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The Evil Clown And The Chinese Virus


Whilst I choose to write about the Evil Clown as little as possible, I peruse the headlines concerning the old Commie almost every day. At times, I even read something about his latest blabbering, at least until my adrenaline level rises to the point of making the exercise unhealthy; which, considering that we are all locked at home to preserve our and other people’s health, seems to defeat the purpose.

Still, as the Great Imprisonment slowly goes to an end – at least, we can see the light at the end of a long tunnel; here in the UK it’s another three weeks at least! – it seems fitting to take stock of the last weeks and see how our heretic in chief comes out of it.

The verdict is that Francis has, once again, failed miserably; and, once again, he has done so because he is just so damn stupid.

After being an accomplice in the closures of churches almost all over the world, he could at least have had the decency to shut up and keep a low profile during this time of betrayal, postponing his usual blabla about the environment – a religion of which he clearly wants to be the pope – to a time when people are at least moderately ready to listen.

Being stupid, he did not do it. Instead, he desperately tried to link a virus born of a series of disgraceful behaviours – rats- and bats-eating, coupled with the inefficiency and corruption of a Communist regime which punishes the officials who dare to give bad news to their masters – to… the environment. The idea that nature be throwing a tantrum because people don’t follow his orders is just plain stupid. By the by, nature does not throw any tantrum, you old cretin.   

You would think this is easy enough to understand, and that everyone who would make Francis’ argument would embarrass himself, outing himself as the proverbial village idiot. Alas, Francis is a village idiot who thinks himself the smartest one in the village, and there you have it…

But Francis’ ideological push is ill-judged from a marketing perspective, too. The world is not listening to environmental drivel anymore, not for now at least. Greta’s existence is barely remembered, and seems to belong to a distant past. Chances are that the efforts of economic reconstruction after this mess will cause all the expensive pet and fantasy projects of a very prosperous society to be put on ice, as by that time there will be much more pressing issues at hand.

This Catholicism-free old cretin is talking himself into irrelevance, just as he touches on issues that are now largely irrelevant even to his intended audience.

Truly, this man is the definition of stupid.



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