The Untapped Potential

There is a thought that has been floating in my head for years. Today, I would like to share it with you, and ask what you think.

It has been my experience all my life that people who are disillusioned with something -like, say, elections- are not easily persuaded to abandon their scepticism. They will want to, first, be persuaded by facts without them doing anything; and they will, once confronted with facts, change their minds and act accordingly.

It is my conviction that, by all his success, exactly this happened to Trump during his glorious 2016 run. He did move to action a number of people who had been disillusioned and had not voted for a long time; but – crucially – the numbers were relatively minor if compared to the untapped potential that still remained after the election.

I remember thinking, in the early hours of that glorious day, that a victory in 2016 would go a very long way to procure a victory in 2020, because the great mass of “doubting Thomases” would be aroused to action and to support Trump exactly where it counted – and will count in November – the most: that is, among the formerly disillusioned non-college educated voters in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Do not expect these voters to march to the polling station in November because they are against abortion, or think a wall indispensable, or like Trump’s North Korean policy. Expect them to go to vote in November because, for the first time since Reagan, someone really cared for their jobs and families, and they have tangible evidence of it.

Granted, many eternally disaffected and professional complainers will still stay home instead of going out in the cold, as complaining is likely what they do best and hat gives them most satisfaction in life. Still, I think that there is a big army, a huge, still untapped potential out there, particularly in the Rust Belt, ready to join the Trump Train in November. The polling organisations will, like in 2016, not be able to detect them, because these are not people getting vocal on social media or interested in talking to pollsters; but their votes will be real and, I think, largely unexpected again.

This, unless grumpy guys in the Rust Belt are different from the same guys in Italy; which I very much doubt, because nature does not change with the passport.

I do not see these people polled. I do not think many pundits are interested in them. I suspect that they think that Trump will have difficulties in keeping that constituency, much less enlarge it. But I at my age might know more of human nature than a 24 years old analyst of artificial statistical data; particularly then, when such analyst is afraid to see the signals he has in front of him.

If what I think happens, then it’s game over for Bloomberg, Sanders, or whoever else should make it. It will be a big win, and a lot more liberal tears.

The Lord acts in mysterious ways, and He might choose to let factory workers pave the way for everything the “educated” urban crowd hates.

Starting with sensible judges, and babies in the womb.

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  1. Polls are commissioned to get results that the person(s) commissioning the poll wants. Polls are news when there is no news, they are dreaated to BE news. So polls are neither real news nor are they trustworthy in any sense.
    The only people who believe in them are those who really want to. And they only reinforce the belief that they already have.
    Also the pollsters don’t “poll” a properly balanced demographic so even as they ask biased questions they ask them of demographic biased in the same direction. The meaninglessness of polls was evidenced in 2016 in the presidential election real vs polled results.
    Polls are co0mmissioned to sway the public, not inform it.
    The “real” polls aren’t made public and in those polls the liberals are looking their failures square in the face… and panicking.

  2. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Hmmm…..the Trump phenomena…intriguing post. Let me “think on it a bit” before responding.

    As a prelude to the “thinkiing a bit about it” reservation and succumbing to the “random thought syndrome” I’m wondering if the folks who maintain that those who think the President of the United States is really elected “by the people” are dissilusional idiots and the entire electoral process is really an exercis in “Kafabe” are correct in their collective “Kafabe assessment.”

    And then there’s the Ann Barnhardt political axiom to contend with:

    The Barnhardt Axiom on Politicians:
    “The culture has degraded such that seeking and/or holding political office, especially national-level office, is, in and of itself, proof that a given person is psychologically and morally unfit to hold public office.”

    Living in Italy as you do your finger is a bit removed from the “pulse” of the American electorate…it’s a vibrant and robust pulse when exclaiming how their 401k’s are doing under the Trump administration….ask them to come pray outside of a planned barrenhood abortion clinic and that pulse goes into cardiac arrest mode.

    The hot button/litmus test issue is the prolife “issue.” No Joy….most “prolifers” fall for the proposition that politicians who assert and proclaim they are “prolife” while believing in the 3 diabolical exceptions: health of the mother, incest and rape.

    And most prolifers are infavor of contraception.

    It’s a great country America….hopefully and prayerfully one day the unborn will be part of it.


    • What a disordered ramble. The world is what it is and you need to work with what you have. Stay home in November, and you will make the work of the devil.

  3. I had a similar thought at work today. Some of my coworkers have the luxury of being among ‘the complainers’. Frankly, they are exhausting to listen to. They seem to be eternally unhappy with life and their lack of accrued paid time off (vacation time). I realized how lucky they are to be counted in the complainer class. These fellows loved the pay raises they received a few months ago, and are anticipating the upcoming bonus. They continue to grumble but I bet I know who they will vote for this November. It makes me smile.

  4. Hoping your theory is right on the money…

  5. I’m hoping it is as you say and much deeper…
    That Trump gives hope to a new generation of conservatives; that the political sphere is penetrable for a restoration movement. I think the impetus is already visible from the congressmen who are now heard and respected down to the college students winning lawsuits.

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