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Meet The Manlet

What I thought of Justice Roberts was unprintable already, at since since Obamacare times. But I would say that with his decision to side with the liberals (yes, this includes RBG; apparently she is still breathing) on church closures he has reached a new low.

I see in Roberts one of the victims of modern times: the spineless manlet who drifts to liberal positions because he thinks it is the only way to keep his social prestige in the circle in which he is accustomed to move. he will bend over backwards (as seen with his Obamacare decision) to not do what would make him sink in the black list of the party hosts, movers and shakers, and otherwise soi-disant intellectuals of his milieu. The appointment of Gorsuch and, more importantly, Kavanaugh put on him the liberal pressure; as always, the man cannot bear it.

Decisions like this also tell us why the Supreme Court is still such an important part of the 2020 November election, and why it is absolutely vital that both Trump’s re-election and a solid Republican majority in the Senate are returned in November. There is still a lot of work to do, and when RBG goes wherever the Lord has decreed she will go (psss… I think I have an idea.. but don’t say it around…) there is another epic battle to be fought and hopefully won.

Trump and a solid Republican majority are, bar surprises, our only hope to see the United States veer towards sanity at the highest judicial level, too. As in 2016, this makes Trump’s twitter behaviour, press conference intemperance (though I think he was wonderful), or otherwise testy character utterly irrelevant.

Let us focus on what counts, rather than on sideshows of no consequence.

The recent decision of the Court is a sobering reminder of how fast it can go the wrong way.


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