Daily Archives: March 6, 2020

Innocent Wishes

The news reached us just now that there is the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in the Vatican. My best wishes to the person involved, particularly if straight and, actually, Catholic.

I will not formulate, here, a wish that I know you share with me. Firstly, if seems inelegant; and secondly, I am sure there are measures in place, and our guy has been shielded from contacts for a while and, therefore, during the symptomless period of the person infected.

However, I have a very harmless wish that I would like to express.

I wish that Pope Francis would quarantine himself in the deepest recess of whatever sumptuous palace he is residing now, and did not utter a word to the outer world for all Lent, Triduum including Easter, and the following week, including Dominica in Albis. It does not seem too much to ask.

Who knows: it could be enough to make Catholicism slowly flourish again.

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