Daily Archives: February 24, 2020

Feeling The Abortions

The news reaches us today that, if elected, Bolshevik Bernie will only appoint to the Supreme Court justices supporting infanticide barely masked as abortion.

In simple terms, this means that he would likely be able to get, if not the rabid baby-killing machines he eagerly supports, some vaguely “moderate” (for him) pro-killing justices, who would be invariably supported by the Judas Republican Caucus consisting of Senators from, say, Utah, Main and Alaska.

Heck, Bernie could even go nuclear and appoint utterly bonkers Justices without Senate approval, with recess appointments; an imprudent move, very likely, and fraught with questions about its legality, but perfectly in line with the man’s attitude, character and utter inability to compromise.

Also, in case of an improbable victory, Breyer and RBG would likely resign immediately (or she could die of her own anyway), and perhaps even the diabetic Sotomayor, aka wide Latina, could decide to resign. This could be a triple whammy, either compromising the court for decades or, in case of succesful recess appointments, making the 2022 election entirely about the Senate, but without presidential race connected to it.

This goes to show that the battle is never won and, with all his successes in judicial appointments, we need both Trump and a solid Senate majority (ex Judas Republican Caucus) in November.

Let’s hope and pray that Bernie does not get his way. Let us not be complacent. Let us work for Trump and sanity with our friends, colleagues and relatives.

The battle is not won yet, and Bernie could do a lot of damage even as Lame Bolshevik.

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