Settled Science, Or: The Mask Resistance


Yours truly has decided to make a mini-study. The provisional results are published below.

The study consisted in the observation of a couple of hundred Brits, outside in the wild on a sunny afternoon.

The idea is that those who are really worried *will wear a mask*, and those who do not wear a mask *aren’t really fazed*. Note to you living abroad: there is no obligation to wear a mask in England.

The extremely scientific methodology ( = counting) resulted in a very scientific “range”; because this is what you do nowadays.

Between 2 and 3 percent of those sampled wore a mask. All the others really didn’t care. A cold, a suspected flu, or extreme ugliness might also have been a factor in the decision to wear a mask.

Peer review is currently ongoing, as my cat is looking at the data.

The conclusion is obvious: the Country at large does not care a dried fig for this hysteria, and it copes with it merely because, these parts, most people keep working, and earning, as usual. But if they were free to talk without being accused of wanting to kill Grandma Louise they would, when asked about all this, say “utter rubbish”.

The study will be published on Lancet soon, because they have published far less accurate studies already.

I am very proud of my contribution to the scientific community.

From now on, this will be “settled science”.



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  1. catholictradition2

    You betcha! I suspect this is about stage 1 to prepare us for more tryanny. You know it is political because the rules are so unevenly enforced. A flu us a flu is flu.

  2. I will await your cat’s publication of the study’s replication before I consider the science actually “settled.”

  3. I have used the scientific ”pears to me” method and a significant percentage of people in my neck of the woods are wearing masks, often below their noses to facilitate breathing and raising them so their voices aren’t muffled when speaking. Maybe about half are wearing the things in designer patterns and colors as well as medical blue and white. One man was wearing a pair of women’s bikini panties over his mouth and nose and appeared to be enjoying himself although i am not sure he should have been included in the study.
    Being an “observational study” I observe one quarter to one half of my fellow Americans are masked-up although for the virus, anonymity or in preparation to taake down a 7-11 or fast food restaurant has yet to be determined. They can’t get into banks because banks remained locked down, appointment and drive-through only. They still answer their phones but the voices are muffled.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    LOLROTF at your scientific bent, Mundabor. My black cat Flash and I were greatly relieved to hear Emperor Andrew “Herod” Cuomo state–despite his executive order declaring masks/face coverings must be worn outside if social distancing is not possible and in stores: “You don’t want to wear a mask? Fine.” Sounds great to me and my unmasked kitty. There’s a catch, but I can live with it: “But you don’t have a right to then go into that store if that store owner doesn’t want you to”;

    Cuomo played more games today, declaring in the MORNING that upstate’s Phase 2 might not occur until he consulted unidentified “international experts.” Then in the AFTERNOON he declared that he had consulted the “experts” (WTH?) and Phase 2 would go into effect as planned.

    Our homegrown Herod is a barrel of laughs as he jerks our chains!

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