A Very Fat, Very Timid Cassandra, And His BVWRG Veep Candidate


Michael Moore is one of those people who seem to have the ability to, confusedly, see reality for what it is  behind the thick PC fog he himself puts in front of his eyes. I think this is because he seems to have kept contact with friends of his youth, so he has that connection with the real world that rapidly evaporates whenever he talks to his rich, champagne-sipping, cocaine-snorting, sodomy-practicing liberal friends from the coasts.

Mind, he does not have the *guts* to tell the liberals that they are delusional, and that it looks like they are heading for a trouncing in November. He knows all too well that his “friends” would turn on him like a swarm of piranhas if he started to say what he really thinks! By the way, this is the drama almost every pollster is living now, more so today than in 2016. 

In the linked video, Moore is confronted with the customary, delusional “polling average”, as if a bunch of fake news made by terrified pollsters had more credibility than the first one of them. Please, God, make them go on like that until November!

Mr Moore is clearly invited to endorse the view of his interviewer and the “consensus” of the polls, which clearly predicts that Trump’s base support will be devastated exactly in those states that gave him the victory in 2016 and saw him deliver on everything he had promised to them until 2020. Not being as dumb as his interviewer, or as terrified as the pollsters, he clearly refuses.

Notice, though, that he does not say “you are living in cuckoo land, people!” He simply limits himself to stating – amidst various insults for Trump and the Deplorables, as he clearly thinks that of all of them – that, no matter what the Democrats throw at him, Trump will keep his base intact. This is the equivalent of taking the little toy given to him, throwing it to the floor and stomping it with his not inconsiderable weight, without actually doing it.

Liberals scared of liberals.

Meanwhile, more than 200,000 people want to see Trump in Oklahoma, in a time of (supposed) pandemic.  This guy is now way past Rock Star Status. He is one of the greatest American Icons, in his own lifetime. Babe Ruth and Joe Di Maggio bundled together. John Wayne on steroids. The second coming of Elvis.

Moore clearly sees it, but he does not want to say it. His Coastal Liberal counterparts prefer not to see it at all, and to lull themselves, like in 2016, with the “data”; this and, possibly, the cocaine, allows them to ignore, just a little bit longer, the reality they see around them.

In 2016, Trump was outspent by Hillary more than 2 to 1. This year, Trump will vastly outspend Biden. He is making  a tremendous effort in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Heck, he is spending a lot in Minnesota, and the mess in Minneapolis will certainly help him! He is the incumbent, which is always an advantage. He has delivered tremendously for his voters, which is another, much bigger advantage. He propels himself into Popularity Stratosphere whilst Biden cowers in his basement; an old, confused man whose strongest selling point is that you pity him for his dementia.

You need to be a liberal hack in order not to see where this very clearly seems to lead.

You need to be merely a liberal in order to simply see all this, and not have the courage to say it openly.

At the end of the interview, enjoy Moore offering his choice for Veep: the obligatory BVWRG, Black Vagina With Racial Grievances. His interviewer either does not know the activist woman (I had to search, Michael Moore pulled a nice “holier than thou” trick there…) or seems to think, ever her, that the BVWRG is too much on the left even for her.

Gotta love these liberals trying to out liberal each other.

They seem not to realise the effect they have on everybody else.







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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Thanks for the big dose of optimism (and the laugh) this gave me this morning. In this time when I feel like I’m one of the moles in a whack-a-mole game, this gave me a time out and a sigh of relief. May the Lord keep us all in the state of sanity while we maneuver this insane culture!

  2. Moore also recently upset the liberal applecart with his film that exposed the idiocies of electric cars, windmills and so on. Please God, the sane man inside him will rid him of his demons before the end of his life.

  3. Michael Moore is a former Catholic seminarian. Occasionally he attends the Traditional Mass at a convent near where he lives. Go figure! I can’t. I find him repulsive. But perhaps there is some residual Faith lurking; maybe he wants to play both sides, just in case.

  4. It is reportedly now 300,000 trying to get tickets. Nobody wants Covid, but everybody wants to see and hear him, the president of our lifetime and many lifetimes. Only if Washington could be brought back would more people want to go see a president. He is, indeed, a rock star, for a billion great reasons. God must not be done with America, because He gave us Donald Trump and Abp. Vigano, and while it is disheartening to see how many Leftists have lost their minds entirely and have gone over to demons, there is no doubt a very large, silent majority, the same people who have kept a steady hand on the rudder many a time during an election year. Polls in 2020 are completely meaningless. Who trusts pollsters.
    We need to pray, vote, and bring a friend who would not vote, with us. (Assuming they would vote for Trump, otherwise, leave them home.)

  5. Of course, the likely Trump election will result in great, big temper tantrums and larger coup attempts, as the crazed Left goes mad.

  6. What we Americans have to do is not only reelect the man but provide him with a supporting cast, congressmen and senators that will vote with him and support his agenda. As it is there are too few men (and women) who are there and doing that. We need more non-career politicians who will see the problem, run for office and get elected, fix the problem(s) and leave.

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