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The Socialist Troops Are About To Attack

I see the signs multiplying that the Left and the champagne-sipping Socialist troops are going to try to exploit this crisis to fundamentally reshape the West, particularly Western Europe.

No one in his right mind can suggest that 14, 16, 18 weeks of national lockdowns are anything near feasible, or sane. Heck, I have read around of “experts” simply stating that we might need a lockdown until a vaccine is found (this is up to 18 months). Boy, these people really hate working!

Look, this is bad. It truly is. I read the news from Italy every day, and, as you know because you read me , it is very realistic to think that 20,000 or more people have  already died of Coronavirus in Italy alone. It is right to do all that we reasonably can to mitigate the hit. It is certainly right to put in place a lockdown of two, three weeks as the preparation for the wave of ill patients are ramped up. But at some point, the action will have to be directed to the increase of ICU places, as our Countries starts to work again. 

To claim that all the West must be partially shut down (obviously, even during lockdown most of the economic activity continues, but for how long?) is just another way to say that we should profit from this to get rid of Capitalism, nationalise all the companies that go bust (all of them, at some point) and switch to a system where the “scientists” and the “experts” tell us what to do, how to live, what to think and, obviously, when to worship.

This is something that must be avoided at all cost, and I mean at all costs. No one in his right mind would say that 1%, or 0.5%, of the population is worth giving up our freedoms. If that had been the case, then it would have been perfectly sensible to surrender to the Soviet Union back then, against the promise that we would be allowed to live.

President Trump will, of course, not fall for the story. But Europe is different. Riddled with the Socialist Virus as it is, several Countries could abandon themselves to an orgy of assistance madness, either not thinking of the bill that will unavoidably come, or actually thinking clearly and accepting, or desiring, the consequences. Their politicians will do, as almost always, what guarantees their survival on the day.

The first thing that we need to do is to start realising that the “experts” opinions are:

  1. often wrong,
  2. often politically motivated, and
  3. cannot substitute political decisions.

I do not care one iota of when the “experts” tell me that it will be safe to go back to work. The decision is not, and should never be, theirs. The Country should come first.

If your Country is bombarded, you don’t surrender because some people are dying. You keep on fighting and you do what you can to alleviate the suffering.

Expect the BBC and other panic-mongering institutions to bombard us with “experts” saying we must destroy the Country. They would clearly love it, thinking that hey will actually come out stronger from the attempts at socialist utopia that will result.

Call your MP or write to him, and let him know that you want to care for the old, but not at the price of suicide for an entire Country.


Coronavirus: Let’s Get Real.

The figures for Italy released this afternoon aren’t good, with more than 900 deaths in a day, and the new record.  

Before you freak out, reflect that these daily numbers don’t mean much anyway, which you know because you actually read my blog.

At this point, I would like to make a very worst case, a  realistic worse case, and a comparison with data we have.

As you know from here, the Diamond Princess saw the worst possible incubation scenario, and was full of old people, who were going around for many days within the vessel and being happily infected without even knowing it.

The figures again:

3,711 passengers

712 infected;

7 deaths.

Total death after weeks in the vessel of hell: 0.188%

Let us apply this to the, say, 60 million Italians and we have 112,800 deaths due to Coronavirus.

However, the Diamond Princess is, most certainly, not representative of Italy: firstly, because it was a heavily contained environment; secondly, because the average age was much older than in Italy. Thirdly, because (to my knowledge) no intensive care units with ventilators etc could be made available. So, let us say that 110k- 120k deaths is the very worst case. Then, let us (merely) halve it to allow for a very bad, resilient virus that does not find so many old people around as aboard the Diamond Princess, but proves resilient to medications, is not killed by warm weather, etc.

We are at 55k-60k deaths, mostly of old people with pre-existing conditions and average age of around 80 years. This is, I think, a realistic worst case. Not, mind, a likely figure, but a realistically assumed scenario for a very bad outcome.

Now, let us recall the great heat wave of 2003, which led to many old people dying of dehydration. At the time (this might have changed afterwards; these numbers always go through a series of adjustments) the talk was of anywhere between 20,000 and 30,000 deaths in France alone. France has around the same population as Italy, give or take single percentage digits. Certainly, a tragedy. However, these figures were calculated months afterwards, when there was nothing more to do about it. Question: would the country have been stopped for all the summer, to allow for the industry to produce a vast number of a/c systems, an army of technicians to install them, and an army of nurses to force everyone to hydrate until he cries? That emergency was, in the end, much less grave than this one, but you get my drift: no one would have asked, then, to stop the entire Country and drive it to the ground to avoid the tragedy. 

We are, realistically, talking here of a maximum of twice the deaths we counted then, not collectively noticing until several months later. It’s a lot of deaths, and it certainly is the Christian thing to do to put in place those measures that can reasonably be put in place to avoid it, allowing all Western Governments to prepare for the tidal wave of people in need of intensive care units and minimise its deadly effect. It did, and it does, make sense to use the emergency brake for a limited number of weeks.

But – hand on heart, and in front of the Blessed Virgin – I can safely say that even the sobering, very sad, tragic figures I am putting in front of you today do not justify the collective economic suicide of a Nation, much less of a Continent, much less of the West. 

And by the by, the Chinese figures are rotten and look more rotten by the day. It is inconceivable that they should have less deaths and – even more absurd – less infected people than Italy, when they went around happily infecting each other for who knows how long, and were prevented from isolating even when the situation was bad enough that doctors on the ground could easily see it. They are going through a carnage now; but people are expendable to them, so they don’t care. So yeah, a huge lot of excrement is happening over there just now; you are merely not allowed to know.

I do not think that anyone can accuse me of downplaying this situation, and I am totally allergic to the rubbish I am reading around the web (don’t try to bring that rubbish here, thanks; this is my virtual home, and I will have none of that crap).

Still, I think that the cure cannot be worse than the disease, and that undue alarm and facebook-induced panic only serves to destroy the fabric of Western Capitalism.





The Tale Of The Evil Witch: Why The Official Figures Are Lying And What This Means For Us

The data coming in every afternoon from the Italian Protezione Civile keep giving a mixed picture, with mostly positive days followed by days (like yesterday) marked by slight increases in infections and deaths.

But I, and many others, begin to think that the numbers are almost useless; or that they can be, at the most, merely a vague indication of where we are and what the general trend is.

The official data of the deceased because of Coronavirus just do not square (do not even begin to square) with real life where the unfortunate inhabitant of many places in Northern Italy, particularly in Bergamo and surrounding towns, are living.

Some journalists have compared the official Coronavirus death with the lists of the deceased, and have come out with one of those unavoidable truths that every now and then confront us: it is not that you are having hallucinations, it is that the official figures about the deceased do not even begin to give account of the deaths due to Coronavirus.

Many articles now in the Italian press, like here and here, sadly tell a much different story.

Let us take Nembro, a town near Bergamo where the virus has struck with great violence. Nembro lost between 110 and 120 people from the beginning of March. Last year, they were 14. The same strong differences (though not as brutal as in Nembro) can be found everywhere in the towns affected by the virus.

Now consider this: the number of deaths in the same city and town tend to be fairly constant from one year to the other, when you compare the same time of year. This is not happening now. Everywhere, where the virus struck, the number of deaths is four, five, six, ten times the expected number, and the official statistics of the deceased from the Coronavirus only account for a tiny part of the difference. 

This means that the official Coronavirus death statistics are merely an indication of trend (if that), but nothing even remotely resembling the reality of what we are living.

Why is this, you may ask? For the very obvious reason that there not enough tests, and in many cases there is not enough time, to test every death of “pneumonia” (record numbers are being recorded in the last weeks) instead of Coronavirus. Therefore, either the deceased is tested after death (possible, but rare) or the death is recorded as “pneumonia”, and that is that. This is totally understandable: first, tests need to be used to prevent the spreading of the disease; second, those who are infected need  additional tests (at times two, or three each) before they can be safely recorded as having recovered.

Mind, the other obvious data is also confirmed with growing numbers of deaths: this virus is a harvester, not a killer. People don’t die of Coronavirus alone. The Chinese Virus is, by and large, the one pushing them to the grave when serious conditions are already there.

So there we have it: this Chinese Virus is, for the population at large, certainly not a threat. But it is an unprecedented threat for old and frail people. It is, if you allow me the macabre image, like an evil witch from  a children’s tale, going around and taking away all the old and frail people she can get; or like a huge, automatic machine aiming at the low hanging fruits from the orchard.

How to react to this? My suggestion is the same I always had: it being impossible to stop the West until this has gone or a cure has been found or a vaccine has been created, it is necessary to concentrate the preparation on the end part: the ICU places, with the necessary ventilators and personnel.

This should be treated like you would a bombardment in time of war, with field hospitals everywhere and part of the production reconverted to the war necessities (equipment for personnel and patients; doctors; nurses). At the same time, and exactly as it would happen in time of war, the Country should go on and production (of goods and services)  should continue undisturbed. 

It is, if you ask me, perfectly fine to stop a Country from going out for a couple of weeks. It is a hit that we should, as a Country, be ready to take to protect the vulnerable. This will allow the worst of the first brunt to be absorbed as we prepare for a medical emergency.

But at some point, the “war machine” needs to start working again, or we will all be victims.


Strange Days

The Italian Chinese Virus figures for Monday were very encouraging. The ones for Tuesday were a bit of a downer. Still, it appears more and more probable that the worst phase is now gone; even as the deaths increase in other regions of Italy, we can now reasonably say that this is because they are going through a peak that will last a week or two, certainly not months.

Some images I would like my readers to mind: the churches used as provisional deposit for corpses as the morgues became too full,   and the column of Army trucks transporting the corpses out of Bergamo.  If you think this was a hoax, or a fraud, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

The Centre Left is in power in Italy. They don’t want to commit political suicide any more than Trump.

Possibly the worst, for every local, must have been seeing the obituaries of the Eco di Bergamo gradually go from around one to nine, then ten, then eleven pages. Imagine being a local and seeing the amount of devastation created by this virus; as you see, among the dead, people you knew personally, or whom people you know knew. Old people die every day, of course; but when the obituaries go from one page to eleven, it is not old age, or a cold end of the winter.

It is also abundantly obvious that the victims of the Chinese Virus are way, way more than the official count, likely a multiple. The fact is, the official data only consider as deaths from the virus those who had a test made on them, whether alive or dead. But there were not enough tests to use thousands of them on people already dead, as they are vital to prevent the further spread of the disease.

At some point, we will have at least an official estimate; and it will make for sober reading. The more so, if we think of what could have happened if the virus had not been contained in our Countries. Conversely, this will lead us to think to how many lives could have been spared if the Chinese officials had been not so unspeakably stupid, corrupt and, in a word, communist.

China lied, people died.

Still, and irrespective of the official count in the end, the following is crystal clear:

1. the victims were largely very old and with preexisting conditions, and

2. we can’t kill an entire Country because of a virus.

As always, President Trump was the first, among the heads of state and government who are actually listened to, to say it out loud: the cure can’t be worse than the disease. This is particularly brave of Trump, as everybody knows that the number of deaths in the United States is going to increase in the next days, thus forcing him to make difficult, but sensible choices as the screaming of the rabid left (who would be happy to gravely damage the economy in order to have him lose in November; journalists’ jobs are not endangered anyway, at least for now) increases in intensity.

There must be a balance, and the balance must be found in the weighting of human charity and common sense. Again, the effort must be directed at the end (the isolation of the old and the preparation for the emergency in the hospitals: respirators, ventilators, nurses etc), not at the start (the closing of factories, restaurants, and entertainment venues for a long time). The very fabric of every Western Country would start to die and get into gangrene if this situation continues for many weeks, without consideration of the damage made to the underlying economy.

Keep praying, keep hoping and, for heaven’s sake, follow the instructions of your Government.

They don’t want to commit suicide, either.

Please, Please Lord! Today’s Figures From Italy Show A Clear Improvement

It is only one day, but the news from Italy are extremely encouraging. 

If this continues in the next few days, it will be clear that the summit has been touched, and the virus is receding. For the record, today could have been the first day with more than 1,000 dead. Yesterday, the rolling 24 hours figures was 793. Today, we are at 651. Clear decrease in Lombardy, too, from 546 to 361 deaths. New cases also clearly retreating.

Some considerations on the spot:

  1. Lombardy was at the forefront. The data from there is the most followed, but it is easy to predict that even if the figures for Lombardy go down in the next days, those for other regions (like Emilia) might grow for a while. Still, Lombardy is no China and I believe the data. If the death recede there, they will soon recede everywhere in Italy.
  2. Please do not say that “this was not a great crisis after all”. Look on the internet for explanations of the effect, compounded for 30 days, of every infected person infecting 1 or 1.25 people as opposed to, say, 2.5. It is staggering, as you would expect for an exponential growth. This means that: a) social distancing saved a lot of lives, and b) China lied, people died.
  3. We will know in the next months (assuming the crisis has peaked already) what estimated effect the measures taken in different countries have fared. For example: how did the Dutch and the Swedes (after accounting for differences in population age and climate, as far as they can be estimated) fare compared to, say, Italy and France? This will give extremely valuable indications as to how to proceed for similar new cases.
  4. China will have to pay. Firstly, they should be made to pay for the immense damage the inefficiency, corruption and outright stupidity of the Chicom machine has caused to the West (I think tariffs will be ideal for that). Secondly, they should have to pay through the repatriation of many important strategic industries, from which the Western machine clearly depends, both to keep producing and for the safety of the Western citizen. Thirdly, they should have to pay through sanctions like the expulsion from the WTO and the loss of the “most favorite” trade clause, as a corrupt third world government does not deserve to be given a seat in the first row.
  5. All Western nations will have to provide for contingency plans, and adapt their production chain to the new circumstances. For example, it is easy to predict that the “just in time” production methods will get quite a hit after the experiences of the last weeks. It may be cheaper in normal times, it becomes extremely expensive in abnormal ones. Many factories were closing already, in the last days, not because the government ordered them to, but for sheer lack of parts.

I suggest my readers that they pray very hard, today, for the virus to be finally receding.


China Virus Madness?

I have written about my take on the Coronavirus here and here.  

The situation has not changed. Therefore, it seems to me that the analysis should not change, either.

However, it seems to me that, in Italy at least, the emergency is now morphing into madness. I have little doubt that other Countries like Spain and France will very soon follow, then they tend to react in the same way. I can only hope that the United Kingdom and the United States will keep a cooler head, following a tradition of “stiff upper lip” in times of crisis.

Listen, people: factories do not close even in war times, with the enemy bombers flying over them. The decision of the Italian Prime Minister, Conte, to shut down the country’s factories starting tomorrow is exactly an example of what should not, never (not if we had enemy bombers on our heads!) be done.

The very cold shiver that went down my spine when I read the news was mitigated by the detailed information: post, transports, banks, insurances stay open. Fishery and Agriculture also go on. This is a big chunk of activity in a Country like Italy, particularly when you consider that working from home will obviously continue. But the damage of the most recent measures for the Italian economy is now estimated at at least 7-8% of the GDP if this does not stop soon; and really, one wonders how can a Prime Minister who ordered half the Country to stay home suddenly say to his people “today is the fourth of April, this means you all can go back to work in your factories”.

One cannot avoid but noticing this: that people like Conte have no downside in paralysing the Country, but they will face a huge wall of hysteria and possible political annihilation if they don’t. They all go with the flow, because the tide is too strong to be stemmed. Like every politician, they know that the art will be in letting people suffer first until the circumstances allow to change the course, and not be seen as the responsible for the suffering later.

There was, in Italy, a luxury tax on yachts some time ago. Everybody – and I say everybody – in the corridors of power knew that this would have resulted in a very fast, and very easy, exodus of yachts to nearby countries, like Croatia. They knew, and they did not care. It was more important to offer the country some sacrificial lambs (the hated “rich”) and let the economy living around around the rich (the tourism, the services, the caterers, the maintenance industry etc) suffer as the business moved abroad in a matter of hours. It was a move of such cold-blooded, calculated cynicism, that it provided a very raw example of what a politician will do to survive in a democracy.

I think that something like this is happening now. As the hysteria grows (which I am afraid it will), Conte and the other politicians will not have any interest in trying to plant their feet, draw a line in the sand and say that there must be a limit to the measures taken to prevent the diffusion of the China Virus. On the contrary, the temptation will be big to put themselves “at the head of the movement” and look “caring”, even as they carelessly destroy the lives of millions and cause untold suffering for years to come.

Social distancing is all fine. Work from home whenever possible is all fine. The enforcement of the end of mass gathering is something which has always been done for public order reasons. But when you begin to shut down factories and condemn to closure every shop that is not “essential”, you are playing with the very fabric of the country and making of Italy the next Venezuela.

This massive spending (authorised by Brussels, but nevertheless to be repaid by the Italians; without even the ability of printing the money and take the inflationary hit, because Italy is not even in control of its currency anymore!) will cause massive tax hikes, which will cause huge discontent and will castrate the Country’s growth for many years to come.  Three, four, six weeks of madness will have consequences for years to come, and will likely change the trajectory of the Country. If we are lucky, they will be at least the end of the Euro, but we shall see about that.

The numbers I keep seeing, and the situation I keep observing, is still exactly the same that I have described here . The figures have grown, as expected; but the fundamental nature of what is happening (that is: who is dying, what ethical challenges this poses, and how we should react to them) hasn’t.

The coming weeks will cause a huge ripple effect on the economies of half of Continental Europe. The Left will rise, as it is always the case when misery and poverty do. This may result in an entirely  home-made World War I, with the citizen shooting themselves out of sheer panic rather than being shot at by the enemy. 

Also, consider this: when you get bombed, you see immediately that things are going badly, and can decide to work towards a peace agreement relatively fast. But this madness might only end when the pain has become unbearable on the moment, which means that it will become much worse still in the 4-8 months to come.

As the German poet Schiller said (about marriage, but you get my drift) “der Wahn ist kurz, die Reu’ ist lang” (the madness is short, the regret is long).

Caution, yes. Prudence, yes.

But panic decisions that shut down the Country are not prudent, they are criminal.






Making Italy Pray Again

This guy has invited, via video, Italians to pray more. He has mentioned, no less, Jesus, St Joseph and the Blessed Virgin.

Trump has launched a national day of prayer, but I am not aware of any other European politician doing the same. Silly me, a lot of these people would like to have abortion enshrined in some European Constitution as a human right. There isn’t much in them that would make them even think of the Blessed Virgin.

Matteo Salvini’s word are very moderate. He does not show the kind of assertiveness that anyone of us would have preferred. Still, he is at the very top of the movement as far as Europe-wide relevant politicians are concerned. Not an easy thing to do in today’s Italy, even as a conservative politician.

My rosary, today, is for him; then even a very, very imperfect Catholic like Salvini is way in front of most other Italian politicians and, of course, of that evil clown we sadly have as Pope.

Make Italy Pray Again, Matteo.

And may God bless you always.

Take It Seriously And Stay In Good Spirit

As I receive information from first hand from Italy, and am obviously living the situation currently unfolding in England, it might be wise to give some coordinates as to where we are. So, there is goes.

  1. This is not a hoax. It’s no fake news. It’s real, and it’s serious. Believe me, I am not the guy who “buys the hype”. I don’t believe in global warming, or in papal conspiracy theories, and think myself solidly grounded in reality. I receive constant reports *from the ground in Italy*. Take it from me, this is as real as it comes.   
  2. Most people will obviously survive. Most *old* people will, obviously, also survive. It is not the Plague, or the Huns invading our lands. It is somewhere between a nasty flu and the Spanish Flu. Most of us will not only survive, but thrive.
  3. The real issue is an ethical, not medical, one. The people who are seriously affected by the Coronavirus need intensive care unit places, and specialised equipment. No Country on the planet has the equipment to face such an emergency, as the cases come all together. Therefore, a relatively limited number of cases causes a very real emergency and short-circuits the system.  
  4. This means that, whilst the number or dead will, likely, not be a big multiple of those who die for the flu every year (I will tell you below why I think that), what is terrifying is the horror scenario of hospitals and doctors having to choose who gets treated and who will likely die. This, and no other, is the problem as it appears now and with the information I am getting.
  5. The latter point poses (immediately in Italy, and later everywhere else), a fundamental question: are we, as Nations, the kind of people who allow such a situation to happen in the first place? My answer to this is, clearly, a resounding “no”. To answer otherwise means to have the same mindset as those who, say, want to leave people free to die by euthanasia. The defence of the population is one of the primary duties of every Nation. The defence of the more vulnerable people should be an even bigger priority. We are Christians, for crying out loud. Leave the “survival of the fittest” rubbish to the Darwinists. To say that we should pray for the people at risk is an empty slogan, if we then refuse to actually help them. God works through us. We should be the help we are praying for.
  6. Still, there should be, as in everything, the limits given by elementary common sense. For example: has it ever been a tradition, in Christian Countries, to stop everything during the Flu season, so that more old people could be spared from getting the flu, thus reducing the number of deaths? You know the answer. In the end, elementary common sense must be safeguarded, and the population must be free to go about their business and put food on the table.

If you ask me, we are now, everywhere in Europe, in the midst of the thinking I have explained under point 5. The fact that all this is meant to protect a tiny but important part of the population, and an all-important part to protect our sense of decency and common humanity, is generally accepted in Europe. But all this works on the assumption of a hit to the economy, not a total collapse and TEOTWAWKI.

In time, and if the warm weather does not kill the virus, or medicine/vaccines are made available within a reasonable number of weeks, point 6 will have to be considered and weighted against point 5: then we don’t stop life, say, every December 15 until February 15. At that point, and depending on what information is available at the time, something like this will have to be considered.

Also, consider this: the total infection numbers are not going to be earth-shattering. Among the largely very old passengers of the Diamond Princess, the figures on Wikipedia state 3,711 passengers, of whom (in a contained environment, and with a lot of old people) only around 712 were infected; of whom only 7 died. The infected ones had to cope with a level of exposure worse than every of the old people currently not infected in Italy will receive in, likely, months, when it will get warmer. Summa Summarum: it’s not that if we do nothing 100% of the 80+ years old will die. Actually, a great number will not even be infected.

Still, we face the decision: what kind of Nations do we want to be? What does it mean to call ourselves Christian, if the weak among us are left to die? When I was a child, I read that the Redskin tribes left the old people out in the cold, to literally…. die of cold, when they had become useless and had not used the tribe the courtesy to die in another way. I always despised those savages. I would not want to wake up in the morning, and know that we have become like them; still, this should be within the boundaries of elementary common sense.

The emergency should be, I think, in the provision and manning of ICU places, equipment, field hospitals etc.; in the production of virus tests, and the like.  When that has been addressed, the grip on the population should be gradually released. There is a limit, and the limit is the one of elementary common sense.

Best wishes to everybody.

You will soon have more free time.

One of the things we all can do is to pray more.




The Silver Lining

As we enter the stage of quasi-hysteria in the Coronavirus affair – there is no day in which the one or other concerned colleague does not ask me, and some actually phone expressly to ask, how my relatives in Italy are… Thank you mate, I appreciate…but relax, it’s not the Black Plague.. – I have noted a positive side effect of Covid-mania; a side effect which, hopefully, will bear fruits in the coming months and years.

The presence of a concrete event that, in fact, kills people, has caused the disappearance from the headlines – and from the people ‘s minds- of that most imagined of dangers, “man-made global warming”. It is as if, faced with a real issue, the entire planet had completely forgotten the fake one.

Now consider this: if the issue had anywhere the importance, in the mind of its proposers, that they keep saying it has, they should decry…. the Coronavirus as the real fake problem and utter distraction!

“What relevance does the only slightly anticipated death of up to 1% of the world population have” – they should cry from the rooftops – “when the impending catastrophe, which is only years ahead , will deprive not the 1% of some months, but the 100% of life as we know it, or of life altogether?”

This is what the environazi should be saying now, if they believed in their own rubbish. But they don’t, and therefore immediately forget the alleged greatest and most important issue of our times, and run to…. hoard toilet paper instead.

Who knows: perhaps, after all this has passed, a lot of people will learn to discern the real dangers – however rare – from the imaginary ones, and will get out of this as something resembling responsible adults, instead of the whining crybabies they have been up to now.


As so often in life, for Coronavirus, too a little perspective can go a long way.

Italy has 60 million inhabitants. At an average life expectancy above 80, but one of the oldest populations in the world, you can expect, very approximately, 800k to 1m people dying of old age every year. Many of the – since yesterday, more than 2,000 – victims of the Coronavirus were very old people, to whom the virus gave that last little push into the grave. Sad, of course; but it gives some perspective.

Do you want more perspective? Italy kills, last time I looked, more than 100,000 babies in their mothers’ very womb every year. How is that for perspective?

You can play this game longer: for example, I would love to get official statistics about smoke-related deaths in Italy. I am pretty sure it would make for sobering reading.

More of that: IIRC, the number of death in France attributed to the great heat of Summer 2003 was estimated between 20000 and 30000, of course due to the “harvesting effect” of the heat on the old and sick. The figures might have changed once more accurate data were available; but again, you get my drift…

Yes, we need to apply rules of common prudence and common sense. But it smacks of panic and sheer hysteria to cause grave damage to the world economies in an attempt to reduce the impact of the disease.

In my eyes, the priority now should be the mobilisation of army and industry to create field hospitals and proceed to the production of medicaments and equipment as soon as possible. If this is tackled with the same determination that would be used in war times, it can be done fast. A ventilator is likely no horribly complex technology, and matters of patents etc. can be settled later. In the age of 3d printers and flexible production equipment, this should be doable rather fast.

But the approach of Governments like the British one (no closure of schools, no bans on movements) seems the one most suited to safeguard millions of jobs besides the elderly.

Hong Kong closed schools. Singapore didn’t. There is no evidence the school closure brought any benefits.

Concern, yes. Prudence, yes.

Closing factories everywhere? No.

One Again, Pachamama Francis Piddles Outside Of The Potty

Alas, Francis had failed once again…


Well, this really boggles the mind.

There is no doubt, because it is black on white, that Francis must take responsibility for the decision to shut down every church in Rome, made on Thursday. There can be no doubt that the “consultation” with the Evil Clown means that he himself, Pachamama Francis, is behind this.

Imagine a Pope who hates Christ and his Church so much that, after the Government orders the shutting down of Masses, piles on and order the closure of all churches altogether; because it is dangerous to pray near the Blessed Sacrament, you know…

Let me tell you what I think: I think that this horrible decision was taken by Francis thinking, and hoping, that all other dioceses in Italy would have followed his example, praising his foresight in the protection of the Italian people from the Coronavirus (or from Christ; one of the two). After which, he would have basked in the glory of being the Great Protector of the Italian People from that most dangerous of all places, the….  local church.

Well, it is already well-known that it did not pan out that way. Apparently, many Bishops reacted in the other way, and started pestering Rome asking what is wrong with Francis (Francis, of course…). After only one day, Francis backpedaled and, always the gentleman, indirectly tried to blame other people (no link, because evil site).

Can you believe this guy? He literally sabotages Catholicism every time he can, then accuses other people when he is exposed as the problem. 

Once again, Pachamama Francis piddles outside of the potty, and shows even to his very Aggiornamento-damaged Bishops what a dangerous embarrassment he is. But you see , dear Bishops: this is what happens when you keep supporting a man who never had an ounce of Catholicism in himself, and is very happy to let you know it every time he can.

That Francis could even think of supporting the measure tells to everybody with a brain that his fourteen neurons are a Catholicism-free space. To him, Christ is the problem, and churches are dangerous places. That many people would go to church and silently sit and pray (certainly, at safe distance from one another), finding solace in Christ’s vicinity in the Tabernacle, is something so foreign to his entirely secular mind that the decision to shut down everything (an unprecedented decision, not adopted even during the Black Plague) must have seemed entirely expedient and worthy of praise to him.

We need to get rid of this horrible, horrible guy. One would hope that more and more Bishops start to understand this, and start whispering among themselves of more drastic measures than phone calls behind the scene.

Or perhaps this is just wishful thinking, and Francis will keep piddling outside of the potty for the rest of his disgraceful life.






The Argentinian Flu

Coronavirus is, certainly, bad. A nasty flu, it will be fatal to many; most of them old people to whom something else would soon have been fatal, but still.

But this Coronavirus is not the plague. We have seen two other similar nasty flu strains in this century alone, and the vastly deadlier Spanish Flu in the last one.

If you want to have an example of a much worse tragedy than Coronavirus, think only of what day it is today. Seven years ago this day, Bergoglio pronounced his notorious “Buonasera” from the balcony in St Peter’s square.

Since then, Bergoglio has demonstrated countless times that he is a deadly disease for the soul, and an extremely nasty Argentinian Flu for the Church. He has done so clearly blowing out of the water the records of notorious Popes before him, like Liberius, Honorius, Formosus or John XXII. His Catholicism-free shamelessness knows no bounds, and has no precedent.

As we take reasonable measures to protect the elder among us – then we will, one day, be old too, and we are called to help those who are in need – let us reflect that the Argentinian Flu is an infinitely more virulent attack on creation than a conventional virus; because, attacking immortal souls which are, every one of them, of infinite value, causes incommensurably more damage than the mere killing of bodies. God allows the one, and the other, to happen; still, we look at both these evils and we put them in the proper perspective.

Alas, I fear that Pachamama pope will stay with us longer than this virulent round of Coronavirus; and it is already seven years since the Church began to experience the worldwide pandemic of the Argentinian Flu.

In both cases, we stay strong, pray for the spiritual and physical health of those we love and ourselves, and wait for this to pass.

Like the first round of this Coronavirus, the Argentinian Flu will, one day, go away.

We should pray that God free us soon from both kinds of disease.

After Coronavirus

This too will pass, and it might well pass in a matter of weeks, albeit the economic consequences of this will last for a while. After which, it will be the time for some tough decision.

The Coronavirus crisis showed the world that China produces 90% of the world medicine, and almost all of the antibiotics. They are an indispensable part of the production chain not only of products you can do without for a while (if we stopped importing socks from them, I am sure it would not develop to an international crisis) , but of products of strategic importance: microprocessors, engine components, and the like.

This, in a Communist Country where people eat rats and bats.

This needs to be addressed. Medical equipment, medicines, and all that needs to be used in a time of social and/or military emergency must be declared of strategic military importance and must be produced in the West, ideally in the Country of last use. China must not have the option to gravely damage – willingly or unwillingly, and in the first case at the price of grave sacrifices for themselves – the Wetern economies, morale and human lives.

I think something of the sort will happen in the next years, because channels like Fox News are likely going to make an issue of this in the years to come. It will require a reorganisation of the entire Western way of thinking in strategic terms. It will make a lot of things slightly more expensive, and possibly some things much more expensive; it will also create an awful lot of jobs.

The crisis will, also, open the eyes of many people to a fact that is now apparent: never has the welfare of so many people in the West been dependent on a Communist dictatorship. This has to stop fast, and it can be done very efficiently by simply allowing Governments to decide what goods they consider strategic, allowing the wonderful market forces to do the rest.

From 2025, say, no antibiotics can be bought from outside a limited number of countries, and this goes, staggered, for more limited quantities in 2021, 2022 etc. A huge market opens. The higher costs are not an issue anymore. Winners all around in the West. Losers only in China and the Third World, where people eat bats but want to produce the antibiotics our elderly need to survive the horrible diseases their bat-eating has likely created (there is apparently a correlation between the eating of horrible animals and the development of horrible diseases).

This needs to be discussed now, and implemented in the next years. The West cannot be dependent from a Communist Country for necessities. Free market is an illusion if you have oppression and a deadly ideology on the other side. They are not working with us. They are using us to accumulate power they can use against us.

Bring back all strategic production from China and from the Third World. Make them produce socks, if you really want. But keep what has medical and trategic/military interest at home. Your phone will cost more. But you will know that you are better protected, and no Chinese interests will use it to spy on you, either.

Tweets That Are TWOT

There was a time when I thought that the stupidest tweets in the world were the one written by that chap calling himself the Dalai Lama. That was before I read some of Francis’ one from the Pope’s Twitter address, @Pontifex.

The vacuity is simply embarrassing. If I were his mother, I would be ashamed of reading those unspeakable platitudes.

I don’t know, and I doubt, whether the Evil Clown writes the tweets himself; it is likely that he has some homo monsignor writing them for him; homo monsignor probably does not submit the drafts for approval, but in all cases he will want to be on the safe side. The result is astonishing platitudes like the one that we are called to discover what is important and separate it from what isn’t.

No sh*t, Sherlock!

I can suggest to the papal homotwitter other interesting pearls of wisdom: we need to avoid superficiality and be deep; we can obtain better results if we concentrate on the task on hand; we will live a better life if we avoid unnecessary worry. See? Three perfect Francistweets in just a few seconds! I can come out with thirty more in a matter of minutes!!

This is all, of course, an exercise in folksiness and vicinity to “the people”: kindly look at good old uncle Francis, who takes care of us whilst being embarrassed of actually saying the good, old, harsh Catholic things (example: that very many went to hell today, and not because they were not “caring about the environment”). This, of course, if a Pope thinks that he must absolutely tweet, which I think he should do six times a year as an absolute maximum.

Faith-free Francis makes for a faith-free @Pontifex, because even the homo Twitter writer can’t of won’t run any risk with that dangerous and extremely controversial thing, Catholicism.

Therefore, dear reader of @Pontifex, forget the Last Four Things, and remember to recycle instead. See, how Uncle Frankie takes care of you?

@Pontifex is, in fact, an exercise in stupidity and a TWOT, of Total Waste Of Time. But I am sure there will be a lot of weak minded Pollyannas enjoying this absolute void and , actually , thinking it deep and inspired, no doubt due to their sheer lack of intellect and critical thinking, coupled with total ignorance of, and disregard for, Catholicism .

They probably follow Greta Thunberg, too.

The Lockdown That Isn’t One

The situation in Italy as I write this blog post is this one. You can obviously follow the link for updates.

The news this morning seem apocalyptic for those living abroad. perhaps some explanations are in order.

Having the whole Country on lockdown does not mean that everyone is physically quarantined. It means, in a word, that everyone must self-quarantine unless he has valid reasons to move. These are, for example, going to work, visiting relatives who need assistance, going to the hospital, buying groceries.

He who has such necessity to move can print or copy on a piece of paper the self-certification that he needs to move for this or that reason. If stopped by the Carabinieri or Polizia, he will show his self-certification and say to the law enforcement officers, say, where exactly he is going. The LEO can check at any time. The self-certification means a criminal offence (three months in jail) if the information is not truthful or the person is riding the system.

I miss the information about how exactly many day-to-day situations will be dealt with. However, I think that whilst it is not paralysis (offices will keep going, transports will keep going) it is, I think, pretty much the end of those sectors of the economy that depends on recreational activities, from restaurants to football (soccer) games. The football (soccer) championship has been suspended, no doubt many other sport activities will suffer the same destiny.

I am not a doctor. I understand the Government is trying to do what they can whilst trying to remain sensible and within the legal framework of a free country. However, as a layman I ask myself this: with millions of people still moving around (as it is, in fact, unavoidable) how can anyone think that the virus will be seriously hampered? If, say, ten million Italians go to work every day instead of twenty (many people can work from home, I have several friends in Italy who are working from home with no massive disruption), how does this exactly impair the ability of the virus to spread? Does it make such a big difference that people can’t go to the stadium on the weekend? As a layman, I frankly doubt it.

Plus, there is a nagging doubt in my mind; which. again. comes from life experience.

In situations like this, the temptation for every Government is to follow the stupidity of their own voters, and take drastic measures not because they are of any real use, but because the Government does not want to be accused of inaction or of listening to the “evil Capitalists”.  The entire West is now accustomed to living in a climate of permanenet, extremely stupid low-flame hysteria due to so-called man-made global warming. Why would I think that Governments which even adopt stupid measures to prevent imaginary dangers, and who do that to pander to the stupidity of their own voters, will not adopt even stupider measures when the danger is real? 

This is something I cannot avoid thinking, when reading of a nationwide lockdown that isn’t one. In a way I am not blaming the Government as such. I blame populations who have lost the ability to separate real dangers from fake one, and who are therefore prone to adopt or support wrong measures in the case of real dangers because of the massive hysteria that dominates their lives anyway.

I also miss realistic comparison with other events, say: average age and daily numbers of people who died of the common flu in the same period. So for example: in the last 24 hours, 500 people died in Italy of Coronavirus (we aren’t there yet, I this we will be soon), of average age X (it’s very high last time I looked: 81, so the dead seem to be what is called the “harvesting effect” of some diseases), compared with so and so many of such and such average age for the flu. It would, I think, help people to put things in perspective, instead of only reading the latest shouted headline and a dead count constantly rising without any sensible coordinates.

However serious this virus is (it is serious; but it is no Ebola, and no Black Plague), in the end we are in the hands of the Lord. One can only behave responsibly, go to confession and know that, if his time has come, it is because… his time has come.

The day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night. It was so yesterday, it is so now, it will be so forever. Be reasonable, pray for the living and the dead, and carry on.




No Communion On The Tongue, But The Busybodying Continues Unabated.

And it came to pass that this morning, due to coronavirus and the guidelines announced by the UK Bishops’ Conference, the following changes were announced:

  1. No communion on the tongue
  2. No communion under both species
  3. No hand shaking and effusions by the “sign of peace”.

Sad not to be able to receive communion. However, I immediately rejoiced for the “sign of peace”. Also, I immediately realised this would, at last and for a while, free us from the oh so saintly looking “extraordinary ministers” holding the chalice.

On the latter, I was wrong.

What happened was that, instead of holding the chalice, the extraordinary etc **were given the hosts to distribute**.

Then I had to look at the lay ministers giving the host to people … giving communion to themselves! It was a purely lay exercise in Protestantism, and a fitting image of the stupidity of our times.

In many churches here in the UK, the priest distributes the host, whilst the extraordinary etc holds the chalice. Not always, but often. You would think if there is no chalice, there is no need for the laypeople. But no, this could not be. It should not be said that the pewsitters are freed of the sanctimonious busybodies, silently screaming “Look at me! Look at me” I am sooo actively participating!” as they look almost as important as they feel.

We are getting mad. For countless generations, communion has been given on the tongue, and it is new to me that this should even be considered a potential vehicle of contagion. I receive(d) on the tongue every time, and the hand of the priest never touches my tongue or any other part of me. The host is gently deposed on my tongue without any touching, I retract my tongue carefully, that is that. I can’t imagine this requires more than minimal training on the side of the priest, as I do not remember one single episode in which my tongue was touched by anything else than the consecrated host. After his minimal training, the priest touching my tongue to put the host in it must be half blind or with an impaired ability to move his hand. In that case, I wonder how he can consecrate the host in the first place. 

Of course, I know what’s going on. The priest is perfectly able (like they all are) to do things properly; but who will go against the Bishops’ guidelines and expose himself to the accusation from concerned witches of wanting to infect the population?  

I wish someone explained to me how it is a problem to receive on the tongue; but then again, we have now entered an age in which common sense and normal occurrences (meat eating, dairy eating, carbon and oxygen in the air, wanting that children are not killed) are seen as madness or dangerous behaviours every day.


Innocent Wishes

The news reached us just now that there is the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in the Vatican. My best wishes to the person involved, particularly if straight and, actually, Catholic.

I will not formulate, here, a wish that I know you share with me. Firstly, if seems inelegant; and secondly, I am sure there are measures in place, and our guy has been shielded from contacts for a while and, therefore, during the symptomless period of the person infected.

However, I have a very harmless wish that I would like to express.

I wish that Pope Francis would quarantine himself in the deepest recess of whatever sumptuous palace he is residing now, and did not utter a word to the outer world for all Lent, Triduum including Easter, and the following week, including Dominica in Albis. It does not seem too much to ask.

Who knows: it could be enough to make Catholicism slowly flourish again.

TEOTWAWKI And The United Kingdom

England is about to enter its Coronavirus hysteria phase. Whilst I trust that the Country will react halfway sanely in the end, I am under no illusion that this is not the Country which kept calm and carried on under the Blitz anymore.

The simple fact is that it is very easy to observe that a substantial part of the Country is more or less obsessed with the imaginary fear of TEOTWAWKI because of so-called man-made climate change. This being the level of stupidity, there is no saying how a great number of people will react to a threat that is real instead of imagined. Granted, real does not mean acute, or apocalyptic. But certainly, people will die.

It is already not easy to gauge how young idiots thinking it – more or less – cruel or criminal to cause the death of a cow will react when confronted with the death of humans; an emotional consideration to which we must add a very ice cold one: that the Prophets Of Doom calling for the massive backscaling of Western Civilization will see in this pandemic a wonderful excuse to forward their project with the excuse of public health; and our politicians (this includes Boris) have already shown ad abundantiam that they will not hesitate to cause great damage to the economy if it is conducive to their staying in power.

On the other hand, there should be a sensible, Christian approach based on common sense and reliance on Providence. But the Christian approach is getting scarily rare in this Country, and common sense seems the privilege of older generations.

Will sanity prevail? In the end, probably yes. But the forces of darkness and the endemic stupidity of our godless times will do what they can to wreak havoc with the British economy and cause a mass psychosis comparable to the “climate change” one.

Let’s hope that all goes well. Coronavirus is a nasty flu, or a very nasty flu. But it’s not Ebola, much less TEOTWAWKI. It is something we are all called to face with common sense, and faith in the Lord.

If you are scared, pray more and consider an extra trip to the confessional.

And as you are there, in your charity, consider saying a Hail Mary for this wretched sinner. Then if it’s not Coronavirus or Ebola, something else is going to catch him one day anyway.

Poor Scrooge McSad!

Scrooge McSad is, very sad to say, out of the race. His campaign only really lived one day, and that day was very miserable.

What this arrogant man experienced is the most brutal humiliation that was even given to a politician to endure. Even McGovern, or Mondale, seem accomplished in his company, then they a least won a nomination race and did not try to buy their way to the White House out of their own vanity projects money.

Bloomberg did everything wrong, letting one wonder how he could make all those billions. He moved so much to the left at the very beginning of his campaign that his persona looked fake from the start; he seeked to compensate his deficiencies by throwing money at them; he was so arrogantly ill-prepared, that the most obvious questions had him stuttering and spouting involuntary jokes; he was so brash that he did not want donations from third parties; he never took part to town halls, then the little people are not of interest to him; his gathering were known for the quality of the free buffet; he really was the parody of the rich man who thinks he can buy everything.

Did he have, at least, redeeming qualities for us? Not at all. From abortion to impeachment to the second amendment, Bloomberg showed the same sovereign contempt for Christianity that all other candidates also showed, his main element of differentiation from them being his small stature. This is the guy who goes at war against your carbonated drink, but does not care for the relentless butcher of babies. This is, also, the guy who surrounds himself with armed guards, because he is so important. You, who are poor, will have to be defenseless in front of an attack and drop dead, so that Bloomberg can fertilize his garden. Such hubris I have seen, at times, in Italy. Never in the US, or in Commiefornia itself.

Bloomberg’s rigid, icecold, robotic delivery revealed a fundamental lack of humanity. He thought, methinks, that it is easy to be a Trump. But Trump succeeds because, by all his shortcomings, he loves people, both born and unborn. Bloomberg loves neither, and did not even seem to care that it showed so clearly.

Scrooge McSad showed to the entire world how deluded Billionaires can be, paying those around them fortunes to tell them what they want to hear, until reality catches up with them and smashes them in the face, live on tv, with absolutely nowhere to hide.

The arrogant, little fool certainly had it coming. The last humiliation must have been the endorsement of a half-demented old man, whose mediocrity was the reason why Bloomberg entered the race in the first place. Even a man who has difficulty to remember what day of the week is super… Thursday (look it up!) has beaten him senseless with a tiny fraction of his budget. It truly is comedy gold.

No amount of money can buy decency, warmth, care for the people. This was the dumbest, most humiliating vanity project ever started by a rich fool. I am embarrassed at thinking that I thought him a potentially half-dangerous opponent for Trump… until I saw him debate in real life, and was embarrassed for him.

Bloomberg is now threatening to flood the campaign with his money on behalf of Biden. But if there is anything that is clear enough now, is that money goes far only when it is used to propel a credible candidate. Ask Jeb Bush, or that other smart guy, Steyer.

Quid pro Joe Biden the half-demented hair-sniffer will make the battle less predictable than Sanders, and appears now the favourite for the nomination. But this is a battle whose odds we can only like. Unless our side becomes complacent, Trump has overcome much bigger obstacles than Biden.

For today, let us enjoy the beautiful spectacle of USS Bloomberg sinking in the middle of the Hudson River, after 600 million of expense, one short battle, no victories at sea, and the most embarrassingly dumb admiral ever.

The Losers’ Alliance

As promised, this 2020 electoral campaign promises to be fun every single day.

After Mr Buttigieg, now a political giant like Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, who won the race to be the first big loser in this democrat nomination race, endorsed “30330” Joe Biden. Biden evidently thought Beto’s collaboration necessary; first, because the 150 million people who died of gun violence in the last year (not my words; his) make it so; and secondly, because Biden needs someone who can teach him how to lose really hard, and really fast.

Senator Klobuchar also, I am told, endorsed Biden upon going out; but nobody noticed her even going out and some were actually surprised she was still in the race, so make of that what you want.

I thought the main duel would be between Sanders and Bloomberg. However, it might be better than that, then Bloomberg performed dismally in the two TV debates to which he took part, and too many candidates had publicly insulted Bloomberg once too often to now offer their services to him. In my book Biden is weaker than Bloomberg, so it’s all good. Plus, a “strong” Biden weakens the moderate field and makes it more likely for my Dream Candidate, Bolshevik Bernie, to be the one chosen to make liberals cry in November. Can you feel the Bern?

It really is fun. The Democrats have no candidate of stature, and with a personal charisma that could even remotely endanger Trump. They are losers backing other losers. They will, in the mind of millions of Americans, compound the evidence of a rotten Washington establishment with no dignity, no ideas, no recipes for America but the atomising of the Country in many little constituencies based on skin colour, ethnicity, or sexual proclivities. It is a losing strategy, because the vats mass of hard-working, family-raising, God-fearing Americans have an instinctive distrust for politics based on territorial claims.

Biden’s last “move” is further evidence of this. Beto’s failing was so obvious, so embarrassing, so utterly humiliating that you would think Team Biden (I doubt he himself remember what year we are in) stay as far away from him as they can. But this is not the way they think. They think that adding theoretical constituencies adds support in the end; therefore, they get a freedom-killing guy who pretends to be Latino and think they will get the White and Latino votes with one package. It does not work this way. O’Rourke lost so dismally because no one cared for him. This will not change because  a guy who thinks he was still Vice President in 2018 calls him to be part of his bunch of losers.

Bloomberg was very recently on record for stating that Trump will eat every other candidate for lunch. I disagree. I would say “breakfast”.

I truly hope that Trump will recognise the opportunity and point out to his potential electors that what is coalescing around Biden is the most leftist, most rabidly abortionist, most bigoted anti-freedom coalition ever to come out of the Washington establishment, which calls itself “moderate”. This, and Biden’s obvious brain decomposition and evident corruption, must be the mainstays of Trump’s campaign if Biden gets the nomination. Still, I hope it will be Bernie in the end.

Can’t wait for today’s vote.

Who will challenge Trump: The Losers’ Alliance, Scrooge McSad, or Bolshevik Bernie?

We will soon know, and we will laugh in all cases.

Mayor Homo Never Had A Chance

Pete Buttigieg has officially dropped out of the race for the White House. Actually, he has “suspended” his campaign, which he what is fashionable to say these days. But yeah, you can stick a fork in him, because he’s done.

The son of one of the founding members of the International Gramsci Society and translator of the notorious Quaderni dal Carcere, young Pete clearly grew up in an household full of the wrong ideas before God punished papa with a homosexual son, because the sins of the fathers, and all that.

I wonder what Gramsci would have thought of young Buttigieg? No, wait, I know! Alas, not even revolutionaries like Gramsci supported the Butt Revolution young Buttigieg was promoting.

Buttigieg’s claim to fame was as the mayor of a city that would not qualify for major office in Italy, much less in the United States. In this city, he managed to compromise the relationship with the Black community and to preside over a sharp increase in criminality statistics. Still, being a very vain man (like those people very often are), Buttigieg thought that he was ready for the Very Big Jump; or, at least, so he said, thinking from the start that even a failed run would increase his visibility, possibly propelling him to a lesser, but still brilliant glory in the future, hoped-for, Post-Trump Democratic administration.

Mayor Pete (as he came to be called, in order to sound folksy and “one of us”, which this guy certainly isn’t) had, however, a major card up his sleeve: his perversion. He was soon able to put up an impressive electoral machine, and that was fuelled by donations of rich men which, it is rumoured (and it is sensible), were more than proportionally donations of rich men afflicted by the same perversion as him. Everything went well for a while, the elegant wine caves of the sophisticates wineries in Napa Valley were open to the selected crowd of more or less effeminate rich donors, and Petra was able to do well in the small, vastly White States of Iowa and New Hampshire, where the Democrat voters barely remember the story of Sodom and, if they do, they either don’t believe it or they must think that it is out of date for some reason. In short, as a homo you can have a decent run in 2020 America, until you encounter the Real Country.

But the Real Country was not going anywhere, and was awaiting. First in Nevada, and then in South Carolina, Buttigieg showed that where even a small dose of Fear of the Lord comes in, Mayor Pete has to go out. The Latinos in Nevada and, most notably, the Blacks in South Carolina did not really gel with the wannabe Mayor of Sodom. The USS Pete was torpedoed even by Joe Biden, who barely remembers he is running for President, and sank rapidly. Wisely (because he is a homo, but he is not stupid), Mayor Pete decided to “suspend” his campaign before Super Tuesday, in order to curry favour with Bloomberg and Biden and pretend he might have gathered a number of delegates on Tuesday, rather than risk total humiliation and show the world he was going to go absolutely nowhere apart from hell.

Do not believe the stupid press (like here) telling you that Buttigieg started well but “lost momentum in recent weeks” as if this is something that could have gone differently. Buttigieg did not have a chance from the very start. You need a lot of Black votes to win a Democrat nomination, and Buttigieg never ever had them, actually showing dismal numbers among them from day one. Buttigieg was, from the very beginning, the vanity project of Pete Buttigieg and of the wealthy donors who either wanted one like them running for the White House, or liked to look progressive at the lavish parties they give, or to which they are invited.

Farewell, Mayor Pete. I wish you repentance and conversion, because I really wouldn’t want to be you, and God does not want people like you with Him.




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