Tweets That Are TWOT

There was a time when I thought that the stupidest tweets in the world were the one written by that chap calling himself the Dalai Lama. That was before I read some of Francis’ one from the Pope’s Twitter address, @Pontifex.

The vacuity is simply embarrassing. If I were his mother, I would be ashamed of reading those unspeakable platitudes.

I don’t know, and I doubt, whether the Evil Clown writes the tweets himself; it is likely that he has some homo monsignor writing them for him; homo monsignor probably does not submit the drafts for approval, but in all cases he will want to be on the safe side. The result is astonishing platitudes like the one that we are called to discover what is important and separate it from what isn’t.

No sh*t, Sherlock!

I can suggest to the papal homotwitter other interesting pearls of wisdom: we need to avoid superficiality and be deep; we can obtain better results if we concentrate on the task on hand; we will live a better life if we avoid unnecessary worry. See? Three perfect Francistweets in just a few seconds! I can come out with thirty more in a matter of minutes!!

This is all, of course, an exercise in folksiness and vicinity to “the people”: kindly look at good old uncle Francis, who takes care of us whilst being embarrassed of actually saying the good, old, harsh Catholic things (example: that very many went to hell today, and not because they were not “caring about the environment”). This, of course, if a Pope thinks that he must absolutely tweet, which I think he should do six times a year as an absolute maximum.

Faith-free Francis makes for a faith-free @Pontifex, because even the homo Twitter writer can’t of won’t run any risk with that dangerous and extremely controversial thing, Catholicism.

Therefore, dear reader of @Pontifex, forget the Last Four Things, and remember to recycle instead. See, how Uncle Frankie takes care of you?

@Pontifex is, in fact, an exercise in stupidity and a TWOT, of Total Waste Of Time. But I am sure there will be a lot of weak minded Pollyannas enjoying this absolute void and , actually , thinking it deep and inspired, no doubt due to their sheer lack of intellect and critical thinking, coupled with total ignorance of, and disregard for, Catholicism .

They probably follow Greta Thunberg, too.

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  1. As you have noted before Mundabor, Francis has only 3 working neurons. I would add that they were not fully developed until 1969 at Woodstock, and thereafter sprouted no new dendrites or connections. But I read he rages around like an angry queen in his humbly extravagant quarters (I personally think he is a member of the alphabet soup people). This is in contrast to his saccharin effeminate psychobabble to the smelly sheep. He really is a major embarrassment.

  2. Fr. Z’s reaction to a Latin tweet Pope Francis put out: “Now, about that ‘fodat’ . . . Oops. You mean ‘fodiat’, right? ‘Fodio’ . . . doh! “Really, it’s a bit of a clunky mess. (‘illud est ut illa’? Who talks like that?), but you get the drift. – from March 10th’s “A Latin Note”.

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