Chinese Virus – Real And False Dangers


So what is this Chinese Virus, or Covid-19 as they call it, exactly? How deadly, how dangerous?

The obsessive exactness of the Italian statistics, which I have followed every day for a week, seem to me to give a clear answer.

This is not the plague, obviously. Still, it is clearly worse than the flu. It is, as I have written in the past, like a particularly nasty flu, which, whilst not really grave for most people, can kill the “low hanging fruits”, or people with certain kind of vulnerabilities. Let us see some salient points:

  1. The average death in Italy hovered around 80 for most of the emergency. Mind, the virus also killed some in their Forties and Fifties. But the average around Eighty was, of course, after taking account of these unfortunate people. Therefore, for one who died at 47 there were many who died at well over 80.
  2. The Virus is clearly more dangerous for people whose immune system is less strong for some reason. If your immune system is fine, the virus can’t do much. If you have issues, it can be a big problem, perhaps with intensive care unit and, in this case, a 30% or 40% probability of death. It seems to me that in Italy, the Virus found many very old people who, whilst still alive, and in some cases reasonably healthy, could not react properly to the virus’ attack. But when you have so many old people, you also have many people who are old and sick already. Therefore, a Country with a big population of old people might have a multiple of the deaths of countries were people kill themselves before that time with booze, donuts or cigarettes. A populatio with a great number of older people obviously makes the “job” of the virus “easier”. In other Countries, like the United Kingdom, you have less old people, but you have many more obese people, which causes diabetes, which is another way the Virus gets at his victims.
  3. In some cases, the emergency was simply due to neglect. Boris Johnson needed his ICU (though he was never attached to the ventilator) because – having a Country to run in a time of emergency – he neglected to take care of himself properly when he became ill.

In short, you can make this kind of equivalence: imagine that your immune system is your kitchen sink, and that the virus is water pouring on it and locking the drains. If the sink is big enough and the water just stays there at half or less, you wonder what the fuss is about. If the water gets very near to overflow, it’s ICU. If there is overflow, you die. The fact that 99% of people survive does not mean that the disease is not potentially lethal, or is simply “the cold”. But in most cases, the immune defence sink will easily take care of the threat. In the other cases (old age, particularly with comorbidity, diabetes, and the like) it’s the ICU or the grave. This, I think, is what most people find most alarming: one can know how well his system reacts only when he gets the disease, and no one after a certain age can be sure that he is not one of those (tiny, but real) who will be in trouble.

The danger was very real. No flu causes the kind of emergency seen in Bergamo. Not even in the worst flu years. Not even remotely. This was not a cold, and was not a normal flu. I imagine it was a kind of Gollum Flu.

Still, this is not the plague. Most people survive. We can’t all stay locked until a vaccine is ready. The efforts must be directed toward the ICU end of the situation, and sensible rule to protect the general population.

It cannot be permanent lockdown.

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  1. Keep in mind:
    1) The stats are based on people who showed symptoms, were tested and confirmed to have the virus. We know now that this virus was extant well before anyone was aware of it, and that most people who got it had mild symptoms, some were tested for the flu and came up negative. It was a mystery illness. A significant % of “victims” had no symptoms at all, or so mild as to not be bothered with. So there are assuredly a LOT more people who have contracted this virus than we know about.
    2) For some people it has proven truly dire. The old, the infirm, those with what is referred to as co-morbidity illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems (including high blood pressure) and obesity to name a few. Those with immune system weakness although I haven’t heard of this slaughtering the HIV population.
    3) At least here in the good old USA our CDC (the people who keep the statistics) have sent out a notice to physicians to pad the c-19 death toll by crediting deaths to the c19 virus even if the person had never been so diagnosed. If they may have ever come in contact with anyone who may have been so diagnosed was determined to be reason enough to credit the death to c19. This to justify both their initial horror-show estimates and to continue scaring people with the “death toll.” (This is what happens when you have liberal holdovers in an administration, you just never know who is going tombe important, policy wise.)
    4) The “faux-news-propagandists” keep up the scare tactics by announcing on a daily, hourly almost, basis making sure that the inflated death toll is ringing in everyone’s conscious thoughts.
    5) The vast majority do more than merely survive, they flourish. Some, a precious few are hit very hard and that was before anyone knew how to treat them, focusing on the symptoms. We now have HCQ+z-pack which works quite well in producing a cure and many of the deaths would have been averted, and would be today if that protocol were used consitently. lnstead, those same holdover liberal-minded epidemiologists are now touting the chicom owned drug Remdesivir which is not doing well in testing on the one hand, but is a BlG-pharma product, will cost a lot and Trump didn’t put it forward.
    6) So in conclusion, you don’t want to get it especially if you have co-morbidity factors but you may have already had it and failed to notice, a more likely occurence.

  2. I agree with your analysis. If the government had known this from the start there should have been no lock down. Old people would have been asked to shelter in place, masks might be useful, the economy and millions of folks would not be harmed. Hopefully, the next time lessons learned from Covid-19 will help. There should never, ever be such a thing as a non-essential job. All jobs are essential for the person performing them.

  3. There is something sinister about Covid. Even aside all the hubbub, this is a different type of virus altogether. Anecdotally I am hearing from people who have worked in hotpots, and are traumatized. The medical effects make no sense, unless a medical person can confirm many viruses are this mercurial, unnoticed in Person A while that asymptomatic person gives it to person B who immediately dies of it. But the inflammation, the fact that it was treated as standard pneumonia with intubation which then directly killed so many, possibly directly, when all the time it was not pneumonia but hypoxia. These people often felt good enough to call 911 but then died before they got there or en route. Or sitting up in a hospital bed feeling good, talking on the phone, but their O2 saturation was in the 70’s (normal is above 95). They were being starved of oxygen and didn’t pant or show it, confounding medical personnel. Then they crashed and died. Now children are reportedly developing an inflammatory response, Kawasaki disease, in Europe and NY.
    Most victims Europeans or of European descent. (Europeans and Americans)
    During an election year, when the Chicom’s hate the current president.
    I hope to think it’s over, that it was overblown. That would be great. But someone please explain these effects and what kind of a “virus” does this.

    • A human designed bioweapon virus behaves like this.
      Add on that it is clearly highly communicable, and you don’t know that you are communicating it for two weeks or more.
      Our CDC under docfauxi supported this work in Wuhan to the tune of several million dollars over the past few years.
      In November of 2017 docfauxi predicted a major pandemic sometime during Trump’s administration.
      It was the original (wrong) CDC model predicting multiple-millions of deaths and hospitals being overwhelmed that led to the “flattening of the curve” (a curve that never materialized, not even close) need to “shelter in place”, social-distancing, masks, closing businesses and in particular the hospitals themselves.
      So what kind of a virus can get an entire nation, an entire civilzation, to panic-in-place and hide behind a toilet-paper barricade?

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