The Argentinian Flu

Coronavirus is, certainly, bad. A nasty flu, it will be fatal to many; most of them old people to whom something else would soon have been fatal, but still.

But this Coronavirus is not the plague. We have seen two other similar nasty flu strains in this century alone, and the vastly deadlier Spanish Flu in the last one.

If you want to have an example of a much worse tragedy than Coronavirus, think only of what day it is today. Seven years ago this day, Bergoglio pronounced his notorious “Buonasera” from the balcony in St Peter’s square.

Since then, Bergoglio has demonstrated countless times that he is a deadly disease for the soul, and an extremely nasty Argentinian Flu for the Church. He has done so clearly blowing out of the water the records of notorious Popes before him, like Liberius, Honorius, Formosus or John XXII. His Catholicism-free shamelessness knows no bounds, and has no precedent.

As we take reasonable measures to protect the elder among us – then we will, one day, be old too, and we are called to help those who are in need – let us reflect that the Argentinian Flu is an infinitely more virulent attack on creation than a conventional virus; because, attacking immortal souls which are, every one of them, of infinite value, causes incommensurably more damage than the mere killing of bodies. God allows the one, and the other, to happen; still, we look at both these evils and we put them in the proper perspective.

Alas, I fear that Pachamama pope will stay with us longer than this virulent round of Coronavirus; and it is already seven years since the Church began to experience the worldwide pandemic of the Argentinian Flu.

In both cases, we stay strong, pray for the spiritual and physical health of those we love and ourselves, and wait for this to pass.

Like the first round of this Coronavirus, the Argentinian Flu will, one day, go away.

We should pray that God free us soon from both kinds of disease.

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  1. It is a dark anniversary indeed.

    You see and communicate so clearly the evil this Argentinian contagion promulgates. I personally am still reeling from his heresies and mourn the almost total lack of response from our prelates, including the SSPX. Why are they so blind, so hapless in the face of this monster whose aim it is to smash the Faith?

    Keep fighting for Christ Our King who is Truth Beauty and Who brings true Peace.

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