No Communion On The Tongue, But The Busybodying Continues Unabated.

And it came to pass that this morning, due to coronavirus and the guidelines announced by the UK Bishops’ Conference, the following changes were announced:

  1. No communion on the tongue
  2. No communion under both species
  3. No hand shaking and effusions by the “sign of peace”.

Sad not to be able to receive communion. However, I immediately rejoiced for the “sign of peace”. Also, I immediately realised this would, at last and for a while, free us from the oh so saintly looking “extraordinary ministers” holding the chalice.

On the latter, I was wrong.

What happened was that, instead of holding the chalice, the extraordinary etc **were given the hosts to distribute**.

Then I had to look at the lay ministers giving the host to people … giving communion to themselves! It was a purely lay exercise in Protestantism, and a fitting image of the stupidity of our times.

In many churches here in the UK, the priest distributes the host, whilst the extraordinary etc holds the chalice. Not always, but often. You would think if there is no chalice, there is no need for the laypeople. But no, this could not be. It should not be said that the pewsitters are freed of the sanctimonious busybodies, silently screaming “Look at me! Look at me” I am sooo actively participating!” as they look almost as important as they feel.

We are getting mad. For countless generations, communion has been given on the tongue, and it is new to me that this should even be considered a potential vehicle of contagion. I receive(d) on the tongue every time, and the hand of the priest never touches my tongue or any other part of me. The host is gently deposed on my tongue without any touching, I retract my tongue carefully, that is that. I can’t imagine this requires more than minimal training on the side of the priest, as I do not remember one single episode in which my tongue was touched by anything else than the consecrated host. After his minimal training, the priest touching my tongue to put the host in it must be half blind or with an impaired ability to move his hand. In that case, I wonder how he can consecrate the host in the first place. 

Of course, I know what’s going on. The priest is perfectly able (like they all are) to do things properly; but who will go against the Bishops’ guidelines and expose himself to the accusation from concerned witches of wanting to infect the population?  

I wish someone explained to me how it is a problem to receive on the tongue; but then again, we have now entered an age in which common sense and normal occurrences (meat eating, dairy eating, carbon and oxygen in the air, wanting that children are not killed) are seen as madness or dangerous behaviours every day.


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  1. Communion in the hand is no safer. Someone gives you the host by hand and he/she never manages to touch your hand? Really?

  2. We’ve attended the Latin Mass exclusively for 5 years. We could in no way go back to that, EMHC. Once you adjust to the Latin Rite, you experience the feeling of proper worship rightly oriented to God, and that you are present at the representation of the Sacrifice, you really can’t go back to the days of EMHC. It’s never the same, if you do, but that’s a good thing.
    There are other aspects, the reverent silence, the “dead” language that can’t be manipulated by NuChurch. We kneel for the Eucharist, and once you do that for a while, the idea of receiving on your hand while standing is so wrong in your mind and your soul you don’t want to do it.
    When we walk into a NO church now, we feel re-connected to NuChurch. This is an untenable situation, because we want nothing to do with NuChurch. Now I just made my confession at a NuChurch yesterday, I know the priest, he’s a good priest and a good man, but it’s not him, it’s the connection to Francis and all that NuChurch entails. We want nothing to do with them.
    People have to make their own decisions, but I hope people who haven’t experienced the Latin Rite at least attend once. The only thing to remember is if you get a Sunday Missal with Latin on one page and English on the other ($25.00 on Ebay) you will be impressed with how quickly you learn the Latin and how the Mass is the Mass, only the fluff has been removed and you’re left with the beautiful Holy Mass.

    • Kate R. You are so blessed to be able to go to a traditional Mass. I can’t find one in a hundred miles (figuratively). I missed Mass last Sunday due to quarantine rules. But I will make a spiritual Communion until this madness passes.
      Paul . .

    • Philip Johnson

      Well said Kate.I am 67yrs of age and i knew the Church prior to the Great Disaster of Vat 11.Thanks to Pope Benedict i am now back in Tradition with The Tridentine Mass and will not return to Nu Church at all!

  3. catholictradition2

    Unless it is received on the tongue, by necessity of definition all such communions are self-communions, a violation of Church law. This is forbidden to the laity. When a person takes any food in his hand and then places it in his mouth, he is feeding himself, or self-administration.

    • Kate R. You are so blessed to be able to go to a traditional Mass. I can’t find one in a hundred miles (figuratively). I missed Mass last Sunday due to quarantine rules. But I will make a spiritual Communion until this madness passes.
      Paul . .

  4. Of course faithful Catholics know that all of this conciliar sacrilege can be avoided by attending the traditional Mass where the priest and laity trust in God, exercise common sense and receive the Blessed Sacrament on their tongues whilst kneeling. It is tragic to see how the Church has descended into novel, faithless, chaos since Vat II

  5. Matthew R. Schwartz

    Covid-19 is very easily passed to others. A peer-reviewed study shows a carrier can transmit the disease to others for the virus can hang in the air for at least 30 minutes and travel up to 14 feet. It can survive on a surface up to 3 days. They noted that the disease is closer to aerosolized then droplet- based on the continuum. Thus a young asymptomatic adult can easily spread the disease to elders in a communion line or the altar rail and even to those at the next Holy Mass. While the young will see little mortality from this disease, it will have a high case fatality among the elderly. Hypertension, respiratory illness such as asthma bring the case mortality rate down to those in their 5th decade.
    While I agree with everyone’s sentiment on this issue, the fact is the priest could give you communion properly sanitized and you and he could still get it from the person next to you or the person that just left the spot at the altar rail. This study’s finding correlates with what has been experienced on cruise ships. It is more similar to Legionnaire’s disease in its transmission capability than standard influenza or a cold.

    • I am still not afraid to receive. He who is is not obliged to. It is obviously inconceivable that a priest be afraid of giving communion.

  6. I attend the Society. We will never have these Communion abuses.

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