis church bishops in America to forbid parishes in their diocese from associating with the Gay Scouts of America. I guess diocesan administrators like exchanging strategies with their counterparts in the Gay Scouts at the local bankruptcy court.

  2. What’s happened to the Boy Scouts breaks my heart. One of my children was a Scout for a number of years back in the 1980’s. Their camping trips were amazing – learning how to pitch a tent, start a fire from scratch, find their way through the woods via nature’s signs, telling stories, doing skits . . .. There was the Pinewood Derby Race, with each boy designing and making his own car to race against the others. The Boy Scout Oath started each meeting with, “On my oath I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight”. The Boy Scout Motto – “Be Prepared” – is about the best advice one can live by. All gone. It’s enough to make one weep.

  3. The BSA has wandered far from its original purpose, no doubt about it. The organization will probably disappear. But I’m pretty tired of the “I told you so” triumph I hear in so many criticisms. If the BSA collapses, it’s because good people did not stay in and fight. They gave up. They walked away. Criticize the organization all you want. The people who bolted are men and fathers, revealing a different kind of failure. But the victims are the same: Our sons. “There is nothing good left in them” is an ignorant remark.

    • I would turn away from an organisation turned evil. If it rots, it needs to die.

    • I don’t understand your comment: ” ‘There’s nothing good left of them ‘ is an ignorant remark.’ ” I wish the BSA had survived the upheaval of our society, but it has not. There is nothing ignorant in stating that fact. Can you clarify?

    • I have not written the ignorant remark part? Where do you get that From? There’s nothing good left in them , because if they become evil they need to cease to exist as an organisation edit: I think you were replying to another commenter?

  4. According to PSAs I’ve heard on the radio, there is no longer an organization called “Boy Scouts of America”, it having been replaced by some co-ed group called “Scouting” where a perky girl (I suppose) tells listeners how great it is to be a non-gendered “scout”. Of course the feminist infiltrated Girl Scouts are still a separate (but equal?) organization pushing abortion rights with their cookies, and even a few bishops have banned them.

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