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The Losers’ Alliance

As promised, this 2020 electoral campaign promises to be fun every single day.

After Mr Buttigieg, now a political giant like Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, who won the race to be the first big loser in this democrat nomination race, endorsed “30330” Joe Biden. Biden evidently thought Beto’s collaboration necessary; first, because the 150 million people who died of gun violence in the last year (not my words; his) make it so; and secondly, because Biden needs someone who can teach him how to lose really hard, and really fast.

Senator Klobuchar also, I am told, endorsed Biden upon going out; but nobody noticed her even going out and some were actually surprised she was still in the race, so make of that what you want.

I thought the main duel would be between Sanders and Bloomberg. However, it might be better than that, then Bloomberg performed dismally in the two TV debates to which he took part, and too many candidates had publicly insulted Bloomberg once too often to now offer their services to him. In my book Biden is weaker than Bloomberg, so it’s all good. Plus, a “strong” Biden weakens the moderate field and makes it more likely for my Dream Candidate, Bolshevik Bernie, to be the one chosen to make liberals cry in November. Can you feel the Bern?

It really is fun. The Democrats have no candidate of stature, and with a personal charisma that could even remotely endanger Trump. They are losers backing other losers. They will, in the mind of millions of Americans, compound the evidence of a rotten Washington establishment with no dignity, no ideas, no recipes for America but the atomising of the Country in many little constituencies based on skin colour, ethnicity, or sexual proclivities. It is a losing strategy, because the vats mass of hard-working, family-raising, God-fearing Americans have an instinctive distrust for politics based on territorial claims.

Biden’s last “move” is further evidence of this. Beto’s failing was so obvious, so embarrassing, so utterly humiliating that you would think Team Biden (I doubt he himself remember what year we are in) stay as far away from him as they can. But this is not the way they think. They think that adding theoretical constituencies adds support in the end; therefore, they get a freedom-killing guy who pretends to be Latino and think they will get the White and Latino votes with one package. It does not work this way. O’Rourke lost so dismally because no one cared for him. This will not change because  a guy who thinks he was still Vice President in 2018 calls him to be part of his bunch of losers.

Bloomberg was very recently on record for stating that Trump will eat every other candidate for lunch. I disagree. I would say “breakfast”.

I truly hope that Trump will recognise the opportunity and point out to his potential electors that what is coalescing around Biden is the most leftist, most rabidly abortionist, most bigoted anti-freedom coalition ever to come out of the Washington establishment, which calls itself “moderate”. This, and Biden’s obvious brain decomposition and evident corruption, must be the mainstays of Trump’s campaign if Biden gets the nomination. Still, I hope it will be Bernie in the end.

Can’t wait for today’s vote.

Who will challenge Trump: The Losers’ Alliance, Scrooge McSad, or Bolshevik Bernie?

We will soon know, and we will laugh in all cases.

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