Operation Chaos


I am not guilty of always agreeing with Breitbart’s John Nolte, but on this, he is most certainly right. 

The main quote:

What had been a national effort to save lives, a noble effort of national unity, has been twisted by Democrat governors into something unnecessarily punitive that reeks of a partisan power play to destroy President Trump’s re-election chances. Give me a better explanation.  Because this is the bottom line…

Unless you’re willing to wait for a cure (that is at least a year away or might never come at all), when there is no risk the health care system’s going to crash, what is the point of waiting one more day to open up the country when waiting doesn’t make us any safer?

Tomorrow, vast parts of Italy (the Country most brutally impacted by the virus, for a number of reasons going from a direct fly from Wuhan to Milan, to inter-generational living, to the excellent health service and health habits of the Italians allowing for a very high number of very old people, to others that will have to be investigated, like the stowing of, as it turned out, infectious people in care homes) will start what begins to be normal life. Many factories will reopen, many shops will reopen, etc. In short, the Country realises that life has to go on. In the UK, what appears to be a staggered reopening is going to be announced imminently.

Note that in Italy a Centre Left coalition is in power. They want to stay there, too. At some point, they have to be practical about it.

A different dynamic seems to be at play in several US States. It appears evident to me (and to Mr Nolte) that California, Virginia, North Carolina and Illinois are at the forefront of a different battle: the unseating of Trump through the damaging of the local economies.

The game is very obvious: smash the economy, blame Trump. It might not work, but without it Trump wins in a landslide anyway, so this reeks of a move out of desperation with no downside from the point of view of the power-drunk Democrats. In California, they run little risk anyway. In other states, there is no doubt a grateful party will provide plenty of opportunities for every Roy Cooper losing his job in “Operation Chaos”.

Well, look, I am not so entirely outraged. You elect a Democratic Governor, you run the risk of being used as a pawn in his desperate fight against Trump. Still, it’s sad for the people incvolved and outrageous for American liberties anyway.

The antidote to the Democrats’ poison:

  1. The Republican States must reopen fast and hard, making those in the Democrat states realise they are being used.
  2. Trump needs to call for the fast reopening of the Country almost anywhere, and he needs to attack those Governors who try to take their own state’s citizen as hostages for political reasons.

This is now past the original medical emergency, and is transmuting into an Orwellian rehearsal of Mass Power Seizure for the next emergency the powers that be decide to call: which can be “global warming”, hunger in Africa, pretty much everything under the sun.

Stay vigilant, and punish at the ballot all those who manipulate a real emergency in favour of a fake agenda.

Operation Chaos is threatening all of us.



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  1. Nevada is on life support and it doesn’t look good for the Silver State. With only 257 dead out of a population of 3.2 million, and most of those young and in the primes of their lives, Nevada NEVER should have been shut down. Plenty of hospital beds here with a good health care system with the advent of the UNLV Medical School. Social distancing, hand sanitizer stations and elimination of the buffet stations would have been far more wise.

    With the crippled airline and hospitality industries Nevada took the biggest hit in the USA. The democrat governor Sisolak with his oily “my primary concern is to keep Nevadans safe” is Orwellian. The economy has collapsed and the human suffering has been and will remain gargantuan.

    I said it from the first day that this madness unfolded: You don’t quarantine the healthy!

    An ill wind envelops the Mohave.

  2. Nevada is still on strict lockdown. Churches are closed. Libraries are closed. Restaurants and casinos are closed (Nevada’s life-blood). Barbershops and nail salons are closed. Gyms are closed. Playgrounds and basketball courts are closed. Seniors cannot gather at their community centers. Golf courses just re-opened with social distancing enforced. Society is in a stranglehold by the brutish governor.

    The mayor of Las Vegas is reviled and has been made a laughingstock by the media for wanting to open up the Las Vegas strip. She is a wise woman who looked death in the eye by beating cancer several times. God love her!

  3. Two of those states with democrat governors, Virginia and North Carolina, are steadily becoming bluer due to migration by Northeastern liberals, in addition to the large African-American population which historically votes democrat. How one feels about the lockdowns seems to fall along partisan lines, at least at the present time.

    As I see it, the biggest threat to Trump’s re-election is the attempt by the democrats to insert a permanent “vote by mail” provision in their next relief bill. They are taking advantage of the Covid-19 crisis by using the argument that social distancing cannot be achieved at the polling places, but their real intent is to enable massive amounts of organized voter fraud. It’s crucial that our republican leaders shut down any bill that includes this proposal. I’m afraid if this is allowed to pass, we will never elect a republican president again, and America, as it was founded with all of our freedoms, will be over, soon to become a socialist country.

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