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Mzzz Rowling, You Are Part Of The Problem

Mzzz J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author, is now involved in a feminazi war, in which her opponent try to destroy her for being a tad less feminist than them or, alternatively, still insisting with the acceptance of facts of life, like the fact that if you have a willy you are, actually, a man.

Mzzz Rawling may think that she is being, in a way, moderate, but she actually isn’t. She is merely throwing herself out of the feminist cliff, and thinking she can stop mid-air. The reasoning exhibited in the quotes mentioned in the linked article tells us that she is not averse to so-called transgenderism at all; what she is averse to, is calling the freaks with the wrong gender. 

How she expects to go down the road to madness and not be attacked by people madder than her, is below me. This is what happens every time, all the time.

Leftists are never able to get this. They always start a run to the left, when the one running faster is then entitled to attack, or denigrate, or destroy the slower ones. It must be that way, because once reality has been abandoned there is nothing to hold anybody back. But as they do this, they lose the mainstream, as the sane people are still the vats majority.

Black Lives Matter is, by the way, not very different. The short-term leftist/democratic gain of pandering to these idiots will be paid very dear when the mainstream voter – those not on Twitter, not on Facebook and, actually, having a life – can let their representative know what they think of all this.

Riots are poison for the Democrats. But as they think that the world is Twitter, they don’t understand it.

Mzzz Rowling has an awful, awful lot of money, and she cannot be “cancelled” in the way many others can. But she is, like everybody of her leftist ilk, addicted to her leftist halo, and very susceptible to peer pressure. It will be interesting to see whether the less insane feminists have found a champion in such an extremely rich person, or whether they are marching through every opposition with the steamroller, trying to introduce the Age of Lunacy to the mainstream.

An attempt which is, I think, doomed to fail, but don’t tell them…





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