The Chinese Virus As Trojan Horse

As the fight against the Chinese Virus goes on, the keen observer can see how this Virus is being manipulated by various parties. All of them use the actual danger represented by the Virus (which is clearly there, no doubt about that), to instrumentalise or exaggerate the virus itself, or his consequences.

First, let us see the US. Clearly, the Democrats have chosen the Chinese Virus as their very last chance to stop Trump, and the Country be damned. Their strategy will be to inflict maximum damage on their own people, in the hope (which is, actually, knowledge) that a bad economy tends to punish those who are in charge at the Federal Government level. I am sure Trump knows this, but I am less sure that he is choosing the appropriate answer. It seems to me that Trump’s stance is “I will reopen the economy as soon as possible, without exposing myself to the savage backlash if things go wrong”. The problem is that this stance will make a lot go wrong anyway, and there is no saying whether the millions who lose their job will have the political acumen to understand the man’s constraints. I think it’s time for Trump to step up to the plate and declare urbi et orbi that the cure is now becoming worse than the disease, and it is high time to behave like men about it.

Europe is more complicated. We see here that, in several Countries, Left and Centre-left Governments have put themselves in exactly the same position as the Democrats want to have Trump. They did this not because of political calculation, but because of instinctive cowardice. Put in front of the screaming MSM, they have decided to go for the path of least resistance and highest survival probability for them. Boris Johnson, a man who most certainly knows better, is a prime example of this. Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister, is another. My suggestion to them is to visit Amazon and have a pair of balls safely delivered at home or in the office.

Then there are the special groups and opposition parties. In the UK, Labour is clearly pressing for widespread misery, allowing them to push their own socialist agenda. The almost forgotten Environ-Mentalists are also hoping to link the virus to their agenda, but they have a difficult, almost desperate game in front of them, as the financial difficulties coming on us will likely let this kind of first-world luxury sit in third or tenth row for a while.

Then there are the champagne socialist of the soi-disant intelligentsia (which is, as we have always known, not very intelligent), with the BBC recently predicting an apocalyptic loss of jobs in the poor Countries, no doubt in preparation for a push for the next wave of mass immigration. A difficult endeavour, if you ask me, because with the economy in the latrines at home there will not be many ears ready to listen to such talk.

Lastly, but most despicably, there are those churchmen who are, in fact, enemies of the Church. I read, a week or so ago, an article of some deranged priest, stating that, in order to reopen the churches for Mass, there will have to be people disinfecting every chair after everyone has sat on it. Such statements tell you, better than anything else, how much these people hate Christ, the Church, the Mass and the faithful. If it was for them, the churches would be closed forever. And no, there is no obligation, or even thought, to disinfect every fuel pump, or every pack of pasta touched by a client on the shelf, and likely even every supermarket scanner, or even supermarket trolley, after use by the public.

The virus is certainly a bad client, albeit not apocalyptic by far. It is like a Grinch-like Flu, which is harmless in most cases but quite apt at snuffing away certain categories of more vulnerable people. It certainly can do nothing seriously harmful to most. It odes not justify (and, in fact, nothing would) the giving away of our freedoms.

We need to stay vigilant about these groups. They want to use the Chinese Virus as Trojan Horse. We must not allow them to do so.

Mr Trump, I really hope you understand this.


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  1. “I think it’s time for Trump to step up to the plate and declare urbi et orbi that the cure is now becoming worse than the disease, and it is high time to behave like men about it.”

    From day one the cure was worse than the disease. There should have never been a lockdown.

    • personally I think that 2,3 weeks to provide emergency measures for ICU etc. were fully justified after seeing the horrifying events in Italy. if left at that, the effect on the economy would have been relatively mild. What is happening now is bonkers.

    • It has gone from lockdown with a (questionable but rational) purpose to lockdown with a political purpose just for the sake of lockdown.

    • I agree. Insanity from the get-go.

    • Trump has, in effect, done this by letting the federally ordered rules lapse without being renewed.
      He can’t necessarily do anything about the individual states.
      That is up to the citizens.

    • Then he needs to put pressure on them so that they reopen, and needs to call them out if they don’t.

  2. I think President Trump understands the situation well and is handling it quite skilfully.

    I also think that it is becoming quite clear that this virus has a low actual life-day loss. Very many of those dying are at, or near, the end of their tether and would have died shortly anyway. This is not to belittle the little time remaining to these poor people, but in order to protect their lives, enormous resources have been diverted from the rest of the health services. As a consequence, much urgent treatment and diagnosis is being delayed and postponed which will inevitably cause a future spike in life-day loss of a far greater scale than COVID-19. Furthermore, the lockdown will inevitably weaken the immune systems of those confined for want of challenge and stimulation, not to mention the effects on osteoporosis and of general health due to lack of exercise and sunlight.

  3. Here in the USA the “lockdown” mentality arose out of a desire to “flatten the curve.” The initial wrong model predicted >2million deaths and uncounted hospitalizations, crushing the hospitals beneath a tsunami of viral coughing. The facts on the ground are that in certain hot-spots, such as New York City, where there is great crowding there was/is a surfeit of c-19 cases but even there it never rose to the overwhelming numbers the epidemiological faux-models predicted.

    Now the reason behind the lockdowns has morphed into naked excess use of governmental power by locally elected tin-pot dictators. Mostly leftist/socialist in leaning and generally directed to destroy the nation’s economy in the hope of negating the re-election of President Trump.

    Did the lockdown work? We have no way of knowing.
    What we do know now is that the virus has been with us far longer than originally thought, the vast, vast majority of sufferers had mild or few, if any, symptoms and the true fatality rate is far lower than initially estimated.
    Those with co-morbidity conditions are far more likely to suffer than otherwise healthy individuals and everyone’s response is unique (pretty weird) but, for the most part, it isn’t nearly the killer the fear-mongering news media makes it out to be heralding daily death tolls and newly “confirmed” cases. If they did that with the flu no one would have ever left their homes even without a lockdown order.

    And as a final note the American CDC has urged physicians to put on death certificates that the cause of death is c-19 if there is any chance that the person had come in contact with someone who had the virus, even though the dead person was never so diagnosed and the death occurred from some other cause. (A person died in a car crash that may have been the result of a c-19 coughing fit from having been exposed to someone who tested positive three weeks ago.) This to raise the attributable death rate and justify their crying, “WOLF!!”

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