Mayor Homo Never Had A Chance

Pete Buttigieg has officially dropped out of the race for the White House. Actually, he has “suspended” his campaign, which he what is fashionable to say these days. But yeah, you can stick a fork in him, because he’s done.

The son of one of the founding members of the International Gramsci Society and translator of the notorious Quaderni dal Carcere, young Pete clearly grew up in an household full of the wrong ideas before God punished papa with a homosexual son, because the sins of the fathers, and all that.

I wonder what Gramsci would have thought of young Buttigieg? No, wait, I know! Alas, not even revolutionaries like Gramsci supported the Butt Revolution young Buttigieg was promoting.

Buttigieg’s claim to fame was as the mayor of a city that would not qualify for major office in Italy, much less in the United States. In this city, he managed to compromise the relationship with the Black community and to preside over a sharp increase in criminality statistics. Still, being a very vain man (like those people very often are), Buttigieg thought that he was ready for the Very Big Jump; or, at least, so he said, thinking from the start that even a failed run would increase his visibility, possibly propelling him to a lesser, but still brilliant glory in the future, hoped-for, Post-Trump Democratic administration.

Mayor Pete (as he came to be called, in order to sound folksy and “one of us”, which this guy certainly isn’t) had, however, a major card up his sleeve: his perversion. He was soon able to put up an impressive electoral machine, and that was fuelled by donations of rich men which, it is rumoured (and it is sensible), were more than proportionally donations of rich men afflicted by the same perversion as him. Everything went well for a while, the elegant wine caves of the sophisticates wineries in Napa Valley were open to the selected crowd of more or less effeminate rich donors, and Petra was able to do well in the small, vastly White States of Iowa and New Hampshire, where the Democrat voters barely remember the story of Sodom and, if they do, they either don’t believe it or they must think that it is out of date for some reason. In short, as a homo you can have a decent run in 2020 America, until you encounter the Real Country.

But the Real Country was not going anywhere, and was awaiting. First in Nevada, and then in South Carolina, Buttigieg showed that where even a small dose of Fear of the Lord comes in, Mayor Pete has to go out. The Latinos in Nevada and, most notably, the Blacks in South Carolina did not really gel with the wannabe Mayor of Sodom. The USS Pete was torpedoed even by Joe Biden, who barely remembers he is running for President, and sank rapidly. Wisely (because he is a homo, but he is not stupid), Mayor Pete decided to “suspend” his campaign before Super Tuesday, in order to curry favour with Bloomberg and Biden and pretend he might have gathered a number of delegates on Tuesday, rather than risk total humiliation and show the world he was going to go absolutely nowhere apart from hell.

Do not believe the stupid press (like here) telling you that Buttigieg started well but “lost momentum in recent weeks” as if this is something that could have gone differently. Buttigieg did not have a chance from the very start. You need a lot of Black votes to win a Democrat nomination, and Buttigieg never ever had them, actually showing dismal numbers among them from day one. Buttigieg was, from the very beginning, the vanity project of Pete Buttigieg and of the wealthy donors who either wanted one like them running for the White House, or liked to look progressive at the lavish parties they give, or to which they are invited.

Farewell, Mayor Pete. I wish you repentance and conversion, because I really wouldn’t want to be you, and God does not want people like you with Him.




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  1. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Black voters won’t support Bloomberg, either. He was speaking at a black church on Sunday and several congregants turned their backs on him in protest.

    As far as Buttigieg is concerned, he had only about $6.1 million left of the $80-plus million he raised. No candidate would be able to survive with that amount of financial drainage.

  2. His losing was a foregone conclusion especially by Buttigieg himself. He will make the most of it to the detriment of our country.

  3. Pete Buttigieg was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. South Bend Indiana is of course the hometown of Notre Dame, American Catholicism’s most famous institution. Once upon a time Ronald Reagan played Notre Dame’s football hero George Gipp, the “gipper.” Have times changed. Pete Buttigieg was elected as a result of his huge support from the clergy, faculty, administration and students of Notre Dame, all voters in South Bend. The shame and faithlessness to Christ of V2 novus ordo Catholics is exemplified in the their enthusiastic support for the pathetic political career of pervert Pete Buttigieg. His filthy disgusting miserable life is one of the most rotten fruits of the wealthy corrupt American V2 “church.”

  4. Praise the Lord Mayor ButtPlug dropped out.

    Chris Ferrera, in a recent Welcome to the Fatima Network described him rightly as a “monster” for twisting Scripture to fit his pro-abortion stance and also because he showcased a nine-year old boy on stage at one of his rallies explaining to the audience how the child should “come out” as gay. Monster, indeed.

    It’s sad that he had a following among white seniors who should know better.

    St Peter Damian pray for Peter Buttigieg, that he recognize the horror of sodomy which crucifies Our Lord each time it is committed.

    • Unfortunately, these white seniors who should know better (and don’t) are the worst of the boomer hippies who never grew out of rebelling and trashing traditional values. It’s an embarrassment to other boomers who either never joined that camp or did and lived to see the incredible damage it wrought in society, as well as their own lives.

  5. My mother had much to say about the Gramsci Society, none of it flattering. (I often wondered, ‘Where did she learn about these foreign subversives?!’) She would be happy to know that I understand her better now.
    I am realizing one thing: there are two views in our world, one is God’s. We must insist on following God’s will no matter the difficulty. It is pretty straightforward, so long as we continue doing the will of God.
    Thank you for a great post.

    • We had to learn Gramsci at school.
      Evil bastard.
      Mussolini was too good to him. If he had been executed or “disappeared”, he would have never written the quaderni dal carcere.
      Some say he repented before death, but he never recanted and was happy to die with that kind of evil legacy.

  6. Thank God he is out. Though i also thought he was a long shot, never in my wildest dreams years ago would i have imagined hearing about a man’s “husband” along with all manner of madness we have descended into, so i am still thankful when the next twilight zone episode gets mercifully cancelled. This inverted “Christian” would have ramped up the persecution of Christians and the baby killing forces. His exit speech included praising a “brave” 9 year old for his “coming out”. Sick. We are truly living in a time of breathtaking degeneracy.

  7. suspended” his campaign, which he what is fashionable to say these days
    Not exactly. “Suspension” has to do with how much of the campaign’s funds he gets to control downstream. Technical campaign-finance stuff.

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