The French Approach To Coronavirus Will Never Work

I have , on this little blog, never underestimated the unusual gravity of this virus. At the same time, I have always advocated a rational, sensible approach to the issue. If we can ask most people to go to work on factories as enemy bombers fly above their heads – obviously doing all we can to cure the wounded etc. – then we can ask most people to go to work during a time of infection in order not to destroy the Country from the inside. 

Get this, folks: this virus will, most likely, not go away anytime soon. When the factories reopen, which at some point they will have to do, the virus will keep spreading. Therefore, the news of diminishing new infections are, in a way, fake news, in that they do not tell us anything about what is going to happen when normal life resumes, which it will have to happen.

I am very, very alarmed when I hear statements, from non-elected personalities, about how long the lockdown should or should not go on. This is not for you to decide, my friend.    

In Italy, Angelo Borrelli (who is, to make it short, somewhat like the “Italian Mike Pence” on Coronavirus) took it on himself to say that he thought that Italians would have to remain under their brutal lockdown until the First of May at least. I don’t know what fell on his head afterwards (I think, a police baton straight from the Italian Prime Minister), but whatever it was, it worked, as the man one day later was claiming that he had been “misinterpreted”, and we are at 13 April as the official date for the end of the lockdown until further order. The guy just can’t make government policy, end of story.

The US are not much better. Dr Fauci has expressed the opinion that social distancing should remain in place until deaths have, more or less, ceased. This is like the above mentioned Mr Borrelli: but drunk, high, and on steroids. 

These people all have safe jobs. Plus, they have a clear professional deformation: they focus on the situation they are called to help with – and are understandably afraid of being considered “complacent” – and they forget that there is an entire Country out there which is slowly going bust.     

The likes of Borrelli, and Fauci, should be told very clearly that they are allowed to give us their opinion on administrative (Borrelli) or medical (Fauci) matters, not on policy ones.  This is for the elected representatives of the people to do.

The “war” rhetoric is starting to get a bit stupid, too.  This is getting a bit like a war that is ruining the entire Country for lack of willingness to fight it in the first place. It is, if you wish, the French approach to the Virus: let us surrender and hope that the enemy will have mercy on us.   

It will never work: after you have inflicted untold pain to your economy, you will have to go back to work anyway some day, and the pain will start again.

The solution is not shutting down and hoping that the virus goes away. The solution is to keep producing and focus the effort on the treatment of the victims of the invisible bombardment. 

The USA will get there earlier, because they have a businessman at the helm. The UK might also get away with a reasonable damage, because the Brits are very, very tough cookies. But Continental Europe might well hurt itself really bad, because giving power to technocrats and “experts” has become almost a second nature in vast part of the EU, and they will need a shock (= a seriously deteriorating economy) to get rid of it.

The only positive of this situation is this: every week of continued lockdown makes the death of the Euro, and of the so-called “European project”, more likely.

That, at least, would be a great progress.



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  1. Your position on the economic shutdown is similar to Peter Hitchens who seems to be causing a storm with his views on the over-reaction by the Authorities to the economic situation. His description of shopping for groceries in Oxford is quite funny.

    It will be interesting to see the public’s reaction to a prolonged, house incareceration if this pandemic wears on especially as the Summer approaches (we’re at -11C in our neck of the woods so Summercis too far away to consider, lol). Bored with unlimited TV, jumbo sized jigsaw puzzles, endless games of ‘Monoploy’ and video games, people are going to dig around the Web, reads items like this and Hitchens’ observations, start reaching thier own conclusions and simply ignore any directives. Sadly, without work, the streets filled with the idle and irriated, law enforcement officials might have thier work rather cut out for themselves.

  2. Dennis Prager considers “experts” as “idiot savants,” quite knowledgeable about their own small area of expertise but with little or no sense about the widespread effects of their all too often myopic and tunnel visioned solutions. As if the problem area they are expert in were all there is to consider.
    So yes,”social distancing” and staying ‘home alone’ is the best way to limit/eliminate the spread of disease but that solution is ultimately short-sighted and limited in applicability to society as a whole.

  3. Pegon Zellschmidt

    “this virus will, most likely, not go away anytime soon.” I wish a real journalist would ask the esteemed Dr. Fauci about the 2009 novel H1N1 flu strain. According to the CDC, it continues to kill an average of 7,000 every year and we don’t hear a peep. And we have a vaccine which has been included in your annual flu shot since 2010. And all flu strains combined killed up to 95,000 in the 2017-’18 flu season. And Disneyland didn’t close, Dr. Fauci.

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