Fatima: The Bishops Have Become The Enemies Of The Church

Look, it has already happened that the public authorities show hostility to Catholicism. In the end, the children of Fatima were detained in 1917 (August, if memory serves) exactly in order to prevent them from seeing the Blessed Virgin appearing to them!

This time, though, things are fundamentally different. It is not only that 3,500 soldiers have been mobilised, just days after the 1st May celebrations were allowed!  It is that all this happens with the consent and complicity of the Bishops! 

When Pius XIII becomes Pope, I hope he does not allow a single one of these world-worshipping little cowards to stay in charge. What we are witnessing is the almost complete emasculation, the almost complete (so-called) church-of-england-isation of Holy Mother Church; and truly, only Her indefectibility will save Her from the extinction to which, otherwise, this bunch of spineless homos would condemn her.

I don’t know what is next. Very probably, the Bishops applauding the arrest of those who might dare to show up, soldiers and all.

I really wouldn’t be surprised.



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  1. Three thousand solders, sounds like its a war, which in reality it is.

  2. Don’t get me started, M!!

    CoVid-19 has opened my eyes. I recently listened to a lecture from the late, great Michael Davies on the life and execution of St. John Fisher after his refusal to kowtow to thin skinned, thug-king, Henry VIII’s demand for recognition as the supreme head of the church in England. 18 Charterhouse monks were also condemned for defending the liberty of the Church, seven of who were hung, drawn and quartered. I was understood at how quickly the Roman Catholic Church in England had been capitulating to the rancid King’s gangsta behaviour with the executions only hastening the miserable process.

    Witnessing the speed at which our prelates have caved in to Caesar’s demands surprised me. Examples: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales decision to go BEYOND the governments willingness to exempt “Houses of worship…..from the stay-at-home order” and “places of worship (to) remain open for solitary prayer” and close ALL churches to the public.

    Knoxville Bsp. Stika’s ridiculous Soup Nazi-style Holy Communion distribution “procedure”.

    The “fantastic collaborative posture” of the Episcopal Conference of Portugal to allow 3,500 fully kitted troops to stop pilgrims going to the Fatima shrine.

    The capitulation of the Modern Church seems to be complete. Being prepared to vigorously defend the Faith? Suffer for the one, true, holy Catholic and apostolic Church? Please. Just wave the mere threat of looking disagreeable to many of our soft, manicured white-haired old prelates and they fold like a wet deck of cards.


  3. It seems that the Fatima deadline is 2029 (100 years starting from the request of the consecration of Russia in Tuy).

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