The UN Gender Madness


The UN has gone (again) all gender mad, by explaining to the English-speaking populations the error of our ways.

I suggest to all my reader to give their contribution to this worthy cause, and be mindful of the recommendations of the UN, with a slight twist:

  1. always use the gendered noun (e.g. “husband” instead of “spouse”)
  2. never add the other variation (e.g. “his” instead of the extremely dumb “his or her”)
  3. never apologise for doing it.

There is a logic in the English language. It has always been common (and in Italian, too!), to make a general plural with the masculine, not the dumb “his or her” or the even dumber “their”.

Example: “A citizen desiring to obtain a passport will be invited to complete an application form stating his name, date, and place of birth”. It’s easy, immediate, traditional, and correct.

It makes one laugh that all those “his, or her” of the Monthy Python clip have now become, besides the gender madness itself, common fare among people who should actually use their brains.

Don’t be (also in the quoted articles) like these people…

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  1. Surely this is evidence of Western culture in its death throes. The end will be here quickly as economies collapse. A darkness will cover the earth and there will be an end to this madness and much, much more. Keep clutching your rosaries. Mother Mary, pray for us!

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