The Virus, The Mass, And The Faithless Bishops

Let me say something very obvious first: if you have an infectious disease (say: the flu), or if you are convalescing and too weak to reasonably go out, you don’t go to Mass. This has always been this way, and will always be this way. It takes a very stupid, Protestant sort of arrogance to think that God will allow you not to be infected if you expose yourself to infection at Mass, or that He will not allow you to infect others, whilst you do everything you can to do it, because you are friends with Jesus, or the like. Prudence, and reasonable behaviour, should always be kept in mind.

I agree with the measures of social distancing, and think that it is right that social distancing should happen in Church, too. It is really senseless to say that God will decree churches as contagion spread-free zones, just because you want to show what a zealous ass you are. It does not work that way. Do not put the Lord your God to the test.

Having said that, the way our Bishops (led by the Evil Clown) have acted in the present circumstances goes from too subservient to the civil authorities to beyond despicable. Sadly, it showed this: that our Bishops (led by the Evil Clown) largely see Mass as a pure community-driven event, a social gathering where people meet, feel good and receive a feel-good sacrament; a social gathering which is now necessary to give up for a while, like chocolate.  I make here a partial exception for Britain, where to my knowledge Mass continues to be celebrated in the usual way, albeit without public. This shows at least a correct understanding of the Mass, because the Mass does not depend on the presence of the public. Some kudos, therefore, for the UK authorities.

But let us come to the main point: attending Mass. How come that I am allowed to go to the supermarket during a lockdown, but I am not allowed to go to Church? Mind well: it is not that civil authorities have decided that buying groceries endangers your health, but it has to be done, therefore it is allowed. No. Civil authorities in many Countries have decided that buying groceries can be done in a safe way, and should be therefore be done in that safe way alone. It follows that Bishops all over Catholicism should have made a huge mess, demanding that churches are left open, and Mass be allowed to be celebrated, pretty much in the same way as the relevant Government allows the purchase of food.  Have they done this? Largely, no. Why not? Because to them – irrespective of what they may say – the Mass is a social gathering, and nothing more. Our “hagan lio” Pope was, as befits his atheist mindset, the first to lead the charge, even going beyond what the Italian government had ordered. Boy, Satan is strong with this one.

So, what should have been done? What could, and should, the Pope and the Bishops have done? To me, the answer is so obvious that it should not even need a blog post to explain: every Bishop should have ordered every one of his priests to celebrate at least six masses a day, mobilise volunteers to protect the Blessed Sacrament for one Holy Hour a day, leave the time that remains free for last rites of people who are really dying, and do nothing else. This, obviously, with the respect of the usual distancing rules as far as practicable (and if it is not, as in the case of the Last Rites, tough luck: the cashier at the supermarket will in many cases still get your cash, will she not?)

In addition to this, some further measures could have been taken. It is certainly in the remit of the bishops to make clear to their sheep that there is no mass obligation for people who fear contagion, or deem it dangerous to get out (say: self-isolating old people), or for people who have been ordered to stay in (say: relatives of people with symptoms), or for people who cannot physically get in church because of the social distancing rules. It is certainly also possible to the Bishops to make clear to the faithful that receiving communion is no integral part of going to Mass; a concept, this, that would have likely surprised more than a few, and would have re-instilled some Catholicism in some others.

Still, the main effect would have been reached already with the multiplication of masses: possibility to go to Mass for very many; plus possibility for all others to pop in and attend of the many masses during the week; plus adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every day. A faithful, but sensible and law abiding, reaction to a time of crisis.

If this had happened, no Government in the West would have objected more than they objected to people buying their own food. And if some idiot (like Trudeau) had objected, he would have received hell from all the Bishops of the world combined. Honestly, I cannot imagine that this would have been an issue, if the Pope and the Bishops  had been ready to stand their ground and speak some stern words. Alas, most of them don’t believe in God. It really is as simple as that.

Before I go, let us spend two words on the priests. One of the excuses put forward for the closures of the churches is the health of the priests. This is more of the secular thinking just described. As thousands of doctors and nurses – and, in Countries like Italy, countless volunteers – put their health on the line for what is only a salaried job, or no salary at all, a priest, who must be ready to die for Christ at two second’s notice, will be afraid of even social distancing? Honestly, I think that most priests are much, much better than that. It’s their own bishops, and the Pope, who are the disgrace.

Last time I looked, Italy had lost more than 60 doctors, and counting, on the Coronavirus front in a matter of weeks. These are people who have not solemnly declared, upon being consecrated, that they were ready to die for Christ. I have no figures for nurses, but I can’t imagine those figures make for a very happy reading, either.

It would have been perfectly possible to face this crisis in a prudent and still Catholic way, and give the world an example of faith, discipline, and compliance with the laws.

This was lost because our Bishops, starting with the Evil Clown, simply don’t believe in God.







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  1. Well said Mundabor. It is OK for the check out person in the grocery store to put their life on the line to keep us physically alive but unfortunately many priests will not do the same to keep us spiritually healthy.

  2. Stéphane Mercier

    Perfect! You nailed it. How is it that common sense isn’t more widespread among bishops (or should I say hirelings)? With only ten Western bishops thinking and speaking the way you do, and acting accordingly, we’d be much better off than we currently are. Thanks a lot for our daily dose of sanity, M!

  3. Beware that the more than 60 doctors listed as died in Italy includes retired doctors up to 90 years old who had no involvement in the crisis! There dates of birth have now been removed from the website that listed them in a deliberate attempt at concealment. See for this and more detail exposing the fake news and media manipulation around covid 19.

    • Let’s hope it’s true. Still, I read so much rubbish from the other side that i would not be surprised if your link were rubbish, too.
      There aren’t many 90 years old doctors in Italy, you know.

  4. Michael Jarman

    My diocese (and I think most if not all in the US) continues daily private masses for the people of each parish. My parish livestreams daily mass on Facebook. (I will be hearing Friday mass in about an hour.) Frankly, as Mr. M suggests, I think we can be hopeful that some pewsitters are actually learning some Catholicism from the private mass situation. First, mass (Holy Eucharist) is an intercessory sacrifice of the priest conformed to the headship of Jesus Christ and does not require lay participation at all. Secondly, that a Spiritual Communion can be made anywhere and at any time by any member of the faithful — and is a valuable exercise. Finally, that mass is exclusively the supreme worship of God and not at all a gathering of the faithful. Of course, these truths are completely contrary to the Novus Ordo *ahem* orientation of our current episcopate and therefore are *ahem* INCONVENIENT TRUTHS for Catholics to be learning. But then, isn’t it Our Blessed Lord’s Way to bring good out of evil?

  5. I agree that the response has been faithless on the part of American bishops. I also think a very large percentage of priests and bishops are actively “gay”. I believe gay men are at high risk for bad outcome should they contract the virus. Gay men with HIV infection are absolutely high risk. Anecdotally three younger men who died of Covid 19 were featured on the evening news here and led suspect lifestyles. Context clues led me to believe they were gay— flight attendant, male nurse, “proud uncle”, no wife, etc. So I believe bishops are trying to shield themselves and many of their priests from the virus.

    For what it is worth the militant LBGTQ Nation site stridently announces gay people are more at risk for bad outcome from Covid 19.

  6. My church in Oakland hears confessions 6 days a week. They do it outside in a makeshift confessional. The line starts about 20 feet away and people maintain their distance from each other.

  7. The corona virus is a USA/Western Europe deal. That seems to be emerging very clearly. The USA and Western Europe have 80% of the world’s corona virus fatalities. Another two countries (China and Iran) have 12% of the world’s corona virus fatalities between them. That takes us to 92%. IOW, the entire planet, outside the above mentioned countries, has just 8% of the world’s fatalities.

    Eastern Europe, where churches are open and services are still occurring, has very few fatalities. The combined total of fatalities in the following Eastern European countries is lower than that of the state of New Jersey and just 15% of that of the state of New York: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova.

    The distinction between Eastern and Western Europe could not be clearer. The Eastern European countries listed above have just 1% of the fatalities of the following Western European countries: Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland.

    I’ll let y’all draw your own conclusions.

    • My conclusion is that you are very, very stupid.

      China lies to you about everything. Rich Countries have more “infected” people because *they test more*. The more you seek, the more you find.

      In order to regularly post comments on this blog, I require an IQ above 12.

      You are in great danger of not making it.

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