Cardinal Cupich Blasphemes Our Lord, Encourages Apostasy, Feels Good With Himself


You got to be really scared at the attitude of this creepy guy, cardinal Cupich.

His Youtube address to the Muslim community for Ramadan has a grand total of 751 views as I write this (not from yesterday; from the 6th of May), showing that the Mohammedans have really taken to heart his message, avidly linking to it and drinking every word of the guy telling them how to be Muslims as he so eagerly praises them for being infidels; which, we gather, is so beautiful that Catholics want to be with them during Ramadan!

Oh, the depths of spirituality of Christ-denying infidels! I am so moved, so moved! Add me as viewer number 751 to this scandalous broadcast, most offensive to the Most Holy Trinity even as he patronises those who deny it!

Apart from the now usual blasphemy of considering, in a veiled, unspoken but implicit way, Muslims and Christians as worshiping the same God, Cupich just does not want to climb down from his non-existent audience’s backside: his “holy month of Ramadan” is only one of the many expressions of dhimmitude, together with sugary, emotional references to the festive meals with which the Mohammedans interrupt their fast, etc. It truly is an appalling demonstration of condescension and submission at the same time.  Cupich really explains to Muslims how to do things as he waxes lyrical (or at least he tries) about the beautiful spiritual fruits that fasting has on infidels (but he does not say the last part).

This is a professionally packaged video with 751 views (including mine, I think) in more than seven days. It really shows not only the appalling irrelevance of this people, but their boundless vanity as they want to appear in public, forcing their stupid message of blasphemy and apostasy to people utterly disinterested in listening to it!

I do not know how many employees the Archdiocese of Chicago has, but I do not put it past Cupich to have put a dozen of them to click on the video several times to avoid total embarrassment.

A goal which was, of course, not achieved.


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  1. Not giving this fairy the dignity of a click.

  2. Notice how he hides his cross! “Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven. But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven.”

  3. Ewwww, lol, don’t get me started, Mundabor! At least warn us to put on full PPE (gloves, face shield, gown and N95 mask) before getting drenched in this condescending drizzle. The “sincere” Hughie Green-style eye contact and tone of voice, the Mr. Rogers empathetic nodding of the head? Sadly, what’s once seen cannot, now, be unseen.

  4. Mike Hartnett

    One of those 751 “views” was mine amd I navigated away after about 30 seconds. This Cupich reminds one of some neutered master of ceremonies, the words just keep flowing almost free of content or interest. I live in the Chicago Archdiocese and have not donated a cent to my local parosh or any diocesan appeals for well over a year, and will not until he is gone. God bless you for your work, sir.

  5. checked it out on utoob to see the comments. As of moments ago there were none. This so-called cardinal-concupiscent really just goes to the truth of your previous blog about the bishops being the enemies of the Church.

  6. U Tube won’t take this one down.

  7. Ivan mi je ime

    Chupich, Bergoglio and all of bunch of those apostates who encourage mahomedans to stay in their irrational pathological anti-christian ideology called islam, and even promote it, must be excommunicated. Officially. At once. My hope is to make the true pontiff,- Pius XIII in my own lifetime, as a member of Church militant.I am ready to be his diligently volunteer of the department which, by then will have its old good name again, that fits its purpose, namely – The Holy Inquisition.

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