In Your Charity, Please Pray For Boris

An appeal to my readers in this dramatic hour.

In your charity, pray for Boris Johnson. Pray for his physical health and, if it is the Lord’s will that he be the end of the road, for his spiritual one. God knows he needs God’s mercy. God knows we all do.

It is difficult to go to sleep knowing that tomorrow morning we might be informed that he is only breathing thanks to a ventilator and, by tomorrow evening, or in the next 36 hours, we might face a great tragedy.





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  1. So sorry to hear this. Will pray.

  2. Yes, let us pray for Boris that he recovers to be a voice of reason in this mad world.

  3. That would be terrible. Who the heck would take his place?


    I have been praying for him here in Upper Canada (Ontario). If it be thy will Lord, spare him.

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    Praying for Boris, and now read that he is only on oxygen, NO ventilator. Praying the Lord will give him more time as PM.

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