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The Chinese Virus As Trojan Horse: Add Another One, Please!

The video comes from project Veritas, and I take Project Veritas seriously.

I have written recently about the many corners from which the virus is manipulated to reach some other aim that is nothing to do with the protection from the virus. But I had missed this: the likely manipulation of death figures in order to pump money from the Federal Government.   

Obviously, there could be something more innocent going on (overwhelmed doctors, doctors not wanting to go out and visit corpses which might still be infective), but I am not surprised at the idea that Mayors like De Blasio (or other Mayors, or Governors) might have an interest in inflating the deaths; either to pursue one of the agenda I have written about, or simply to get more money from the Federal Government. In the end, another aim is served by inflating the statistics: protect themselves (the mayors, the Governors like the ones in Virginia and Michigan) from the accusations of being too brutal with their lockdown.

I notice here that the Italian Government never made any mystery of the following facts:

  1. Only those tested and found infected with the Virus went into the official statistics
  2. Co-morbidity was always included in the statistics, and the fact was amply publicised.
  3. Including dead people into the statistics of Covid mortality just like that was never contemplated.

This allowed the data to be consistent all over the Country and across days and weeks, and also made very clear how the dead very calculated. Actually, the Italian Government regularly had statistics about the average age of the disease, and the average number of pre-existing serious diseases. In fact, I have abundantly written about the fact that the desire to be consistent and factual about the deaths caused their number to be massively underestimated. Still, consistency of figures is what was most important, so it was well done.

What seems to be happening in New York and elsewhere appears to me no more than profiteering, All this will have to be very carefully investigated; then, if proved, profiteering (albeit on behalf of a public entity) must be published with jail sentences, and Mayors must not be spared.





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