Daily Archives: June 4, 2020

Good News From The Coronavirus Front

Well, it looks like Hollywood is going to take a big hit.

Yes, some of the losses will be recovered when the movie theatres reopen. Yes, the streaming services will allow to offset another part of the losses. Yes, the Hollyweird freak factory will continue to be interesting for many. But there is no denying that they are going to take a big hit this year.

This means less bonuses (or none at all) for big wig executives, less attractive pay packages for actors and directors and, more in general, a loss if influence as a lot less people (perhaps 40-50% less) are exposed to the garbage coming from there.

I know, this is also a bite to the economy. Sadly, it means loss of income for all those who would have been the recipients of the money spent by the characters described above. But if a hit it has to be, I prefer it to come from there.

We will have to see how the industry recovers and whether this may lead, to an extent, to a partial permanency of the losses once people get accustomed to do other things with their free time, or to just take the Hollywood freaks less seriously. Still, it seems to me that this is good news, and signals another little shift from the traditional channels of leftists propaganda to other, less manipulable mediums like internet news services and sensible you tube channels.

In the meantime, enjoy your rubbish-free spring.



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