Of Useless Shepherds And Their Flocks

Corona Clown in action


I do not want to link to the hideous website, but it appears the Evil Clown has, semel in anno, said something quite right: a good shepherd is distinguished by his flock.

Quite so, Father Castro, quite so!

This is why the shepherds of the V II nuChurch have been steadily losing ground in all Western Countries, whilst the small but dedicated orders of Traditionalists (all of them, but particularly the heroic troops of the SSPX) keep thriving.

It is part and parcel of human nature to, in time, detect the phonies. It was, therefore, unavoidable – if very sad – that millions of people realised that the priest talking to them in a slightly too high-pitched on the Sunday was not a man of God, and could not give them the nourishment they wanted. The amount of people who have – sadly – abandoned the Catholic Church, or at least Catholic liturgy, by keeping a solid, if vitiated, faith – think of Sarah Palin, or Mike Pence – is a testimony to that.

In fact, I wonder how many of these people have abandoned their attendance to Catholic Mass simply in order to keep a faith they were afraid of losing; something, mind my words, very wrong from a theological standpoint, but very real from the vantage point of a poorly catechised Catholic.

Pope Francis can’t even get the people to see him as a tourist attraction in St Peter. He has failed even as a curiosity object and popular “moving landmark”. That he dares to make such comparison shows that he likely does not even read beforehand the homilies others write for him, or he would have asked that the subject be changed. Unless he is really so dumb that he does not understand what an indictment of his work his very words are.

In the meantime, the SSPX keeps thriving (sorry, Mr Voris: you lose), Francis keeps blabbering, and the faithful keep suffering. But the truth of the matter is this: that the bad shepherd will only be allowed to scatter their sheep as long as the Lord allow them to. in the end, not one sheep will be lost that is supposed to go back to the fold.

Francis’ diabolical hate for the Church is infinitely sad, but ultimately useless.


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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    “But the truth of the matter is this: that the bad shepherd will only be allowed to scatter their sheep as long as the Lord allow them to. in the end, not one sheep will be lost that is supposed to go back to the fold.”

    Couldn’t agree more. I keep praying the surrender prayer as I try to walk in fidelity. “O Lord, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.” Today’s reading about the terrified apostles waking up Jesus and him scolding them for their lack of faith is telling. So many Catholics are terrified today about dying from the coronavirus. “Fear is useless; what’s needed is trust.” May God bring us all to heaven on His day and at His hour.

  2. While frankiethefaux is infinitely useless aand, ultimately, pitiable… not sad.

  3. Lol! Don’t get me started, M. Growing up in London in the mid/late ‘60s I recall vividly a strong, robust uncompromising Faith taught by no nonsense priests and nuns, May processions proudly and defiantly held around our local streets, kids eager to serve Mass (Weddings paid best! The Groom would give 2/6 per server), packed Masses, fights with the local kids from the “non catholic”(C of E) schools, etc.

    It seemed to change overnight in 1970. Priests suddenly trying to be “hip” and “with it” whilst apologizing for Catholicism, nuns in trouser suits resembling my dotty Aunt Mavis, no more May Processions, NO masses that were suddenly full of awkward ‘Sign of Peace’ hand-shakes, cringe inducing “Folk Masses” that shared the alter with Father and Secondary school catechism that was bereft of content.

    1970-2014 were wilderness years, The Faith didn’t matter either in my marriage, bringing up our children as practicing Roman Catholics, being diligent Godparents to our friends children or “sticking up” for our beliefs. As for current NO masses? A cross between the ‘The Ellen DeGeneres’ show with heapings of wisdom from the ‘Gospel According to Oprah’. Thank God I found the TLM when I did. The truly sad part? I am the only one amongst my family or Canadian friends who practice The Faith anymore.

  4. Stephen Lowe

    This could be re-posted daily. Truth is timeless.

  5. Mary K Jones

    Thank you!

  6. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Michael Voris was wrong about Mitt Romney in 2012, ie, no Catholic should vote for him, ceding to Obama’s second term. A couple of weeks before the election, Voris conceded that there is a lesser of two evils, but how many heard his about face is moot, now. And he was wrong with his, “We will never, ever, criticize the pope,” only to about face a few years later. It may be his large benefactors ($very large$) who are keeping him from conceding on the SSPX but is why I don’t waste my time with him. As Alice said, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

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