Poor Scrooge McSad!

Scrooge McSad is, very sad to say, out of the race. His campaign only really lived one day, and that day was very miserable.

What this arrogant man experienced is the most brutal humiliation that was even given to a politician to endure. Even McGovern, or Mondale, seem accomplished in his company, then they a least won a nomination race and did not try to buy their way to the White House out of their own vanity projects money.

Bloomberg did everything wrong, letting one wonder how he could make all those billions. He moved so much to the left at the very beginning of his campaign that his persona looked fake from the start; he seeked to compensate his deficiencies by throwing money at them; he was so arrogantly ill-prepared, that the most obvious questions had him stuttering and spouting involuntary jokes; he was so brash that he did not want donations from third parties; he never took part to town halls, then the little people are not of interest to him; his gathering were known for the quality of the free buffet; he really was the parody of the rich man who thinks he can buy everything.

Did he have, at least, redeeming qualities for us? Not at all. From abortion to impeachment to the second amendment, Bloomberg showed the same sovereign contempt for Christianity that all other candidates also showed, his main element of differentiation from them being his small stature. This is the guy who goes at war against your carbonated drink, but does not care for the relentless butcher of babies. This is, also, the guy who surrounds himself with armed guards, because he is so important. You, who are poor, will have to be defenseless in front of an attack and drop dead, so that Bloomberg can fertilize his garden. Such hubris I have seen, at times, in Italy. Never in the US, or in Commiefornia itself.

Bloomberg’s rigid, icecold, robotic delivery revealed a fundamental lack of humanity. He thought, methinks, that it is easy to be a Trump. But Trump succeeds because, by all his shortcomings, he loves people, both born and unborn. Bloomberg loves neither, and did not even seem to care that it showed so clearly.

Scrooge McSad showed to the entire world how deluded Billionaires can be, paying those around them fortunes to tell them what they want to hear, until reality catches up with them and smashes them in the face, live on tv, with absolutely nowhere to hide.

The arrogant, little fool certainly had it coming. The last humiliation must have been the endorsement of a half-demented old man, whose mediocrity was the reason why Bloomberg entered the race in the first place. Even a man who has difficulty to remember what day of the week is super… Thursday (look it up!) has beaten him senseless with a tiny fraction of his budget. It truly is comedy gold.

No amount of money can buy decency, warmth, care for the people. This was the dumbest, most humiliating vanity project ever started by a rich fool. I am embarrassed at thinking that I thought him a potentially half-dangerous opponent for Trump… until I saw him debate in real life, and was embarrassed for him.

Bloomberg is now threatening to flood the campaign with his money on behalf of Biden. But if there is anything that is clear enough now, is that money goes far only when it is used to propel a credible candidate. Ask Jeb Bush, or that other smart guy, Steyer.

Quid pro Joe Biden the half-demented hair-sniffer will make the battle less predictable than Sanders, and appears now the favourite for the nomination. But this is a battle whose odds we can only like. Unless our side becomes complacent, Trump has overcome much bigger obstacles than Biden.

For today, let us enjoy the beautiful spectacle of USS Bloomberg sinking in the middle of the Hudson River, after 600 million of expense, one short battle, no victories at sea, and the most embarrassingly dumb admiral ever.

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  1. and even if he gave every single American $1 million (that would be about $330 million), he likely would still be where he is today …. outside looking in.

  2. Joseph D'Hippolito

    I really don’t think Biden is going to leave Milwaukee with the nomination. The Senate is conducting investigation into his shenanigans with Ukraine. Besides, if Biden isn’t displaying severe brain malfunction, he’s faking it to avoid standing possible trial.
    Also Hillary has been subpoenaed to give a deposition concerning her e-mails.
    If Sanders doesn’t have the delegates, Warren might emerge as a compromise candidate. Soros supports her and has said so publicly.

    • Warren out today. Yes, she could be fished back at the Convention. My take is that the DNC will order complete avoidance of the corruption issue before the Convention, and massive gaslighting afterwards.

  3. Honestly, I think he entered only to fund the other candidates, or like many of the corrupt candidates is hoping to escape prosecution by running…

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