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Keep Losing, Or: The Summer Of Blood

Try to remove those “peacefully” whilst surrounded by thugs…


Even the hard-left BBC does not manage to conceal the utter failure of the Seattle Autonomous Anarcho-Communist Hate Zone known as CHAZ or CHOP.

Almost every day I see newspaper articles with news of a shooting, but no one seems interested in keeping count. BBC is no exception, but I’d say we are at two dead and four wounded in 9 days.

Basically, Liberia.

The chief of police whines that people are “not cooperating”. Hey, Ms Sherlock: they kicked your people out! Why exactly do you expect them to cooperate? 

This is more damaging to the Dems every day. Violence continues unabated. The police are unable to do anything meaningful about it. The Mayor of the “Summer of Love” has to answer all this.

This is only the beginning. When the CHAZ is, at some point, dismantled, people will come out of the woodwork with tales of violence, intimidation, perhaps rape. Serves them right, of course, but it will make other people think.

Concrete road blocks are now frequent. The occupiers have said they will not go “peacefully”. Even a Libtard understands this is now a free republic for drug trafficking and who knows how many other horrible things.

Every day they do not act, they look more impotent. When they are forced to act, they will look like losers, forced to resort to violence to cut their losses. If Trump intervenes in the end, he will be hailed as the saviour from incompetent politicians.

This is a lose-lose for the Dems. They know it, and they know they need to choose how they lose, fast. But the choice is very painful.

So, for the moment, they choose to just keep losing.



The Second Lockdown


The big guy reminds me of Robert E. Lee. Does the little guy remind you of Stonewall Jackson?

You just need to visit for one minute the comments section of every conservative site when the article commented mentions the word “lockdown”, to see what people in Trumpland think of it.

The fact is, a second nationwide lockdown would be a catastrophe. I would not cry “we have lost”, or abandon myself to the defeatism so many conservative commenters seem to enjoy (I wish I had a dollar for every “it’s all over” comment I have read since the begin of the Internet), but certainly it would be the biggest gift Trump can make to his adversaries. If you ask me, already the first lockdown was too long, and Trump pushed it a bit too far before starting to work for reopening. Whilst the discipline is in the hands of the States, the input coming from the White House is, as everybody has noticed in March, extremely important.

In my eyes, Trump should do this:

  1. Constantly criticise the Democrats for crying that the end was near when it was convenient to damage him, and forgetting everything about the Chinese Virus when…. it was convenient to damage him. This should be relentless, day in and day out.
  2. Never mention, or even consider, or propose, or ponder about, a second nationwide or almost nationwide lockdown.
  3. Constantly remind the Americans to be brave in battle, and not to desert their post. The Brits went to work under the bombs during the Blitz. Everyone should reflect on this.
  4. Fire, or sideline, or isolate Dr Fauci, now. Fauci has shown a very alarming propensity to think he can make policy. He needs to go. He needs to be substitute by someone taking great care to only talk about facts and stats, but always referring to the decisions of the elected personnel when asked about policy options.

Trump is in the middle of two storms right now: the BLM Attempted Revolution and the Chinese Virus. The first event will work for him if he navigates it correctly (which he seems to be doing). The second is an unknown at the moment, and I am terrified of whom he might lend his ear to if the second wave proves (or is said to be) a massive one.

God forbid, Dr Fauci and Jaranka;s influence determine the campaign and the President’s actions in the last fourth month of the race.






Shut Up Or Man Up, Or: Why Some Are Presidents And Most Others Aren’t.


Once again, an allegedly conservative person refuses to man up and, faced with opposition, thinks that the smart thing to do is resigning.

This is, admittedly, only the mayor of a 2,000 inhabitants Alabama town. But his weakness of character and lack of attributes can be seen everywhere these days, particularly in the deafening silence of those (bar Trump, as always) who have a clear duty to speak.

This Mayor, who is not an important Congressman or Senator, did not have to speak about the Crimson Tide’s (stupid and totally reprehensible) video. But once he did speak, one would expect he would not fold like that. We are at the point where you resign because some people are angry at you. It’s as if being liked by everybody would be a defining feature of a local conservative politician.

Meanwhile, Mayors of much bigger cities like Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Baltimore, or New York make a pig’s breakfast of their own cities and not only do not resign, but counterreact with more easy demagoguery, like having Black Lives Matter painted, at your expenses, on walls and roads. They don’t care how they look in the eyes of the silent majority. The silent majority will have to suck it up, because these major are on the side of the violent and bullying minority, which is the safest corner right now. 

This needs to stop. Timid Facebook posts followed by prompt resignation, or apologies, or both need to leave place to either shutting up first or manning up later. You don’t need to be liked by everybody, but you need to show that you have integrity, courage and the guts to stay by what you have stated. Even as the Mayor of a 2000 small village, you have the duty to be an example.

Can you imagine Trump resigning over a tweet?

Do you realise, now, why he is the President and most others aren’t?



The Novus Ordo And Us

Mundabor's Blog

Inferior to wine. Not poisonous at all. Inferior to wine. Not poisonous at all.

Please take the comparison below only as drink comparison. That wine is used in the Consecration is not relevant here.


With V II the Church gave us, together with many other mistakes, a second-class Mass. Second-class, not sinful. Second-class, not something that would be even a grave matter to attend.

Speaking of drinks (and letting aside the sacramental aspect at the Mass) we were accustomed to wine. One day,  the Church told us wine is a drink for stuffy old people, and Coca Cola is the new drink the Church gives to you: bubbly, fizzly, young, dynamic, in tune with the new times, good for young and old, and apt to have many more people get at the table.

Coca-Cola is sugary, superficial, vastly inferior to wine in everything, pretty much of a child’s drink compared to it. But it can never…

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Where Mundabor Agrees (Or So He Thinks) With BLM.


Another brutal example of senseless, unjustified, brutal violence against innocent Blacks has made it to the news. 

I wonder how many episodes of the sort actually don’t.

This hemorrhage of young Black lives has to stop.

Black lives matter. I mean, all lives matter, but black lives, too.

I am sure that Black Lives Matter, and all Democrats in power and vocally active in defence of the minorities, will now cry to the sky, and ask extremely vocally for measures that protect young Black Lives.

This is going on every day. It causes the loss of hundreds of Black lives every year, many of them completely innocent. Hundreds.

I am sure, I am absolutely positive, that Black Lives Matter will be decrying this, and the many other episodes all to resembling to this one, vigorously demanding that law and order be restored everywhere, but particularly in the difficult neighbourhoods of cities like Chicago.

Black lives matter. Every one of them. And every life, Black or otherwise, matters in the same way. A black life does not become less relevant because it has unjustly been cut short by, say, a policeman, or a thug. Every black life represent the loss of the same human life. There are no losses that are more special than others. To think so would be to promote, and practice, active racism, dehumanising those deaths that are not politically expedient.

No. Every Black life matters in the same way.

I am sure that Black LIves Matter will agree with me.

How could it be otherwise?


Counteroffensive, And A New Threat On The Horizon

Donald Trump himself is, via tweet, encouraging the search for some of the criminals who have vandalised statues in the last weeks.    

This was, as it soon became apparent, not a symbolic act.

First arrests yesterday, a new task force created, 500 investigations underway.

500 investigations means, I would say, a massive counteroffensive. Belated, but still very welcome.

It is always so in time of violent disruption. It takes a while before an organised reaction can be organised. This time, the delay was scarily long, but things are moving.

Note here: it is Federal organs who are acting. This is Trump and his men acting to finally restore law and order, punish vandals and anarcho-communists, make the citizen feel that they live in a First World Country again.

Meanwhile, the Soy Boys and Latte Girls at Liberal Central are still trying to solve the mess they have themselves created. The CHAZ/CHOP barriers should go down today (Sunday), but the risk of confrontation is still there. The Summer of Love might well become the Summer of Police Baton, or another Long Hot Summer, like in 1967, if the anarcho-communists feel strong enough and the Soy Boys and latte Girls are, well, as dumb as ever.

Still, something is happening here, and the sooner the counteroffensive progresses, the sooner America will start to seriously reflect on the madness of it all, with great advantage for Trump’s side.

All fine, then? Not really.


The way I see it, only one thing now stays in the way of a great victory in November: Trump allowing himself to be taken hostage by the Faucis of the world, and starting another lockdown. If this happens, I think the victory in November will be in great danger.

On no account there must be another lockdown. 

Will Trump understand, or will he listen to the likes of Jaranka and shoot himself in the head? 

Please, God, give this guy the strength to do what he ought, and the sense to avoid listening to Dr Fauci any longer.



Jesus Condemned Sodomy And Homosexuality in The Strongest Terms

Mundabor's Blog

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. (Matthew 10:14-15). 

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. (Mark 6:11)

I can’t hear anymore that now widespread lie according to which “Jesus does not mention homosexuality”. Let us clarify a couple of things, shall we?

It is known even to Elton John that for around 6,000 years both Jews and Christians have said “sodomites” to indicate…

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Life After You’ve Been Forgotten: Greta’s And Meghan’s Existential Drama

Smart Prince and Sweet Princess.


How sad it is when the world has forgotten you! One day, you are the star, with journalists and assorted sycophants wherever you go. The next day, you are a has-been desperately trying to stay relevant.

Two tragic examples are in the linked article: Greta Thunberg and Meghan Markle. Though the drama is the same, let us look at them separately.

Gretin Thunberg 

Poor girl must be living difficult months. The Chinese Virus first, and the Anarcho-Communists later have stolen all the attention. It is not only the speed with which this wonder-retard and darling of all enemies of Capitalism has been entirely forgotten that must dismay her. It is the understanding that, in order to get attention, you have to have people ready to smash things and burn buildings. Her soy boys were never able to do that. There was a lot of blathering, and much support from the private jet crowds. But the revolutionary action was lost somewhere between the silver tray and the champagne flute. Her brave new world is forgotten now. No one bothers about C02 anymore. Gretin understands all this, and – dimly, of course – understands that, whilst some limit themselves to talking about fundamentally changing the present order, those who actually start smashing stuff get way more attention.

It is difficult to see how Gretin can recover from this, bar a massive media effort to restore her to her past position of Retardation Prominence. You can’t just go on TV and say “now that you have stopped smashing monuments and burning shops, let us talk about the emissions again!”. She will have to do a lot of begging, and will need some very smart PR move to get to the limelight again. A hunger strike would be good, then it seems to me that she is getting fat. Failing that, some PR wizard at Soros HQ, acutely aware of what an obsolete marketing instrument she is, might suggest she pulls the ultimate PR stunt and burns herself alive to protest against C-C-C-Climate C-C-C-Change, after which she would have an assured place in C-C-C-Climate C-C-C-Change Walhalla and would be rapidly substituted for the next, media-produced fake icon. Unfortunately, that would produce a lot of CO2 emissions; so, perhaps, better not.

Mega Fraud Meghan 

Mega Fraud Meghan is in an even worse position than Gretin Thunberg. She is utterly and completely screwed. She now has no job, a stupid husband everyone avoids, the airs of a princess without being one anymore, the expenses that go with it, and that sinking feeling that she used to be someone, but now she is nobody. She phones around, begging to be invited or at least considered alive by the likes of Oprah. She wants to be at the forefront of doing nothing and being famous for it. Alas, there are plenty of people who already cover that role, and they normally have better bodies to flaunt for the cameras and on Instagram.

Mega Fraud also has a fundamental image problem (and if you do nothing, image is all you have).  You just can’t be an alternative Cinderella. You either are Cinderella, and your marrying the Prince will disclose to you the business of the cleaning ladies looking for something to dream; or you are alternative to the system, and then you can’t be royal at all, and you will need to go through all the stuff alternative people go through: marches, hunger strikes, arrests, a lot of screaming and, possibly, close contact with a police baton (which, incidentally, might do her a lot of good if it helps her to get nearer to reality). The entire Princess-stuff is conservative at its very core. No revolutionary girl dreams of becoming a Princess. No conservative girl identifies with a princess living at the height of luxury and privilege and blathering about social justice.

Somehow, I can’t picture Cinderella being part of “Step-Sisters’ Lives Matter” and endlessly complaining  about the “systemic racism” of Drizella and Anastasia.

Mega Fraud is begging her influential once-friends to keep her in that rarefied, ego-pumping, and very lucrative celebrity world. The problem is, in the age of BLM the Princess Brand does not work in the first place, the Has-Been Princess Brand works even less, and the “I Want To Be A Princess Fighting Systemic Racism” Brand might be more stupid than even Gretin on a bad day. Besides, the woman can scream “color” and “discrimination” as much as she wants; but she has married a prince, albeit a lesser and utterly dim one, and this prince is just as White as they come. She has married into White Privilege like nobody else on earth. These aren’t good credentials to play “coloured princesses’ lives matter”. In short: she is screwed.


It is very sad to say this and, whilst I think these two fairly repulsive creatures have deserved all the mockery they get, I wish them the return to mental sanity and a life as normal as one can reasonably hope. Still, I can’t avoid thinking that, in both cases, all the ingredients of suicide are there, and keep accumulating.

Both have put themselves in a spiral leading to an abyss of irrelevance (Gretin) and very possibly added (relative) poverty and abandon (Mega Fraud); a shocking, precipitous fall from the heights to which they were accustomed. Gretin might never become intelligent enough to understand that she has been the pawn of people exploiting her, but for Mega Fraud the fall from Princess and Celebrity Status to Spoiled Brat Begging For Some Money And Attention Non-Status will be rather brutal. When this happens, all bets are off, then the easy way out from a cruel world that does not want to pay attention to you is just one bullet away. Again, not wishing it, not wishing it to anybody. But we had several examples, with lesser “celebrities” of ephemeral TV shows, of what happens when the powerful, highly addictive drugs of celebrity status is taken away from them, and a very harsh reality takes its place.

I, for myself, much prefer the sweet Princesses and the smart Princes of the fairy tales.







Vatican II Must Be Cancelled In Toto, Or: Bishop Schneider And The Excrement Cake

All-Cream, Pre-Vatican II cake. Good enough for me.


Bishop Schneider has released a very long text about the Second Vatican Council and the necessity to keep what is good in it. I have not read the extremely lengthy paper in its entirety, because I don’t need to. Still, I post the link so everyone who is so inclined can have a go at it.

My opposition to the survival of Vatican II is a matter of principle, not of detail.

It is fully irrelevant that the V II documents had something good in them, if you look for long enough. We all know this. I am pretty sure Stalin had something good in him, too. The simple fact is, that V II is not the inventor of Catholic goodness, nor is Stalin the inventor of whatever human goodness he had (I don’t know: perhaps he loved dogs, or classical music, or a beautiful sunset).

Whatever goodness the Vatican II document contained was already part of  the teaching of the Church. Whatever goodness Stalin had, was already there in the heart of countless good men. You don’t need to preserve for posterity Stalin’s (assumed) love for dogs other than as a pure fact, rejecting the entire Stalinian nightmare. You don’t need to remember the fact that the Vatican II documents had some orthodox parts in them, other than as a pure statement of fact, rejecting the entire V II nightmare.

This is not only a matter of logic, it is a matter of everyday common sense.

The Bishop contests the “poisoned cake” theory, stating that some parts of the V II documents (and even of Amoris Laetitia) are, actually, good per se! No poison there!

So what?

This is the same as being presented with a huge cake whose upper strata consist exclusively of excrement, and having Bishop Schneider tell you, with ill-concealed satisfaction, that, if you look well enough, you will notice that the lower strata have excellent cream in them, untouched by all the shit above!

We should keep that high-quality cream, he says. You don’t want to throw that away, surely?

Well, yes, I do.

The high-quality cream in the strata below is tainted forever by the association with all the excrement above! The only thing to do is to throw away the entire cake and cry, as loud as we can, “no more excrement cakes for us, Bishops! Who cares for the cream in the lower strata!”

We have 2000 years of excellent, 1A, certified organic, Catholic Cream made by martyrs and saints. We do not have any need for cream (however tasty per se) made by those who have given us the shit cake! We will throw away the one and the other, and will thrive and prosper with all the cream we had before, we have now, and will have forever.

Vatican II must be destroyed, all its documents rejected and banned from use as instruments of Catholic teaching. The Liturgy must be resumed exactly as it was before Vatican II. The Catechisms produced in V II years must be expunged and substituted for the Pre-V II ones. Vatican II must be remembered as an age of barbarism, depravity, and – literally – sympathy for the devil.

You will never hear this from Bishop Schneider.

But I am not a Bishop. So you hear it from me.

I know you think it, too.





Black Voices Against Madness Matter


This guy is seriously good (bar the tattoos, of course).

I discovered him yesterday, when I watched this video. He has solid common sense, and actually talks like a man who refuses to be indoctrinated and brainwashed.

He has already had 1.65 M views (yesterday were less than 1.6 M), and I can well imagine that a good number of these views were actually by Blacks.

Things are changing. As the Economist keeps virtue signalling with a laughable prediction that Biden has an 87% probability of winning  (mind; Hillary had 91%!), people like this honest man start singing a different tune.

In 2016, I remember Diamond and Silk. I think Candace Owens came later. Now we also have Officer Tatum at 1.6 million views on this video, and 797k subscribers on his channel. We have the Hodgetwins at more than 500k subscribers. A sample below



Listen to them and you will really understand how much is changing, and how the likes of the Economist’s shills with their fake polls live in Cuckoo Land.

First, we need to have Trump win in November. At that point, the dam gates in the Black community will open.  In time, they will address issues like single motherhood, abortion, all the evils coming from life in the plantation, courtesy of the Democratic transfer policies.

Congratulations to these counter cultural warrior for a better world, and against the darkness of Black Lives Matter.

Little Liberia, Or: How Are You Liking The “Summer Of Love”, Mssss Mayor?


I remember when the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, said that the lawless anarchist zone in Seattle – the one she propped and helped to survive – might become a “Summer of Love”. This level of incompetence and stupidity clearly tells us this woman is a Democrat.

Only a couple of weeks, and the Chaz already counted his first violent death. Plus one wounded. Plus other episodes of violence. Plus the local anarch0-communists impeding the police’s (I mean, Dem police) “safe access to the victims” (what drivel, by the way; one of the two might have been the culprit; perhaps both committed crimes).

The linked article, from the communist, and in the past slavery-supporting, Guardian, tries to paint a positive picture of the zone, but not even they are so blind to reality that they cannot see that this is going – predictably , for everyone with a brain – down the drain very fast.

More shootings since the murder. No one knows much more, because this is a no-go zone now.

Congratulation, Mssss Durkan. You win the 2020 “Stupid Mayor Contest”.

Let us say one death in two weeks, makes an average of around fifty a year. For a zone where people live (or camp) numbering, I would say, no more than the low thousands. Makes Chicago look like a garden. Actually, it makes the Chaz look (because it is) a third-world chaos place like Charles Taylor’s Liberia. This is what the Dems do: they create and promote chaos, and hope they will thrive amidst the rubble. Their lives, their fridges, and their ice cream will be first class anyway.

It appears Mssss Durkan has now changed her mind. People more intelligent than her must have managed to get into her head that the Chaz is going to end very, very badly; that Trump is drawing more capital from its very existence by the day; and that it is now time to cut her losses and declare the entire stuff a failed experiment, perhaps trying to persuade everybody that there was so much lurv at the beginning.

She will now forever be tarnished, in the estimation of everyone with a brain (yes: many of them Democrats), as the Mayor who not only allowed lawlessness and anarchy in her city, but actually praised it as some sort of beautiful experiment.

This is not all: for the poor, dumb Mayor, even cutting her losses might now cause more losses. She is trying to get the anarcho-communist occupation to end peacefully. She might or might not succeed. If the criminal elements in the zone (many of them; the others are largely brainwashed cretins or culpable liberal residents) decide to put up a fight, this will become very fun as we will see another stupid Democrat politician being good at exactly nothing, failing in the promotion of anarchy and in its suppression alike.

I think they will just give money to the criminals and persuade them to go away. Who knows, the criminals might get the money and stay instead…

Little Liberia is going down after only weeks of just another senseless leftist “experiment”, ending like every leftist “experiment” does: violence, oppression, and general ruin. However violently – or not – Little Liberia dies, Liberals will be at pain to fantasise about the “positive aspects” of the “experience” etc.

Meanwhile, countless people with a brain, a family and a mortgage will decide that Democrats can’t be left in charge.




Christ The White Oppressor, His White Friends, And The Instruments Of Freedom

This is a tweet from Shaun King, one of the BLM kingpins and, apparently, not even Black.

Wait before you laugh at the tweet. Reflect on this:

  1. This guy is influential in its own circles. BLM has gained a lot of traction in the last months, courtesy of reckless Democrats and cowardly Republicans.
  2. What is madness today can be fashionable tomorrow. The idea of getting rid of the police would have been laughed as a childish fantasy only two months ago, it is now the official policy of a city like Minneapolis.

These people are satanical bastards. Predictably, Satan uses them and their (probably never sincere) social grievances to attack Christ.

I have great confidence in the ability of the American people to choose sanity in the end. But make no mistake, there is no sanity within BLM, and the melanin issue is merely a cover to achieve a fundamental destruction of all that is good and holy, and the annihilation of Christian America.

If all fails, if the police cowards away and the politicians kneels and the army looks the other way, it will come down to the AR-15 side of the discussion; a side in which our corner enjoys such superiority that it is not even funny (actually, it is; but one is supposed not to say it).

In Europe, you can’t get a rifle for personal defence.

In the US, you can still get an AR-15 with a (fitting) Psalm verse etched into it:

I am not sure Mr King would not call an AR-15 an “instrument of oppression”, like Christ. I, for myself, would call it an instrument of freedom.

People like Mr King remind us that we are never more than one generation away from tyranny.



Tulsa: The Autopsy (Or: Still A Superstar!)



Some good and some bad things happened in Tulsa. I would like to examine them one by one, as I see them.

Foreign Interference 

Foreign people inflating the number of participants is a foreign interference in the US election. The same cretins who have cried foul for two years on Russia and Ukraine seem unable to see this. I wonder if one’s IQ decides one’s political allegiance. I personally did not believe the 1 million figure, thinking that at some point it was just a way to show support for Trump from people who knew they did not have a chance to attend (more on this further on). This is why, in my last post, I limited myself to hundreds of thousands; which is, I think, still a very realistic estimate of the real support Trump mobilised. Still, this is foreign interference that must be investigated and made to stop.

Fake News 

Whilst the foreign interference is worrying and needs to be stamped out (this came largely from China; it is difficult to imagine that party officers did not have their Commie Paws in it one way or the other), the idea that they would cause disruption or cause the rally to fail in itself is 1-A Certified Fake News. Trump Rallies’ attendance is not by invitation, it is on a first-come-first-served basis.   Therefore, one can send as many fake invitations as he wants, but he will never cause the right people to stay out of the rally, or be persuaded not to travel to it, because Chinese Commies have already taken all the tickets. Besides, many people travel to get to the party outside of the rally. Therefor,e it would be irrelevant to them if they think all the tickets have gone. The issue is a different one, and it’s the security one.

Security Concerns 

It is absolutely laughable to say that the rally attendance was a failure, a fiasco, or other words of the sort. There were extensive security concerns and, at times, a curfew in place. There is a big difference between the rallies of the Democrats and those of Trump: the Democrats don’t show up, and those who show up are young militants of more or less challenged intelligence and no children. The Republicans show up with the entire families, with their friend’s families, and make of it a big party and a joyous day out. You need to live in fantasy land to think that the fact that many decided not to show up is something that indicates mediocre, even vanishing support for Trump. Is it wise to travel many hours, with your children, for what could have become a day of battle? Exposing your children to scenes of violent clashes between Antifa and police, tear gas, cries, sirens, horse-mounted policemen (as long as they still exist) with batons? Honestly, I am not really surprised. But I live in a different continent, and the locals will have had a better feeling of what the situation was. They would, for example, read articles like this one,  on the day of the rally, and decide not to travel in the end. I don’t blame them.

Huge Interest for Trump 

Hey, Democrats: after you have enjoyed your three minutes of Beavis and Butthead laughter, get this: 5,300,000 people watch Trump live on the sum of all video channels (TV and Internet). 

Yep. Trump is still a Superstar!

This huge interest in watching Trump also tells something very valuable: that it is very realistic to assume that many who decided not to travel made to the decision to watch Trump on video instead.

I remember reading in the past about video appearance of Joe The Creepy Guy with abysmal participation. I really, really hope Dems are too dim to see this obvious point.

Now, let us reflect on this: when millions of moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats read that leftist fringes obstacle democracy in their Country and the Democrats do not say a word against it – actually laughing at Trump instead – how do you think they will react? I think that every episode of threatened violence and subversion of the Democratic process brings more votes to Trump.

But hey, CNN never says that, so I must be wrong…


So, bad news for you, Democrats: Trump is every bit the Superstar, no matter how hard you put your fingers in your ears and cry “lalalalaaaala”.

Still, bad news for Republicans, too: Trump’s rallies must be joyous family gatherings, not potential war zones.

Now that the threat is evident, there must be a corresponding reaction.



Donald Trump Superstar

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)


I remember 2016, when Hillary (minus pop stars) could gather no more than twice the journalist present as her “oceanic crowd” and poor, pathetic, meanwhile forgotten Tim Kaine would attract masses by the… dozen, likely trying very hard not to cry. At that time, Trump regularly had 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 people wishing to be at his rallies, the most beautiful thing being the parties of the people outside of the official grounds, with screens catering for them. People who had come knowing they had no chance of getting in, but happy enough to be outside, and party with fellow Patriots.

This is a long distant memory now. Nowadays the crowds for Trump , in a time of pandemic, are counted by the hundreds of thousands. The phenomenon is just staggering to see. It is the witness of a degree of popularity never enjoyed (in life) by JFK, or Lincoln, likely not even by Ronald Reagan. This guy is a superstar. 

One day before it’s not enough to get a chance to be in the proper rally grounds, They are now starting to gather on the Thursday for a rally on the Saturday. It’s just as beautiful as that.

Keep telling lies to yourselves with your polls, Democrats. Call them “science” if you start to feel insecure. Reflect pensively, between an amouse bouche and a champagne flute at your mini-party, how Republicans will react to their defeat in November.

Keep dreaming.

We will keep winning.


Stemming The Tide Of Language Madness


This article from the Buggers Broadcasting Communism is shocking in many ways.

  1. It was written in December 2015, four and a half years ago. It is astonishing to see that, so many months ago, the money for the TV Licence (which is mandatory in the UK) was wasted on this sort of rubbish.
  2. It is a piece of shameless activist and deviant propaganda. In the United Kingdom, this “gender” stuff is far, far less developed than in the US; and whatever is there, is there because of the extremist bigots like the BBC.
  3. It is fully oblivious of the utter absurdity, of the surreal other worldliness of the entire issue. It is as if these people were paid to live on a different planet, where they see as their job to introduce both words like “hirself”, “verself” and “zirself” and the – don’t laugh – proper use of such entirely artificial and completely pointless mental constructs.

The long article is written by people living in a parallel world, for people living in a parallel world; courtesy of people paying their wages in this world.

There were thoughts, in the UK, to abolish the TV Licence and leave the BBC free to survive out of advertising revenue. Whilst not an ideal solution (The BBC is a valuable brand with a huge goodwill, that should be sold in the market rather than left to this bunch of morons), the measure would have gone a long way to dam the flow of public money destined for sheer deviant propaganda. However, it seems more and more that Boris Johnson hasn’t much testosterone left in him after his Chinese Virus hospital stint. I am, therefore, not very optimistic on this.

What can we do in such situation? The most useful thing we can do it getting vocal in criticising, and ridiculing, this sort of exercise in madness.

Collective consciousness is certainly influenced by the media, but it is also built out of a myriad of individual interventions. I am actually of the opinion that the prevalent use, nowadays, of wrong words like “gay” is due not to their use by the perverted minority and their friend, but to fake conservatives caving in and accepting to use the language of the enemy out of sheer desire to appease them and appear nice. 

Let us all give our contribution so that this never happens with “hirself”, “verself”, “zirself” and the rest of the fantasy world in which these people want to live.



Living In The CHAZ, Or: Unplanned Donations

Restore DC Catholicism has a delightful post about what it means to be a woke cretin in Woke Central, the CHAZ. 

It truly is hilarious. Mommy’s darling, who had money, supplies and laptop stolen, gets all passive-aggressive, and lets the woke world know that he/she/it/whatever it identifies with today will now have to go back to mama, then the idea of working for a living never entered his mind. I don’t think this is a girl. I think it’s a boy, plus a lot of soy. But it’s just me.

However this may be, we are in Woke central, and there is no time for such selfish behaviour as whining that your stuff has been stolen. The answer is comedy gold:

This is a masterful, BLM-age retort. I am sure this is not meant to be funny. This is merely the new reality in Woke Central.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I don’t judge you. I really, really appreciate you. You are such a unique snowflake. And now that I have paid my tribute to your sensitive Woke skin, hold fast…
  2. You are judgmental. Just because things disappear, you call this theft? Who do you think you are? If we weren’t in the same Woke Central, I would call you racist!
  3. Theft isn’t theft if we say so. You have no right to your property. If someone who is “disadvantaged” took it, suck it up, boy! You will now see the thief of your laptop use it, and enjoy your food and your money. It’s the way it works here. Be happy for him. Reflect on your privilege instead.
  4. As you have no right to your property, it’s not for you to call anyone a thief, or yourself a victim of theft. But we will entitle you to call it an “unplanned donation”. Unplanned, mind; not unwanted!  You, me, everybody, we are all in agreement that theft is what we are about in this community. See, it works in this way: you have no right to anything whenever anybody else is in greater need of it than you.  
  5. I don’t judge you. You have been a useful idiot for the cause. You did good today. Now, kindly shut up, before I get angry.

It does not need a genius to know that this is what goes on all the time in this wonderful experiment. The desperate race for who is the most woke; the tyranny of communism that you are requested to like and approve; the gentle, “you need to get in line with the party line” rebuke, Communist Party style; the bullying of the strong and the cowardly servitude of the sheep, who aren’t even allowed to whine.

It truly is delicious.


I must say that I disagree with the idea that Trump should intervene, sharp-ish, and put an end to this. I would agree with the policy if those six blocks were inhabited by solidly-thinking, hard-working, conservative people. However, it seems to me that this commune is established in one of the wokest parts of one of the wokest cities “from sea to shining sea”. I frankly cannot see why this new Animal Farm should not be allowed to take its course, a “social experiment” of which the vast majority of its inhabitants must surely approve and, if they don’t, should approve anyway because this is, ultimately, what they have supported for now many years.

Plus, Trump is the ultimate Aikido-fighter, using the energy of his adversaries against them. If he intervened, his own use of force (or energy) would be universally condemned and the cries of “repression” would rise to the sky. In this way, he exposes the inaction at all level of Democrat power (Mayor, Governor, Senate, House) whilst criticising the chaos incessantly; but he still keeps ready to intervene, if the situation becomes so serious that the Governor must be pushed aside, and must let the grown ups do their job.

This can only have a handful of outcomes:

A) Copycats of the CHAZ pop out in other “Woke” Democrat cities like Portland, Berkeley or San Francisco. If the Dem police represses them, get the popcorn. If they don’t, watch millions of moderate Democrat voters discover the virtues of both Trumpism and the Second Amendment.

B) The CHAZ dies a pacific, slow death of exhaustion. Too many mama boys run out of money, not enough soy beans to go around, vegan food difficult to find and not enough people giving the heroes food for nothing, and the like. In this case, they will look like spoiled children with no spine or brains, and the Democrats will look the more stupid for having supported them.

C) The CHAZ ends up being a very violent place, or the lawlessness forces the police to put an end to it with the baton and the.. taser. In this case, Democrats at all levels will have brutally failed, and there will be no way to hide this. Plus, you will see the flocking of sane people to the tactical Trump vote – just until the Dems go back to halfway sanity – as in B).

Before I conclude, a last reflection on the last words of the theft victim.

He writes: “I might be packing up to leave soon”.

Whatever it is that he is packing, I am sure others will be in greater need of it than him. I see more “unplanned donations” coming, nor do I think it is such an injustice.

Live woke, die woke.






Corporations, Cowards And Crocodiles


An excellent article in the Federalist outlines the myopic and cowardly attitude of Corporations kow-towing to the Racist BLM Mob. 

The article points out something not frequently discussed: the problem for these corporations does not begin when they get sued. It begin when they start hiring “Diversity Directors”. They create a climate of poison, resentment and entitlement at the same time. It is only a matter of time until this behaviour ends up causing huge bills. Bills, mind you, not only due to litigation, but to the money they keep paying in the very stupid hope of appeasing the mob. 

Newsflash: mobs can never be appeased.

The guy above knew this, because he had a robust dose of common sense and was not afraid of speaking his mind; which is why monuments to him must now be protected by the same mob the Corporations try to appease.

One premise of the article I cannot share: that leftists are better than conservatives at boycotting. I disagree. I would say that:

1. Leftists are good at making noise, and

2,. Corporations are so good at giving up, that one wonders whether they received specialised training.

Nowadays, it is fashionable to admit that you have been an idiot for decades in the hope that this will prevent others from calling you an idiot. Guess how that ends….

Quaker just scrubbed “Aunt Jemima”, a brand in use for 130 years.

Have they been racists for 130 years? If yes, all Board members must resign, now.

It is time for the supervisory board to start selecting their board members according to the attributes they have, of course after they made sure they have the attributes themselves first. Only when that happens the constant stream of money flowing to extremists and bigots will stop, and then the game will become much more interesting than it is now.

As per today, too many corporations feed the crocodile that want to eat them. They should know history, and heed the words of wise man of the past, however endangered their monuments.





The Big Emptiness, And How It Connects To The Rise Of Madness


Much of what happens in these times is, I am persuaded, the result of the collapse of religious sentiment all over the West.

He who has no faith needs to

a) believe in something, and

b) feel that he is good.

These two fundamental needs drive the madness of our times.

Lack of faith in a Creator must perforce lead many people to feeling alone in the world, utterly irrelevant, an absolute nobody in the great scheme of things, an insignificant speck of dust in an immense, heartless universe perpetuating its own absurdity. Gone is the feeling, known to every Christian, that he has infinite value in the eyes of an infinitely good Creator.

You are a joke of your DNA, pal, just like the ant you have just, inadvertently, finished squashing. When you’re gone, you’re gone. That’s it. Goodbye.

This creates a huge void, a void that must be filled by something. Animal “rights”, the Amazonian Forest, the lives of cows, the C-C-C-Climate C-C-C-Change, everything can be used as ersatz religion. This ersatz religion fulfills not only point a) above, but – perhaps more importantly for an atheist – point b), too. “I can be a joke of my DNA”, the atheists says, “but what I have is my g-g-g-goodness, which makes me so s-s-s- special!” Suddenly, they feel “worthy”, and their chosen bigotry is everything that stays between them and the total uselessness and absurdity of life as it must – if he only stops and thinks – appear to an atheist.

Suddenly, everything has a purpose, and causes such a fuzzy feeling. You are not anymore a 300 pound girl with 130,000 dollar in university debt, serving lattes at Starbucks, considered unwatchable even by Stevie Wonder, bitter, angry, bitchy, and otherwise repulsive in any way. You are now a warrior in a shining armour, full of zeal for the downtrodden, and so proud of your g-g-g-goodness.

You can be White and smash things to show you are on the side of Blacks (look at me! Look! At! Me! PLEASE!!).

You can be a total failure and feel like you are “changing the world”.

You can be the joke of everybody who knows you, but you are not a common loser anymore; you are a u-u-u-unique s-s-s-snowflake!

The sum of the individual madness of the losers, in turn, drives (some) corporate actions. It has become fashionable for people who sell pizza, or burgers, or organise sports games, or produce clothes, to tell us how they feel about political matters. Wendy’s donated hundreds of thousands to the wrong causes, and was rewarded (and… serves them right!) with the burning of one of their stores in Atlanta. It seems every last salesman must let us know what an activist he has become.

They are fake, and cowards; they are as un-American as they come. They should be boycotted whenever possible, all of them, starting from Wendy’s.  

And so it goes on and on. The constant outrage nourishes an entire outrage industry; everybody who does not care for decency and common sense wants a piece of it: failed people,failing publications, reckless politicians, stupid corporations, and atheist popes.

Yes, it then degenerates into looting. But for one who loots, there are fifty who just want to play the game of g-g-g-good, because playing the game is so vital to them.

This will go on for as long as the emptiness exists, because this is the ideal environment to make a protester out of a loser, and a looter out of a good-for-nothing.

As the last weeks have abundantly shown.





CHAZ: meet The New World


The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle (CHAZ), is making headlines and it might not be long before copycat versions pop up in several other Democrat dominated cities. The Mayor of Seattle has, without any irony, called it a potential Summer of Love. This shows the kind of poison these old 68er have in their heads.

Still, it seems the new world is a worsened version of the old one. Let us see some of its defining features:

Racism:  White people inside the zone are pressured to give money to the people “of colour”. Clearly, some people are more equal than others. Whites must sit at the back of the bus, and they are paying to boot.

Boundaries And Walls: the new world has boundaries, checkpoints, the lot. Why do they have it? Let us see: to keep undesired elements out, avoid invasions from the outside powers and populations, and let the people inside feel safe? I thought they were against, er, all of it?

No Undocumented People: same as the point above, with a variation: the CHAZ people really, really do not want undocumented people inside. The controls are everywhere. You live in the CHAZ? You need to show ID to get in, every time.

Police: the New World Order Boys have their own security service. It is, in fact, their own police. This means that they do not believe in any love-in of the happy insiders. They do think they will need to have some people maintain order to prevent lawlessness from exploding. Plus ca change…

Illegality and Waste:  Leftist tree-huggers donate food to the “new world” inhabitants. The latter invite the homeless to share it. The homeless steal everything. The Revolutionary Youth ask for… more food! Vegan if you can, please. So: resources from the dumb are spread around and appropriated by a minority without scruples, and this causes a request for more resources to be wasted. It looks like they have learned fast how to be a Democrat-run territory.

However, in all this, there is something that is, very clearly, not as it was in the old word, and this is: democracy.

In the old world, the people elected a Mayor, who in turn was in charge of selecting the Chief of Police. The CHAZ has not held any referendum to know whether the locals actually agree with the New Republic. They have no mandate at all. No. What they have done is:

a) appropriate a territory, and

b) impose their will on others.

I thought they considered this stuff, actually, bad? Or is it only bad when… others do it?

This CHAZ is becoming more Orwellian by the day, and one needs to be deeply rotten inside not to see it. My take is that, even in Seattle – where, I think it’s fair to say, they deserve everything that will happen to them –  more and more people are opening their eyes. Outside of the big Democrat run big cities, it is a fair bet that the Democrats will lose more and more ground, and that they will lull themselves into a false sense of security – due to the fake polls that are going around now – until Hurricane Donald makes landfall in early November.

By the bye: I hope the homeless who have stolen all the food go back and demand more of it.

Oppression, hunger, and all that.

It would be interesting to see the answer of the Brave New World (particularly after they discover that food is not unlimited) to the issues that have always plagued the old one.


George Floyd And The Emotions’ Industry

Shocking. But it does not earn Paradise.


Read here of the woman who now sees George Floyd in the arms of the Blessed Virgin when she prays the rosary, and of the V-II style painting (the Blessed Virgin in a full embrace of a full-grown man; unusual at the least, I would say; I can’t remember seeing anything of the sort pre-V II; perhaps I am wrong) made by a friend of her.

Well, bully for her; but, even if this is a private revelation (it does not seem to be that, either) I am not bound to believe it and, actually, don’t. Still, I have a couple of reflections I would like to share with you.

George Floyd had, from what I know, had experiences as porn actor and had robbed a bank threatening a pregnant woman by pointing a gun to her belly. Predictably, he is now a “gentle giant” like that other paragon of behaviour, Michael Brown.

It seems a dark skin really washes away an awful lot of sins, at least if you ask the usual Social Justice Warriors.

On the day of his arrest and (let us repeat this: absolutely unjustified and brutal) death, George Floyd, the “gentle giant”, was high on drugs, and passing fake bills. He might, or might not, have tried to resist arrest (which, let us repeat it once again, would not for a moment justify the brutal, sadistic treatment his tormentor inflicted on him). All this does put a different light on his character in general, and on the “gentle” in “gentle giant” in particular.

What does this mean? It means that, at the moment of his arrest, the guy was in mortal sin for (as far as we know) at least two reasons: being high, an obvious mortal sin, and defrauding shopkeepers; which, though technically a different crime, must surely go under “thou shalt not steal” as the Commandments are not meant to be a Criminal Code and account for all cases of thieving behaviour like fraud, embezzlement, etc.

Now, let us start from these known facts to state three things:

  1. If George Floyd sincerely repented, with a perfect contrition, for his sins whilst under the knee of his tormentor, his sins were forgiven to him, he died at peace with the Lord and he avoided hell. I don’t know if he was a Catholic or a Protestant; but, considering his age, it is an easy bet to assume he was at least baptized.
  2. We all sincerely wish the guy’s eternal soul all the best, because we do not wish hell to anyone, no matter what his faults.
  3. In consideration of his horrible death and general Christian piety, I invite you to say an “eternal rest” for the poor b.. guy.

So, what has all this to do with the rosary-praying woman and the painting? The fact that, as so often in our effeminate society, the victim proceeds to be canonised by the public opinion, because it makes us feel so, so good…

It would be, actually, better for the man if Catholics would invite other Catholics to pray for his eternal soul (which, obviously, presupposes that you don’t know about his eternal destiny), rather than getting all emotional about the porn-acting, pregnant-woman-threatening, drug-using, shopkeeper-defrauding “gentle giant”. The original woman does, in fact, just that. But I bet three pints that this is not the message that comes across in the end. That message ends up being: “George Floyd is now safe in the maternal embrace of the Blessed Virgin”

God does not judge as the world does. But God does judge. It is, I think, wise to remind ourselves of this sobering truth when we hear of such emotional responses to the unjust death of a man whose soul appears to have been, merely 8 minutes and 43 seconds before his death, in a very dangerous state.



A Very Fat, Very Timid Cassandra, And His BVWRG Veep Candidate


Michael Moore is one of those people who seem to have the ability to, confusedly, see reality for what it is  behind the thick PC fog he himself puts in front of his eyes. I think this is because he seems to have kept contact with friends of his youth, so he has that connection with the real world that rapidly evaporates whenever he talks to his rich, champagne-sipping, cocaine-snorting, sodomy-practicing liberal friends from the coasts.

Mind, he does not have the *guts* to tell the liberals that they are delusional, and that it looks like they are heading for a trouncing in November. He knows all too well that his “friends” would turn on him like a swarm of piranhas if he started to say what he really thinks! By the way, this is the drama almost every pollster is living now, more so today than in 2016. 

In the linked video, Moore is confronted with the customary, delusional “polling average”, as if a bunch of fake news made by terrified pollsters had more credibility than the first one of them. Please, God, make them go on like that until November!

Mr Moore is clearly invited to endorse the view of his interviewer and the “consensus” of the polls, which clearly predicts that Trump’s base support will be devastated exactly in those states that gave him the victory in 2016 and saw him deliver on everything he had promised to them until 2020. Not being as dumb as his interviewer, or as terrified as the pollsters, he clearly refuses.

Notice, though, that he does not say “you are living in cuckoo land, people!” He simply limits himself to stating – amidst various insults for Trump and the Deplorables, as he clearly thinks that of all of them – that, no matter what the Democrats throw at him, Trump will keep his base intact. This is the equivalent of taking the little toy given to him, throwing it to the floor and stomping it with his not inconsiderable weight, without actually doing it.

Liberals scared of liberals.

Meanwhile, more than 200,000 people want to see Trump in Oklahoma, in a time of (supposed) pandemic.  This guy is now way past Rock Star Status. He is one of the greatest American Icons, in his own lifetime. Babe Ruth and Joe Di Maggio bundled together. John Wayne on steroids. The second coming of Elvis.

Moore clearly sees it, but he does not want to say it. His Coastal Liberal counterparts prefer not to see it at all, and to lull themselves, like in 2016, with the “data”; this and, possibly, the cocaine, allows them to ignore, just a little bit longer, the reality they see around them.

In 2016, Trump was outspent by Hillary more than 2 to 1. This year, Trump will vastly outspend Biden. He is making  a tremendous effort in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Heck, he is spending a lot in Minnesota, and the mess in Minneapolis will certainly help him! He is the incumbent, which is always an advantage. He has delivered tremendously for his voters, which is another, much bigger advantage. He propels himself into Popularity Stratosphere whilst Biden cowers in his basement; an old, confused man whose strongest selling point is that you pity him for his dementia.

You need to be a liberal hack in order not to see where this very clearly seems to lead.

You need to be merely a liberal in order to simply see all this, and not have the courage to say it openly.

At the end of the interview, enjoy Moore offering his choice for Veep: the obligatory BVWRG, Black Vagina With Racial Grievances. His interviewer either does not know the activist woman (I had to search, Michael Moore pulled a nice “holier than thou” trick there…) or seems to think, ever her, that the BVWRG is too much on the left even for her.

Gotta love these liberals trying to out liberal each other.

They seem not to realise the effect they have on everybody else.







Mzzz Rowling, You Are Part Of The Problem

Mzzz J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author, is now involved in a feminazi war, in which her opponent try to destroy her for being a tad less feminist than them or, alternatively, still insisting with the acceptance of facts of life, like the fact that if you have a willy you are, actually, a man.

Mzzz Rawling may think that she is being, in a way, moderate, but she actually isn’t. She is merely throwing herself out of the feminist cliff, and thinking she can stop mid-air. The reasoning exhibited in the quotes mentioned in the linked article tells us that she is not averse to so-called transgenderism at all; what she is averse to, is calling the freaks with the wrong gender. 

How she expects to go down the road to madness and not be attacked by people madder than her, is below me. This is what happens every time, all the time.

Leftists are never able to get this. They always start a run to the left, when the one running faster is then entitled to attack, or denigrate, or destroy the slower ones. It must be that way, because once reality has been abandoned there is nothing to hold anybody back. But as they do this, they lose the mainstream, as the sane people are still the vats majority.

Black Lives Matter is, by the way, not very different. The short-term leftist/democratic gain of pandering to these idiots will be paid very dear when the mainstream voter – those not on Twitter, not on Facebook and, actually, having a life – can let their representative know what they think of all this.

Riots are poison for the Democrats. But as they think that the world is Twitter, they don’t understand it.

Mzzz Rowling has an awful, awful lot of money, and she cannot be “cancelled” in the way many others can. But she is, like everybody of her leftist ilk, addicted to her leftist halo, and very susceptible to peer pressure. It will be interesting to see whether the less insane feminists have found a champion in such an extremely rich person, or whether they are marching through every opposition with the steamroller, trying to introduce the Age of Lunacy to the mainstream.

An attempt which is, I think, doomed to fail, but don’t tell them…





A Cry For Justice: Pushing The Boundaries Of Linguistic Achievement

In what appears to be a modern revisitation of “Pride and Prejudice”, a distinguished lady expresses her frustration at her inability to enter a store and, it appears, proceed to take some goods for herself; goods which, it appears, come from China, which she seems not to like; but she would like a sample anyway.

The linguistic achievements of the lady are remarkable, and she bravely paves new paths for the English language. I wish I were able to express myself in that elegant, concise, expressive way!

Sadly, the people at which the lady directs her disapproval appear to be – as it is fashionable to say today – people of colour. This is very sad, and I remind all my readers that disapproval of that sort can only be voiced at White people. Otherwise the expression is, no matter how accomplished the literary merits, racism.

The lady is angered and, as every decent citizen would do when seeing an obvious injustice, she goes to the police, politely expressing to them her strong disapproval of the behaviour of the store owners. I think she wants assistance from the police. She asks them to deal with the store owners so that the lady can, it is to be supposed, exercise her rights of… this is not clear, actually, but I am not a mother tongue and I ask your help in this.

I do not pretend to understand everything the lady says, as I am not mother tongue. However, what I can tell you is that she seems to have a command of the beautiful language of Shakespeare that really makes us hope for a future of exceptional literary accomplishment.

Feast your ears, folks.


Unborn Baby Lives Matter



Every day, more than 2,000 baby lives are murdered in their mothers’ womb, in the US alone.

They are not held in a very dangerous position by a stupid Law Enforcement Officer. They do not die following cruel, but in the end merely aggressive, careless or very negligent behaviour. Nor are they culpable of anything. They don’t go around passing fake bills, they are not high on drugs, they don’t try to resist arrest. They are as innocent as anybody can and will ever be.

Still, they are wilfully killed in various ways.

In some cases, they are reached, in their mothers’ womb, by pieces of metals, scissors of various kind, or other implements, and cut to pieces. Then, their poor remains are extracted or sucked up in ways I cannot describe precisely, though I have cursorily read and can (barely) imagine the gruesome details.

The most peaceful of places, the most warm, nurturing, motherly space everybody of us has ever been in his life, is opened to the executioner, with the consent of the baby’s very mother.

I am not talking about negligence. I am not talking about abuse of power. I am talking about cold-blooded, calculated killing.

This happens thousands of times every day, in the very Country where George Floyd lived.

Where’s the leftist outrage?

These poor innocents are, more than proportionally, Blacks.

Where is Black Lives Matter?

We live in a very stupid world, where facts don’t count, numbers are racists, and emotion-fuelled media screaming is everything.

We need to wake up and start using our brains again.

Starting from November.

Nancy “Kente” Pelosi And Her Band of Walking Memes


Firstly, a warning: nowadays, everything must to go on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds exactly. Not one more, not one less. When you have breakfast, I suggest you make it go on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds exactly, “to honour George Floyd”. I am pretty sure this is the duration of Nancy Pelosi’s expensive ice cream sessions from her extremely expensive and, well, oh very white fridge. I would like to know how much an abortion procedure takes on average. We can then suggest to Nancy that she has her lunch – including very expensive ice cream dessert if needs be – go on for exactly the same time.

End of your lunch and of a human life, Mrs Pelosi. Are you satisfied?

Secondly, a suggestion: if you want to become a walking meme, try to impress the inhabitants of the Democratic Plantation by doing something that shows to the poor simpleton that their Democrat Overseers really, really care.

The warning and the suggestion were admirably combined by the elite echelons of the Dumbocrat Party yesterday, and the comic effect will remain forever.

Let us forget for a moment that, in a further comedy moment, Nancy couldn’t get up,  further raising the question whether she is far too old to make a joke of herself in this way, or actually to be Speaker of the House in the first place. This post is not about that.

The real news is the stupidity of using “cultural appropriation” (a big liberal no-no) for their pathetic exercise in tokenism, and the ultimate futility of it. The reaction, as you can see from the link, was not awaited for long, and drew anger and mockery from both the left and the right. They really had it coming.

This was really myopic, and certainly done on the spur of the moment; without any reflection about the countless, and ever increasing, rules of political correctness. Democrats hate “cultural appropriation”, and the more on the left they are, the more they hate it. These people are trying to impress a segment of the population that finds racism in absolutely everything, including Nancy being still alive. They should understand that, being White, there is nothing they can do that can appease the Black Communist Party; but the more they try to do it, the more they expose themselves as ridiculous, manipulative, pathetic tools in the eyes of many Democrats. Therefore, they keep digging a deeper and deeper hole around themselves, and think that somehow, magically, they will be able to jump out of it and appeal to the – largely White – moderate base they also desperately need.

A conservative President tends to drive the Democrats to the left, leaving too much space to the activist cooks, who then ruin the soup for the population at large. Ask Walter Mondale if you don’t believe me. Riots and disorders are also no great friends of the Democrats. They can excite the fringes, but they scare the middle ground. Also, there is no way to appease the fringes anyway. The likes of Black Lives Matter and assorted extremist movements will never be happy with her, will always ask for more concession from her, will ultimately criticise her merely for being part of the White Democrat Establishment. Nancy and her merry band of Walking Memes are playing a stupid game.

This is like scratching mosquito bites. A very short sense of relief is followed by a bigger sense of discomfort. The Democrat Overseers scratched their bites with this stunt, but the discomfort will go on, and become more painful.

They are playing a game without possibility of victory, and they are playing even that in a very stupid way.

Nancy, you should have stayed near your fridge.





Pope UN spoke again; and, again, he piddled outside of the potty.

His (unavoidably) effeminate speech has the following words:

” “God Loves me”, this is today’s sentiment”

This is what Catholicism has become, at least if you listen to this guy. You have “today’s sentiment”. Today, you wallow in the fluffy “God loves me” feeling. Tomorrow, you will likely be told to wallow in the “no one is saved alone. No one” feeling (I have reported). Some other day, it will be some “listen to the earth” feeling.

Boy, I am old.

I am so old that I remember when Catholicism was not about feelings. It did not encourage sentiments. It encouraged sober thinking. There was no emotional singing an djumpin gin church, like some Protestants do. It was all serious, solemn, soldierly.

The Four Last Things were thought about infinitely more often than every “sentiment”.  They were, actually, the same every day!

You had to deal with the harsh realities of the religion (that is: with the harsh facts of life) before you could even think of focusing on your fluffy feelings! Why? Because what you feel is largely subjective, easily manipulated, and often misleading. Whilst the cold, hard truths are, well, not going anywhere. I posit that the guitars in church mark the time when the harsh facts went out, and the feelings came in.

I was four years old, and I was scared of hell. It wasn’t a bug, it was a feature. I can easily say that it was exactly this deep impression, made on me as a child, which, many years later, helped me explore, deepen and, finally, cherish my Catholic heritage. If it happened today, some 68er hag would cry “child abuse”…

I can only shiver thinking of how many children, nowadays, will be asked how they “feel” about God, or how they “imagine” Him, or other fluffy rubbish like that. I think, actually, that this has gone around for a long time now; then a Pope can use the same kindergarten language (for younger children than me, of course; when I was in Kindergarten, this was extremely serious stuff…) and no one seems to object. This tells me that the children have become adults, and go to St Peter’s Square to hear “today’s sentiment” together with… their concubine.

The “feelings” can only end, well, here:



Truths are things.

This is today’s fact.





The Archbishop of Peterbury

There are many times when the Evil Clown really, really sounds like a so-called Archbishop of Canterbury. Which makes sense, if you consider that he struggles in seeing the differences between a Catholic and an Anglican.

Typically, an Anglican prelate will be concerned with stuff that have nothing to do with sin. Fornication, abortion, sexual perversion, concupiscence in general will be no problems to him. But so-called social justice, the so-called health of the planet, and other issues like that will be what is preeminent on his mind.

Francis is the same. I can’t remember one single time he condemned fornication, cohabitation more uxorio, and the like. He tells us not to “obsess” about abortion. But the old nincompoop keeps babbling about… the earth.

He also does not miss a “world religion” date. Dates that are fully unknown and irrelevant to Catholics (like earth day, which apparently happened very recently) are very important in his calendar.

Then, the usual drivel.

The earth was, we were told, wounded already five years ago, when he wrote his satanic Laudato Si (a document, mind, he seems to be the only one remembering). In these five years, we are told, the earth has bled, copiously; it has stumbled; it has cried for help a lot, and is now in urgent need of recovery in an intensive care unit. Only, no one seems to notice, apart from retarded adolescents, environmental nutcases, communists and assorted enemies of capitalism, and one heretical pope; who is, actually, a mixture of all that, and very possibly also retarded or at least demented, with the only exclusion of “adolescent”.

Francis loves to sound modern, “eco”, hip, “with it”. Perhaps it makes him feel younger. It surely makes him sound stupid.

What we have here is a sort of Archbishop of Peterbury, so far removed from Christianity that he does not even care to hide the fact. His fake references to sin, which are fairly rare, are never meant to condemn sin qua sin; they are, in fact, always meant to do something else: condemn Capitalism, or Catholic orthodoxy, or just wanting to be a decent man.

But if you stink of sheep (or of your own, male secretary), this is fine with him.

This is why the world is sinking in a pit of fornication, contraception, abortion, and perversion, but this guy is worried about the “bleeding” and “wounds” of the earth. Bleeding and wounds which, as always, are due to the “greed” of us, evil capitalists.

I think I will reflect very attentively on Francis’ grave warning. And then I will go out, driving around in my car.

Just for the fun of it.

I will call it “earth day celebration”.


Meet The Virus Slayer

The US economic data that came out today were a surprise of historic proportion.

The unemployment was at 14.7% last month, a historic high. It was expected to rise anywhere between 19% and 20%. the finance markets were bracing for a loss of 8m jobs.

It turned out differently.

The unemployment rate did not rise to 20%. It dropped  to 13.3%.

The economy did not shed 8 million of jobs. It gained two and a half.

I think one day people will write that this is the day Biden knew (before he forgot again) that he had lost the election.

The Democrats tried to destroy Trump by accusing him of incompetence in dealing with the Coronavirus. He stunned the country with solid leadership and strong optimism. They failed.

The Democrats then tried to destroy him by destroying the economy. He gave them some space (too much, I think; but hey…) in order to avoid giving them the flank. He had sufficient courage to reopen before it was too late. They failed.

Then they tried to destroy him by destroying the entire country. He sent the national Guard to Minnesota, and threatened to do it elsewhere. They failed.

And now, this.

The economy is coming back with a vengeance. The next months will be characterised by a strong optimism as the economy races again. Bar big surprises, it will be firing on all cylinders by November.

Trump had seen it right. He had predicted, many times, that the economy would recover strongly, faster than most people expected. Today is his great vindication.

He went for the jugular, as always, giving a press conference. He destroyed the Democrat narrative whilst thanking them.

He stands tall now, with the economy soaring.

Not one person lacked a ventilator.

Meet the Virus Slayer.

My blood boils when I read the comments of the never happy, the professional Monday morning quarterbacks, the permanently grumpy losers, the people so stupid, or so absorbed in their perennial grievances, that they are unable to understand what great gift God made us with this man.

Support Trump. Support him with your friends, relatives, coworkers. See past the occasional intemperance, or the odd tweet. This Presidency is not about this.

This man is a giant. Forgive him his peccadilloes, and thank God that he, and not Hillary or Joe or Kamala or Beto, are leading the nation.



Good News From The Coronavirus Front

Well, it looks like Hollywood is going to take a big hit.

Yes, some of the losses will be recovered when the movie theatres reopen. Yes, the streaming services will allow to offset another part of the losses. Yes, the Hollyweird freak factory will continue to be interesting for many. But there is no denying that they are going to take a big hit this year.

This means less bonuses (or none at all) for big wig executives, less attractive pay packages for actors and directors and, more in general, a loss if influence as a lot less people (perhaps 40-50% less) are exposed to the garbage coming from there.

I know, this is also a bite to the economy. Sadly, it means loss of income for all those who would have been the recipients of the money spent by the characters described above. But if a hit it has to be, I prefer it to come from there.

We will have to see how the industry recovers and whether this may lead, to an extent, to a partial permanency of the losses once people get accustomed to do other things with their free time, or to just take the Hollywood freaks less seriously. Still, it seems to me that this is good news, and signals another little shift from the traditional channels of leftists propaganda to other, less manipulable mediums like internet news services and sensible you tube channels.

In the meantime, enjoy your rubbish-free spring.



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