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Beware of the “Experts”

I am growing increasingly weary of how fifteen minutes of notoriety and – in fact – exceedingly vast power are going to the head of some people.

Exhibit one: Dr Fauci.

Little guy is on record with saying that he does not think “we should ever shake hands ever again”. 

What a nasty little Hitler this guy is.

Look, I understand that experts will have an amount of professional deformation, and will lose sight of the forest because of their specialisation in the single tree. But this is much different from wanting to make a dent in the history of Western Civilisation, and try to stay relevant when your fifteen minutes of TV time are about to end.

No, dear little Dr Hitler. We will not start making that horrible, gay “namaste” sign. We will keep doing what we have always done.

We will shake hands, we will hug, we will pat each other on the back. We will embrace each other, and smile at each other whilst we do so.

Just as we have always done.

We will, by the way, keep receiving communion on the tongue, whatever the likes of you think.

Be gone, little deluded half Napoleon.

You have done enough damage already.



Boris Out Of Danger

The night to Tuesday went by with very little sleep, and a very uncomfortable one. So many fears. If Boris dies, what will be of Brexit? What will happen if a wave of panic sweeps the West? Did he make his peace with the Lord?

On Tuesday we were told that he was not (yet) on a ventilator. The waiting was still going on as most who die need a ventilator within the first 24 hours of recovery in the ICU.

On Wednesday morning, it was clear the man would have to postpone his funeral. On Wednesday evening, we were said he was improving.

It is now Thursday morning, and it is clear the man has a long recovery process before him. But, by God’s grace, he will live.

Still, this episode goes to show that this Coronavirus is not a plague, and does not justify the panic I read around me; but it’s a nasty client, and can take out people who are fairly young and apparently strong. One of them, a member of the security detail of the Italian Prime Minister. Plus, almost 100 doctors now in Italy alone.

I think a prayer of thanksgiving is fully in order.

This Country needs Boris at the helm. Not because he is the best, but because he is the one who gets things done and can unite the Country behind him like nobody did since Maggie.

Let’s hope he is back in charge before the Country has utterly ruined himself, sacrificing its wealth on the altar of “the experts”.


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