SSPX Opens New Church, Not Everybody Is Happy

There is a particular kind of sneaky assault on others, which consists in reporting biased information from third parties as if they lent credibility to one’s own agenda.

Yes, some SSPX priests are under investigation. Hey, there are hundreds of them. Hey, we all know bad apples can be everywhere, even among the Apostles. Hey, we know the SSPX is fully collaborating with the authorities. It is no surprise that some news outlet will link the two events (the opening and the investigation), because “bad priest” sells a lot, particularly among leftists and assorted anti-Catholic folks. Everyone with some sense should understands that this is a cheap shot.

Also note, in the original article, that the reporting is not all biased. Together with the cheap, “bad priest sells” shot, you have phrases like

The Society of St. Pius X, [..] is attracting adherents from across the United States to the town of St. Marys,

This is high praise in my book. The average reader will actually gasp a little at the idea of people attracted from the United States to this organisation! If they are non-Catholics, they might actually think whether their “church” does the same!

And it goes on:

The Society of St. Pius X chapel in St. Marys doesn’t have enough room for the church’s members in St. Marys.

Some 4,000 people attend Masses that are offered on weekends. Latin Masses also are celebrated each day of the week.

So, 4,000 faithful attending every weekend, and the existing church cannot contain them anymore? And they are growing “attracting adherents from across the United States”!

Is this not the picture of a thriving organisation of true faithful?

But no, there must be some sneaky attack like this one:


You see? A third party is used to say what the poster actually want to do: “let us attack the SSPX using a news outlet, shall we?”

Alas, it did not work. These pesky Catholics keep being Catholic, instead of joining the Church Of The Holy Whig. How do they dare!

The replies were these ones:


All three very much on point, and two of them very funny, too. The attacks of the Church of the Holy Whig bring more donations to the local SSPX chapters, and heartfelt thanks of the great news of the SSPX continuing expansion and, obviously, vast financial prosperity!


God bless the SSPX.

Beat a platinum wig every day.




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  1. Mary K Jones

    I am so happy to hear this! My younger son and family just moved there two weeks ago after returning from Australia. They were drawn by the school and the church building project, and by friends who have moved there. That son was actually baptised there a few decades ago, when I couldn’t find a traditional baptism in my NW part of the States. Many of us are aware that the smear campaign actually draws attention to the traditional order that has made the sacraments available during the church’s lockdown. We have new people showing up in our chapel each week. Hmmm, persecution seems to draw attention to the SSPX. So I guess Mrs. Niles and her coworkers are doing a favor to the traditional movement. For that, I am thankful.

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