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Baby killing Battleship Bernie

The Nevada Caucus results are out, and it is clear that it will be between Bolshevik Bernie and Mini Mike, with more than a hunch that a lot of grassroots Democrats are really, really angry at a billionaire wanting to buy the presidency and being (up to now at least) so pathetic at it.

Bolshevik Bernie has, among his many delirious policy points, a federal law that would enshrine abortion rights in law. Let us set aside for the moment the constitutional feasibility of this, and let us reflect on what this means for the American people.

It is fair to say that Sanders’ is the most brutal attack on the unborn ever committed by a Presidential candidate. He really goes all the way out.

The current frontrunner of the Democratic Party really, really hates babies.

A person claiming of being “proud to be Jewish” promoting a yearly Holocaust. Go figure.

Mind, it is not that the other candidates are much better; in fact, it is only now that some people on the left probably begin to regret moving the needle of the party so much to the left. The “moderate” candidate, Ueber Bitch Amy Klobuchar, voted against both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and, if memory serves, attacked the latter viciously. If these are the “moderates”, give me Sanders every day. At least the danger is made very clear.

Bolshevik Bernie hates unborn babies really a lot. Klobuchar will gladly sacrifice them to get elected. All the others are in the middle, which means babies will still have to die. Whoever gets the nomination, this was the most baby-killing candidate troop the United States have ever seen.

If Bernie gets the nomination (we need to wait for Super Tuesday; but I think Nevada was a good indication of the raw energy that will be mobilised against Bloomberg), his extremism even in the matter of baby-killing needs to be a constant issue among Catholic journalists, assorted pundits and humble bloggers.  I know, it will likely play second fiddle to the obvious danger the man represents for the economy and the freedom of those who have not been aborted. Still, it cannot be neglected merely because other parts of the man’s utterly bonkers platform catch the imagination of the public with more force.

We need to attack Battleship Bernie with the Catholic submarines, torpedoing it all the time to November. Trump and the GOP will attack it with the aircraft carriers USS MAGA and USS KAG, hopefully disposing of the danger.

But we need to do our job trying to move some of those who tell themselves believers to stay away from this toxic man in November.

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