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The Fat Guy, The Battery, And The Bat.


Michael Moore does not cease to be a source of involuntary merriment. After his last documentaries were an epic fail, Michael Moore is now toxic for people risking their money on a documentary. Trying stay “relevant”, the guy is now the “executive producer” of a documentary released for free on Youtube, and directed from one of his former collaborators: this means that he pays so that people hear what he has to say, but without putting his name as a director on the rather humiliating enterprise. I doubt the ad revenue will repay the costs. This, ladies and gentlemen,  is a former filmmaker now reduced to paying for his own vanity projects.

Mr Moore, who never thought about contributing to the salvation of the environment by reducing his own considerable dimensions and, therefore, flatulence, is making a link between energy consumption and the Chinese Virus. I quote:

[…]if we don’t reverse course right now, events like the current pandemic will become numerous, devastating and insurmountable.

Good Lord.

I did not know my car causes the Chinese to eat bats! You never cease to learn!

Mind, the documentary has, in its own extremist enviro-stance, some piece of right information. Yes, solar energy is a fraud. Yes, electric cars are stupid. But Moore is like a young boy who has started with a correct train of thought and then wanders away in cuckoo land immediately thereafter. His own (hopefully thin) director expresses the madness with another genial quote:

Infinite growth on a finite planet is suicide,

I remember reading a variation of this nonsense at school. There was a guy called Malthus, who, at the end of the XVIII Century, went around with very similar concepts. The following 200 years have utterly and completely debunked his theories. But hey, the likes of Michael Moore never allow facts and history to get in the way of their fantasies.

Mr Moore, a suggestion from this humble blogger: eat less and exercise more.

This is the only way you will ever “change the world”.

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