Meet The Virus Slayer

The US economic data that came out today were a surprise of historic proportion.

The unemployment was at 14.7% last month, a historic high. It was expected to rise anywhere between 19% and 20%. the finance markets were bracing for a loss of 8m jobs.

It turned out differently.

The unemployment rate did not rise to 20%. It dropped  to 13.3%.

The economy did not shed 8 million of jobs. It gained two and a half.

I think one day people will write that this is the day Biden knew (before he forgot again) that he had lost the election.

The Democrats tried to destroy Trump by accusing him of incompetence in dealing with the Coronavirus. He stunned the country with solid leadership and strong optimism. They failed.

The Democrats then tried to destroy him by destroying the economy. He gave them some space (too much, I think; but hey…) in order to avoid giving them the flank. He had sufficient courage to reopen before it was too late. They failed.

Then they tried to destroy him by destroying the entire country. He sent the national Guard to Minnesota, and threatened to do it elsewhere. They failed.

And now, this.

The economy is coming back with a vengeance. The next months will be characterised by a strong optimism as the economy races again. Bar big surprises, it will be firing on all cylinders by November.

Trump had seen it right. He had predicted, many times, that the economy would recover strongly, faster than most people expected. Today is his great vindication.

He went for the jugular, as always, giving a press conference. He destroyed the Democrat narrative whilst thanking them.

He stands tall now, with the economy soaring.

Not one person lacked a ventilator.

Meet the Virus Slayer.

My blood boils when I read the comments of the never happy, the professional Monday morning quarterbacks, the permanently grumpy losers, the people so stupid, or so absorbed in their perennial grievances, that they are unable to understand what great gift God made us with this man.

Support Trump. Support him with your friends, relatives, coworkers. See past the occasional intemperance, or the odd tweet. This Presidency is not about this.

This man is a giant. Forgive him his peccadilloes, and thank God that he, and not Hillary or Joe or Kamala or Beto, are leading the nation.



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  1. Amen! God bless our President Trump:+)

  2. Trump is a modern day King David! I love the way he manages to out fox the left wing illiberals at every turn. 4 more years!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Trump must be given another term to complete his mission. We must retain the Senate and flip the House. Deo Gratias!

  4. Amen! So many complain that he isn’t above reproach in all areas. Frankly, I don’t know any living saints. Anyway, I have been a supporter since he entered the race, and I won’t deny it to anyone. I’m very grateful that he might be able to change the course of the destruction of this country, or at least give us a few more good years. Thanks for your post!

  5. May God continue to protect him, guide him, and help him lead our nation back from the brink, where we are teetering. God has His hand on him, can there be any doubt. Whenever I think that God is entirely done with us and we deserve the meteor now, I think of Donald Trump and his astronomically unlikely campaign and presidency. Even with his astounding resilience, only God could sustain a man under attack as he is. God be with him, and make his face to shine upon him. We are entirely grateful, as the world should be, for Donald Trump.

  6. Have you seen this!!
    Beneath contempt.
    I was bit shouldn’t have been shocked.
    I thought of you. (In a good way.)

  7. Prior to this year’s trials, the democrats made several attempts to take the president down: among others, the Russian collusion hoax, the Ukrainian corruption hoax, and, the worst one, the shampeachment. All of these were plots designed to put overwhelming pressure on him to resign.

    But the leftists always underestimate Trump’s fighting spirit and resolve to protect our country, and Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And he has a loyal and supportive ally in his corner: his wife and our First Lady, Melania, who works behind the scenes as a force for good. God bless and protect them both.

  8. sixlittlerabbits

    Great post, Mundabor. Trump is an exceptional President and a very brave man. Thank God, he is our President. We are blessed in the US.

  9. He had an exorcism done in the WH in 2016 and put a statue of OLOFatima in there

  10. Proves he’s smart

  11. Jan & Regina Goossens

    It made me very happy to read this. Let us pray that you are right.

  12. Pegon Zellschmidt

    As it has been said, God works in strange ways. The Bible is filled with fallen men and women who He used. And the lives of saints and martyrs didn’t always follow the righteous path. The poor soul, the sinner, Donald Trump, is being used. God, bless Donald Trump.

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