A Cry For Justice: Pushing The Boundaries Of Linguistic Achievement

In what appears to be a modern revisitation of “Pride and Prejudice”, a distinguished lady expresses her frustration at her inability to enter a store and, it appears, proceed to take some goods for herself; goods which, it appears, come from China, which she seems not to like; but she would like a sample anyway.

The linguistic achievements of the lady are remarkable, and she bravely paves new paths for the English language. I wish I were able to express myself in that elegant, concise, expressive way!

Sadly, the people at which the lady directs her disapproval appear to be – as it is fashionable to say today – people of colour. This is very sad, and I remind all my readers that disapproval of that sort can only be voiced at White people. Otherwise the expression is, no matter how accomplished the literary merits, racism.

The lady is angered and, as every decent citizen would do when seeing an obvious injustice, she goes to the police, politely expressing to them her strong disapproval of the behaviour of the store owners. I think she wants assistance from the police. She asks them to deal with the store owners so that the lady can, it is to be supposed, exercise her rights of… this is not clear, actually, but I am not a mother tongue and I ask your help in this.

I do not pretend to understand everything the lady says, as I am not mother tongue. However, what I can tell you is that she seems to have a command of the beautiful language of Shakespeare that really makes us hope for a future of exceptional literary accomplishment.

Feast your ears, folks.


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  1. johnfkennedy63

    A proud graduate from the Al Sharpton School of Eloquence.

  2. And an intelligent rebuttal:

  3. I think she wants to loot the place and doesn’t see why the store owners are protecting their property since they have insurance to cover any damages. She was going to get her cousin who’s on the police force to help her out.

  4. Probably not the finest spokesperson for her cause and while her enthusiasm is contagious the store owners seem to have the cure at hand.

  5. What frightened me was that she appeared to be sober.

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