The Hypocrites, The Lockdown, And The President


In another example of the stunning arrogance of the “experts”, one of the lead guys who forced Boris Johnson’s hand “forecasting” up to a quarter of a million deaths because of Coronavirus – unless the Country enters a long-term dystopia – has now lost his government adviser job after being caught flaunting the very rules he wanted to impose on 66 million people. 

The excuse is even more arrogant than the event: he “thought” he was immune.

Fine, Sherlock. I “think” I am immune, too. May I resume my normal life now? 

Mind, though: the guy was made to resign because of his obvious hypocrisy. The investigation about how, and why, and based on what data, and checked by whom, a handful of people were allowed to take hostage an entire Country has not started yet, and I hope it will not be late in coming. When that investigation starts, the private motives of the individuals involved will have to be examined extremely carefully. This is the category of people most likely to be affected by all sorts of socially accepted mental diseases, from thinking that CO2 emissions are killing the planet to believing that they have the duty to “change the world” by imposing to it their own brand of madness.

As we are there, we should also know how is it possible that, in a matter so discussed, controversial and dominated by assumptions, one single (and extreme) point of view is allowed to be presented to the Government as “the view of the experts”, or as a sort of “consensus”, or at least “very prevalent opinion”. Methinks, if the Government had allowed a wider (and wiser) spectrum of opinions to flow in its decision, the outcome would not have been “your own people say 1/4 million death, so block everything NOW!”, but more like “the experts’ opinion range from a nasty flu to a very dramatic outbreak, and the Government is now called to examine the pros and cons of possible actions and make clear to the population what decisions are made, and why”.

As it is now, we are all in danger of seeing vital policy decisions being made almost obligatory (at least in the presence of average politicians) by the biases and prejudices of a very small group of people, having their own hidden and less hidden agendas and free to impose them on the population because “Government expert panel”, or “Imperial College”.

If this crisis has shown one thing, it is this: the politics has almost immediately caved in to theories and predictions that proved anywhere from exaggerated to outlandish. 

Nor has this stopped: as president Trump prepares to allow the US to reopen, new “experts predictions” are now hitting the Internet, and you can be sure the Leftists will make sure to milk them for all they are worth.

My suggestion to President Trump: adopt a blood, toil, tears and sweat approach. Call the Country to fight courageously against the “invisible enemy” instead of cowering home until the Country is entirely destroyed. Tell the American people that many will die, but the Country must go on. This will take a lot of wind away from the Democrats’ sails, and they will look irresponsible to all but the Venti Latte Super Fairy Crowd. 

Life must go on.

Even the hypocritical “experts” understood this.

Though, of course, they did not want to tell you.










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  1. Covid-19 is a virtue signalers paradise complete with requisite props: masks, social distancing, coupled with hang dog looks of affliction. And most of these folks I guess are Democrats who celebrate the the tender mercies of the government and couldn’t care less about the millions of folks who live paycheck to paycheck.

    I agree 100% that Trump needs call for sanity, explain that C-19 death rate is in line with normal season flu, and conclude that lock downs and social distancing did little to change death rate, certainly not enough to close down the economy and cost the tax payers trillions.

  2. Let’s get Pat Buchanan to lead the charge!

    When campaigning in New Hampshire he told us “Don’t wait for orders from headquarters: just ride toward the sound of the guns.”

    Some say attitude is everything….God bless General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller.

    Here are some quotes from the General’s:

    ” We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now. We’ve finally found him. We’re surrounded. That simplifies things. Message sent during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir (December 1950), as quoted in Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign Korea, 1950 (1999) by Martin Russ”

    “Where the Hell do you put the bayonet?
    On being shown a flamethrower for the first time (1944), as quoted in The Devil’s Anvil : The Assault on Peleliu (1994) by James H. Hallas, p. 128”

    “I want you to do one thing for me — write your people back home and tell ’em there’s one hell of a damned war on out here, and that the raggedy-tailed North Koreans have been whipping a lot of so-called good American troops, and may do it again.

    Tell ’em there’s no secret weapon for our country but to get hard, to get in there and fight.

    I want you to make ’em understand: Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any America — because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.
    As quoted in Marine!: The Life Of Chesty Puller (1962), Burke Davis, Ch. XVII : The Hordes of China, p. 273”

    Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller (26 June 1898 – 11 October 1971) was a United States Marine officer. He is the most decorated United States Marine, and one of two US servicemen to be awarded five Navy Crosses and one Army Distinguished Service Cross.

  3. History teaches us that Babylons of all ages used to fall.

  4. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    More and more of these despicable elitists are showing their hypocrisy — from De Blasio and his wife going to the gym and traveling around in violation of the lockdown orders because whatever they’re doing is “important to them,” to the Chicago mayor who goes and gets her hair done while threatening jail for those who defy her orders. And then there’s the judge in Dallas sending a hair salon owner to jail for daring to open up. He doesn’t have to worry about putting food on the table does he? How many of these folks with guaranteed incomes couldn’t care less about those losing their jobs and their homes who can’t put food on the table for their children. And what kind of police state will we be living in when this is over?

  5. This is why they asked him during a press conference, with a sly and cunning smile, “How many deaths are acceptable?”, hoping he was so foolish as to say even one.
    The media, the elites, the entertainment industry, the pop culture, colleges and universities, every single Democrat, and some of the weak Republicans, are against him. How he withstands it can only be God. If Trump had taken the position of keeping things open, they would have held him up as Goebbels for doing that, whatever he does, they demand the opposite. Democrats play with lives because lives are meaningless to Democrats.
    Trump put lives ahead of the market and the economy he worked so hard to support. The Chicoms found a way to pull it out from under him during an election year. I totally believe this virus was manufactured and probably sent here. Chicoms and Democrats are a match made in heaven, and clearly they love each other as much as they hate Trump.
    When decisions were made, all anybody had to go on was Wuhan and Italy. Both looked exceedingly bad. The decisions had to be made then, time was not our friend. The shutting down, I agree with it, based on what we knew. Tyrants are going to want to keep controls going, this is their nature. In the US it is not likely tyranny will be put up with for long, and we have an Attorney General who had made it clear they are watching governors and have stated they will file charges when indicated.

  6. I believe the real problems lie with Stalinist civil services. Ferguson has a hopeless record of prediction, wildly overestimating the risks of BSE and ‘Bird Flu’, for example. One doesn’t employ this kind of idiot/liar-take your pick-unless the objective is to create a situation of fear and panic, thus presenting opportunities for increasing control.

    Here in Ireland, politics does seem to be slowly reasserting itself against the commisars in our health services, no doubt a result of getting it in their ear from their constituents. However, the lesson is the same; the permanent governments in most Western democracies despise their peoples and aspire to dictate over them, ‘for their own good’.

  7. Well suggested.
    The evil clamor constantly rising from the faux-media propagandists is difficult to drown out or just hear over for most citizens. The constant hard-nosed fear mongering and referral to the hardships as “caused by the virus” as opposed to “caused by the politicians” (a worse virus in their own right anyway) makes it all seem impersonal and out of control when, the reality is, we have complete control of our own lives if we do not cede it to contemptible faux-journalistas and the agents of globalism/nanny-state government.

  8. The word “Bolshevik” comes from the Russian for “big.” They of course we’re not the “biggest” party in Russia (they were a minority of perverts, gadflies and pseudo-intellectuals just like their socialist allies the Nazis), but they WERE brazen liars. I’m reminded of this when we are gaslighted by the brain-dead media about “scientific consensus” or “opinion polls.” These things are dominated by hucksters and shameless self-promoters who are willing to say anything to be part of the “cool crowd.” In this case, destroying the lives of millions of Brits got this guy laid by a women clearly above his grade.

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