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Pope UN spoke again; and, again, he piddled outside of the potty.

His (unavoidably) effeminate speech has the following words:

” “God Loves me”, this is today’s sentiment”

This is what Catholicism has become, at least if you listen to this guy. You have “today’s sentiment”. Today, you wallow in the fluffy “God loves me” feeling. Tomorrow, you will likely be told to wallow in the “no one is saved alone. No one” feeling (I have reported). Some other day, it will be some “listen to the earth” feeling.

Boy, I am old.

I am so old that I remember when Catholicism was not about feelings. It did not encourage sentiments. It encouraged sober thinking. There was no emotional singing an djumpin gin church, like some Protestants do. It was all serious, solemn, soldierly.

The Four Last Things were thought about infinitely more often than every “sentiment”.  They were, actually, the same every day!

You had to deal with the harsh realities of the religion (that is: with the harsh facts of life) before you could even think of focusing on your fluffy feelings! Why? Because what you feel is largely subjective, easily manipulated, and often misleading. Whilst the cold, hard truths are, well, not going anywhere. I posit that the guitars in church mark the time when the harsh facts went out, and the feelings came in.

I was four years old, and I was scared of hell. It wasn’t a bug, it was a feature. I can easily say that it was exactly this deep impression, made on me as a child, which, many years later, helped me explore, deepen and, finally, cherish my Catholic heritage. If it happened today, some 68er hag would cry “child abuse”…

I can only shiver thinking of how many children, nowadays, will be asked how they “feel” about God, or how they “imagine” Him, or other fluffy rubbish like that. I think, actually, that this has gone around for a long time now; then a Pope can use the same kindergarten language (for younger children than me, of course; when I was in Kindergarten, this was extremely serious stuff…) and no one seems to object. This tells me that the children have become adults, and go to St Peter’s Square to hear “today’s sentiment” together with… their concubine.

The “feelings” can only end, well, here:



Truths are things.

This is today’s fact.





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