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TEOTWAWKI And The United Kingdom

England is about to enter its Coronavirus hysteria phase. Whilst I trust that the Country will react halfway sanely in the end, I am under no illusion that this is not the Country which kept calm and carried on under the Blitz anymore.

The simple fact is that it is very easy to observe that a substantial part of the Country is more or less obsessed with the imaginary fear of TEOTWAWKI because of so-called man-made climate change. This being the level of stupidity, there is no saying how a great number of people will react to a threat that is real instead of imagined. Granted, real does not mean acute, or apocalyptic. But certainly, people will die.

It is already not easy to gauge how young idiots thinking it – more or less – cruel or criminal to cause the death of a cow will react when confronted with the death of humans; an emotional consideration to which we must add a very ice cold one: that the Prophets Of Doom calling for the massive backscaling of Western Civilization will see in this pandemic a wonderful excuse to forward their project with the excuse of public health; and our politicians (this includes Boris) have already shown ad abundantiam that they will not hesitate to cause great damage to the economy if it is conducive to their staying in power.

On the other hand, there should be a sensible, Christian approach based on common sense and reliance on Providence. But the Christian approach is getting scarily rare in this Country, and common sense seems the privilege of older generations.

Will sanity prevail? In the end, probably yes. But the forces of darkness and the endemic stupidity of our godless times will do what they can to wreak havoc with the British economy and cause a mass psychosis comparable to the “climate change” one.

Let’s hope that all goes well. Coronavirus is a nasty flu, or a very nasty flu. But it’s not Ebola, much less TEOTWAWKI. It is something we are all called to face with common sense, and faith in the Lord.

If you are scared, pray more and consider an extra trip to the confessional.

And as you are there, in your charity, consider saying a Hail Mary for this wretched sinner. Then if it’s not Coronavirus or Ebola, something else is going to catch him one day anyway.

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