Ahead of The Curve: The Virus Is Fooling The Experts

It appears increasingly more clear that the Chinese Virus has been fooling the “experts” for while now.

Think of this: if this virus can spread for 1-2 weeks in asymptomatic people and can go on for several weeks (six? seven? nine?) without being even noticed by doctors, and when it is noticed the news is even suppressed by the evil Communist regime of the Country where it first started to spread, how it is possible to avoid a worldwide contagion?

We had people measuring fever at the airports and in office buildings (say: Singapore), but if the virus can spread for a couple of weeks without any symptoms (albeit apparently less aggressively), then this is clearly of very limited use, and the virus will go happily spreading itself under the very nose of those who want to keep it in check.

More absurdities: how I am locked up at home, but in the Country where I live (the UK) 100,00 people a week arrive from foreign airports, without any check about their health? What is more likely to carry an infection: a guy coming from some Country where the virus is already spread, or a guy whose longest travel has been to the office and to the supermarket? Plus, they were around one million a week, for many weeks, when the virus was already raging and the flights had not been reduced. Go figure.

In short: it appears increasingly more clear that the virus has been spreading I do not say undisturbed, but certainly little disturbed for a matter of months, and we now have a number of people already infected all over Europe. This make sense, as we also know that many people who actually get the virus develop an immunity to it without even noticing. This we know also because of another obvious phenomenon that has been observed from the start: the more you test, the more positive people you find. This means, dear Holmes, that infected people are already everywhere, happily spread among the population, and in most cases blissfully unaware of being infected in the first place. 

Last piece of anecdotal evidence? The Homeless shelter in Boston with 36% of guests tested positive, none of them with symptoms.  Almost 400 people were tested, which makes the test somewhat certainly worth considering.

Now, I do not want to be rude here, nor am I a doctor; but it is fair to say that homeless shelters have a vastly higher than average percentage of alcohol and drug addicts, practising homosexuals at risk of contracting AIDS and all sorts of other wasted lives; all of which should, reasonably, exhibit a weaker immune system than the normal, sane population. Still, zero symptoms among the tested.

What does this say to a sanely reasoning person?

  1. That the number of people infected is vastly larger than expected. This virus has been ahead of the curve from the start, and has been spreading faster than the “experts” could predict.
  2. That, therefore, there is a good probability that the lockdowns had a limited effect on the spreading of the virus, and that the end result would not have been much worse than it has actually been if the lockdown measures had not been put in place.
  3. That, in fact, if point 2 stands (and I don’t know if it stands, but it is a reasonable point) the lockdowns have caused huge economic damage because of “experts” opinions that were off base from the start, and have been until today.
  4. That, if point 2 stands, a continued lockdown does not make any sense, as a fairly large part of the world population is infected now and, bar closing the planet at home for many months, nothing sensible can be done to avoid the disease taking its course.
  5. That, as yours truly has been stating from the start, the effort should be directed toward the end, not the beginning, of the virus: that is, towards having enough intensive care units and medical personnel that the “death panels” can be avoided.

This does not seem rocket science to me. It is a reasoning corroborated by several pieces of anecdotal evidence (the Diamond Princess cruise ship, about which I have written; the constant increase of cases when the testing was increased, but with the lowering of the actual percentage of symptomatic people; the estimate of the Oxford University that in the UK up to 25% of the population had been infected in March; this last 400-strong piece of evidence in another closed community) and made more evident by the fact that a ten years old would understand that a virus spreading undetected for weeks just can’t be stopped, period.

It is time to put an end to the lockdowns. It is time to dedicate all energy to the ICU end of the problem, making of it an investment for the future and paying the necessary price; but without inflicting further damage to the economy and more pain to countless good, honest, hard working people.

And next time, let us take the “experts” with a huge pinch of salt, please,




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  1. Well done Mundabor proving once again the shortage of common sense among “experts” —and, unfortunately, most folks in general who, like sheep, offered themselves up for economic slaughter.

  2. Just so you know, not that it makes a difference, but I agree with you M, 100%.

    The “lockdown” is causing more harm than the virus, at least here in the USA. The idea behind it was to “flatten the curve” so hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. They haven’t been, not even in our epicenter NYCity.
    The “models” the experts created have proven wrong in their predictive power from the beginning, requiring constant revising from the start. And the revisons have all been downwards… things are less bad than they thought at every turn.
    Small town and rural hospitals and clinics, effectively closed for the duration are emptily awaiting covid19 sufferers who don’t exist have cancelled surgeries, treatments and procedures considered as “elective,” though often necessary, both putting patient’s health at risk and cutting their own income forcing lay-offs of needed medical personell… they get fired. Some of these facilities will never reopen… long-term ‘bad’ for their communities.

    This has all become a political football being kicked down field by a compliant media and our democrat party in another effort to unseat the President they hate and are willing, more than willing- eager, to sacrifice the country in order to do so. The headlines everyday are “new” cases and deaths attributed. The politicized CDC has urged doctors to inflate covid-19 deaths by attributing a death to it if the person may have been in contact with an infected person even if they had not been so diagnosed. This to cover for the inflated models the experts created.
    Democrat governors (for the most part) have illegally and unConstitutionally shut down their states with draconian rules crushing businesses and putting millions out of work, then blaming Trump for the resulting damage, pushing the agenda.

    If this ‘yellow journalism reporting’ were used to publicize the flu or auto accident deaths, for example, no one would ever leave the safety of their toilet paper filled closets.

  3. I have been working from home for about 5 weeks. I go to a little market not far from my home to buy milk, bread. wine. Today I finally ventured out to the supermarket a few miles away. I did not wear a mask although I had one. I had to laugh at the extreme measures being taken to observe ‘social distancing’, with markers on the sidewalk and the floor, one of the two entrances closed with staff at the closed end making certain customers didn’t sneak in the exit door. At the official entrance there was a sign that said maximum number of customers 321. And there were two more staff members standing there counting. And they were all taking it so seriously! I’m hoping people will finally realize what a foolish situation this is. A virus isn’t going to wait for its turn to enter the supermarket. Maybe people will decide it’s time to revolt, just a little…

  4. Stéphane Mercier

    I wish we had the likes of you in charge here in Belgium. Instead we’re stuck with a bunch of fear-mongers too. Well I guess we get what we deserve, and cowardice at all levels is the price we pay for apostasy.

    Then again, how pleasant it would be if only one decision-maker here were to speak the way you do. The hysterical rage-cum-panic rants from the media and the tantrum thrown by the whole PC clique, I can only imagine, but that is enough to make my day already.

    Thank you once again, good Sir, and keep it going. Oremus pro invicem!

    • Thanks, Sir!
      The tragedy is that you average politician woul druin you tomorrow to look godo today. This is actually a reflection of the actual quality of the voters..

  5. There is a simple way to check the number of people who had the corona. Just test the representative sample of the population to the antibodies for corona if there is such test. It is similar as with polls for elections. I don’t know if there is a reliable test for antibodies (such test would indicate all people that already had corona even if they recovered), but I read that in Austria they made a similar research testing on representative sample of 1500 people how many of them are acutely infected (they tested for virus, not the antibodies). And it turned out it is only 1% of people.


    Now, several questions arise from such article:

    1) do we believe them?
    2) if we believe them, how probable it is that a large proportion of population already had corona, if there is only 1% of acutely infected (with or without symptoms, acutely infected means all people which at the time of testing had the virus in the organism) given that the infection lasts quite long as was obvious from the case of Boris Johnson?

    Of course, all that still doesn’t imply that governments are justified to ruin economy completely. It is just a question of assessing rightly what is at stake.

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