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One Again, Pachamama Francis Piddles Outside Of The Potty

Alas, Francis had failed once again…


Well, this really boggles the mind.

There is no doubt, because it is black on white, that Francis must take responsibility for the decision to shut down every church in Rome, made on Thursday. There can be no doubt that the “consultation” with the Evil Clown means that he himself, Pachamama Francis, is behind this.

Imagine a Pope who hates Christ and his Church so much that, after the Government orders the shutting down of Masses, piles on and order the closure of all churches altogether; because it is dangerous to pray near the Blessed Sacrament, you know…

Let me tell you what I think: I think that this horrible decision was taken by Francis thinking, and hoping, that all other dioceses in Italy would have followed his example, praising his foresight in the protection of the Italian people from the Coronavirus (or from Christ; one of the two). After which, he would have basked in the glory of being the Great Protector of the Italian People from that most dangerous of all places, the….  local church.

Well, it is already well-known that it did not pan out that way. Apparently, many Bishops reacted in the other way, and started pestering Rome asking what is wrong with Francis (Francis, of course…). After only one day, Francis backpedaled and, always the gentleman, indirectly tried to blame other people (no link, because evil site).

Can you believe this guy? He literally sabotages Catholicism every time he can, then accuses other people when he is exposed as the problem. 

Once again, Pachamama Francis piddles outside of the potty, and shows even to his very Aggiornamento-damaged Bishops what a dangerous embarrassment he is. But you see , dear Bishops: this is what happens when you keep supporting a man who never had an ounce of Catholicism in himself, and is very happy to let you know it every time he can.

That Francis could even think of supporting the measure tells to everybody with a brain that his fourteen neurons are a Catholicism-free space. To him, Christ is the problem, and churches are dangerous places. That many people would go to church and silently sit and pray (certainly, at safe distance from one another), finding solace in Christ’s vicinity in the Tabernacle, is something so foreign to his entirely secular mind that the decision to shut down everything (an unprecedented decision, not adopted even during the Black Plague) must have seemed entirely expedient and worthy of praise to him.

We need to get rid of this horrible, horrible guy. One would hope that more and more Bishops start to understand this, and start whispering among themselves of more drastic measures than phone calls behind the scene.

Or perhaps this is just wishful thinking, and Francis will keep piddling outside of the potty for the rest of his disgraceful life.






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