Beware of the “Experts”

I am growing increasingly weary of how fifteen minutes of notoriety and – in fact – exceedingly vast power are going to the head of some people.

Exhibit one: Dr Fauci.

Little guy is on record with saying that he does not think “we should ever shake hands ever again”. 

What a nasty little Hitler this guy is.

Look, I understand that experts will have an amount of professional deformation, and will lose sight of the forest because of their specialisation in the single tree. But this is much different from wanting to make a dent in the history of Western Civilisation, and try to stay relevant when your fifteen minutes of TV time are about to end.

No, dear little Dr Hitler. We will not start making that horrible, gay “namaste” sign. We will keep doing what we have always done.

We will shake hands, we will hug, we will pat each other on the back. We will embrace each other, and smile at each other whilst we do so.

Just as we have always done.

We will, by the way, keep receiving communion on the tongue, whatever the likes of you think.

Be gone, little deluded half Napoleon.

You have done enough damage already.



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  1. Dr. Fauci and his wife are pro Hillary Clinton, contributed $$$ to her political campaign and by association are virulently pro-abort: as they say “nuff said.”

    Admittedly the little Hitler, a native of Brooklyn, NY, has an impressive “curicula vitae including educational institutions run by Jesuits (high school and college).

    Perhaps he’s linked in with the Evil Clown?

  2. Bravo. Broom the bastard.

  3. Putting the Sacred Host on one’s hand is VASTLY more unsanitary…. and promotes sacrilege. The latter is the point. The former is an afterthought. The “Host on tongue is unsanitary” message is simply leftist agitprop to use a crisis to advance their agenda… which, again, is not disease prevention but sacrilege.

  4. Once again: Dennis Prager believes that “experts” are in essence “idiot savants” and while they may know their ‘area of expertise’ backwards and forwards they usually have no concept of how it fits into the overall gestalt of life.
    Thus they come up with inane suggestions such as this one.

  5. The Fauci and Birx have done a public service, I’m grateful to them. They sounded the warning, which people took seriously and for the most part, quarantined and are quarantining.
    Some projections were wrong, but these people did get forced to the wall to come up with their ideas on the future. When people may die, they want answers about exactly when, so they press experts for answers they really can’t give, but can’t say they can’t give, because then people will dig up some other expert for answers they can’t give, but won’t say they can’t give it. So we end up with some truth and some imaginings, and in this case the imaginings were dreadful. Thank God Almighty, it appears better than they imagined. If people had not quarantined, I do believe we would be seeing absolutely horrible numbers in many places. So I’m grateful they got the attention of even people who follow the Kardashians, and that had to happen. If not, it would have been exponentially worse. My niece has a nurse friend who had volunteered to work outside NYC since she has no children. She said she will need counseling after what she’s seen, she’s seen too much. People so sick and they can do nothing for them, people who nurses had to hold phones for so they could say their last goodbyes to loved ones they will not see again.
    What a Lent. God help all those who suffer from this virus, amen.

    • I frankly would have been happy if Fauci & Birx had made clear every day that in the end it will be for the president to decide.
      instead, they talk and think as if they decided when this goes to an end.

  6. Here is another angle to this wickedness by the highly intelligent inventor of the e-mail. Happy Easter and God bless.

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