Settled Science In Review

When I was a child, the “experts” were predicting a big global cooling. Vast surfaces of the earth covered in ice in a matter of decades. A real emergency. Unspoken then, if I remember correctly (I was a child), but clear with what I know now, the conclusion: a vast degree of international collaboration and putting together of resources would be necessary to face this planetary emergency. This was, of course, science.

In those years, the overpopulation of the planet also made for a very big topic of discussion. So many people born. Such a little planet. Where will we put them all? How will we feed them?

In the Eighties, we obviously had AIDS. Remember the predictions? Infection and transmission among straight people? I kid you not, I read of “experts” talking of up to 20% of Brazil wiped out in a generation. This was in the Mid Eighties.

The next big planetary scare I remember (apart from the Impending Global Nuclear Holocaust to which we were all exposed through the election of dangerous cowboy to the White House) is the first wave of Global Warming (they called it Greenhouse Effect) and, more or less connected, the destruction of the Ozone Layer. I think we were in the Mid Nineties by then. Remember? The poor Australians were condemned to countless cases of skin cancer, as their Continent would become much less fit for human habitation. Islands like Vanuatu (I never knew before of the existence of Vanuatu) condemned to disappear in the ocean as ocean levels rise. A planetary tragedy. This was, all course, science.

In the meantime, we were all at risk of remaining without oxygen, according to the experts. Why? because one fifth of the oxygen production in the planet would disappear in a matter of five or ten years because of the impending destruction of the Amazonian Forest. Train your lungs to do with less oxygen, boys. Perhaps we should curb the world population?

At the beginning of the 2000s, IIRC, we had the next care: the Mad Cow Disease. I remember experts saying that the consumption of liver would put people in danger. Actually, those who loved liver and made abundant consumption of it would see a great increase of cancers in the next decades. Germans love their Leberwurst. Ouch!!

And then we come to the modern days. Starting from the Mid-Naughties, it has been all about Global Warming. We were informed about the Inconvenient Truth of vast flooding in places like New York in a matter of a decade or so, as the poor Polar Bear pays the price of our selfishness. This last craze has been going off and on for a decade and a half now.


The planet is still there.

The global cooling never came.

The population has increased and the hunger has vastly decreased.

AIDS, by and large, does not kill straight people. It does not kill many bent people, either.

The Australians keep thriving.

The Amazonian Forest is alive and kicking.

New York has become richer and richer. Very rich leftists buy extremely expensive condos in places that should, by now, be inhabitable or slums.

The Polar Bear is in excellent shape. Al Gore’s finances are in excellent shape, too!

This is the scorecard of the Settled Science in the last 50 years or so.

Whenever someone gives to you the “experts” predictions about the planet, tell him that he should be slapped in the face.




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  1. “Experts” are expert at promoting their own careers and pocketbooks, to politicians for “solutions” to panic, the MSM for profit, and the elites for control.

    If folks really believed in God they wouldn’t be as much taken it by all the nonsense from “experts”.

  2. I somewhat question the bona fides of people who propose to save lives by advocating murder.

  3. So, you disgaree then, with Chicken Little’s assessment of the sky being unable to maintain its current position?

  4. If you truly fear God, you really needn’t fear anything else. If you don’t fear God, you will be subjected to fears about practically anything else, real or unreal.

  5. Don’t forget the “Acid Rain” that was going to strip our forests, vegetation and wildlife bare….as well as the skin off our bodies. I also recall Greenpeace running TV ads showing people refuelling personal oxygen tanks as they stumbled around a sandstorm plagued London not unlike the scenes from that 1961 Sci-fi ‘The Day The Earth Caught Fire’.

    • Ah! That! I knew I was forgetting something! End of the Eighties? And it was still the evil, evil West!

    • I knew there was something else…something big! The Acid Rain!!!
      I was a child when the Comet Kahoutek was going to careen into the earth, throwing us all into the Three Days of Darkness. This was the cheery dinner conversation when I was a child. I can’t remember if the Acid Rain was supposed to hit us before, during, or after Viet Nam. Those weren’t great days either. Frankly, I remember my childhood as having a background script of frightful projections just waiting to happen.
      I appreciate your enumeration of these predictions, M, because it is quite calming to remember all of these frightful predictions were unsubstantiated. And regular life just happened. Deo gratias.

    • I remember the issue being big end of the Eighties/beginning of the Nineties.

  6. Lol, Mary, “This was the cheery dinner conversation when I was a child”. I laughed so hard at that observation that I nearly choked on my morning cuppa. It reminded me of my Irish mum and her sisters.

    When I was a youngster growing up in London and whenever mum and my aunts would get together the conversation would invariably turn to the ‘Three Days of Darkness’, how it would start, what it would look like (“Devils hammering at the door”, “the neighbours screaming in terror on the street”, etc) and if would we know ahead of time? …..the blood red moon? or was it a moon dripping with blood?. The sisters would then debate over wether ‘The Chastisement’ would be before or after the ‘3 Days of Darkness’….and where did ‘The Warning’ fit in? Before the ‘3 Days’ or before ‘The Chastisement’?

    Combined with the graphic pictures from Jehovahs Witness’ literature “end times” (Mum was an avid reader!) that were similar to the lurid, Topps Civil War cards that made the rounds of British schoolyards in the late ‘60s, I grew up on a terrifying and steady diet of expecting the-end-of-the-world-at-any-time. 1975, 1977, 1984, 1999, 2000? All landmark years for my dear old mum I seem to recall.

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