CHAZ: meet The New World


The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle (CHAZ), is making headlines and it might not be long before copycat versions pop up in several other Democrat dominated cities. The Mayor of Seattle has, without any irony, called it a potential Summer of Love. This shows the kind of poison these old 68er have in their heads.

Still, it seems the new world is a worsened version of the old one. Let us see some of its defining features:

Racism:  White people inside the zone are pressured to give money to the people “of colour”. Clearly, some people are more equal than others. Whites must sit at the back of the bus, and they are paying to boot.

Boundaries And Walls: the new world has boundaries, checkpoints, the lot. Why do they have it? Let us see: to keep undesired elements out, avoid invasions from the outside powers and populations, and let the people inside feel safe? I thought they were against, er, all of it?

No Undocumented People: same as the point above, with a variation: the CHAZ people really, really do not want undocumented people inside. The controls are everywhere. You live in the CHAZ? You need to show ID to get in, every time.

Police: the New World Order Boys have their own security service. It is, in fact, their own police. This means that they do not believe in any love-in of the happy insiders. They do think they will need to have some people maintain order to prevent lawlessness from exploding. Plus ca change…

Illegality and Waste:  Leftist tree-huggers donate food to the “new world” inhabitants. The latter invite the homeless to share it. The homeless steal everything. The Revolutionary Youth ask for… more food! Vegan if you can, please. So: resources from the dumb are spread around and appropriated by a minority without scruples, and this causes a request for more resources to be wasted. It looks like they have learned fast how to be a Democrat-run territory.

However, in all this, there is something that is, very clearly, not as it was in the old word, and this is: democracy.

In the old world, the people elected a Mayor, who in turn was in charge of selecting the Chief of Police. The CHAZ has not held any referendum to know whether the locals actually agree with the New Republic. They have no mandate at all. No. What they have done is:

a) appropriate a territory, and

b) impose their will on others.

I thought they considered this stuff, actually, bad? Or is it only bad when… others do it?

This CHAZ is becoming more Orwellian by the day, and one needs to be deeply rotten inside not to see it. My take is that, even in Seattle – where, I think it’s fair to say, they deserve everything that will happen to them –  more and more people are opening their eyes. Outside of the big Democrat run big cities, it is a fair bet that the Democrats will lose more and more ground, and that they will lull themselves into a false sense of security – due to the fake polls that are going around now – until Hurricane Donald makes landfall in early November.

By the bye: I hope the homeless who have stolen all the food go back and demand more of it.

Oppression, hunger, and all that.

It would be interesting to see the answer of the Brave New World (particularly after they discover that food is not unlimited) to the issues that have always plagued the old one.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Great summary, on-target, Mundabor. The late Dorothy Day, candidate for sainthood thanks to Despicable Chief Social Worker Timothy Dolan, would be wetting her pants with excitement at the “triumph of CHAZ.” EWWW. (I remember all this from the 1960s.)

  2. When I lived in Capitol Hill in 1964 to 1972 is was a nice neighbourhood. But Seattle has always been the home of left wing movements such as the ‘wobilies’ Workers of the World, Technocracy another alternative political theory.
    This anarchy is caused Ultimately by the rejection of God and His commandments. Due mainly to the apostasy at the top of the Catholic Church.

  3. Stéphane Mercier

    At first I tought this post was a joke about what may happen if the madness went on… then I checked elsewhere, and boy, this was not even a wicked joke!
    Seneca has something to say here. Can’t remember the precise wording, but he says than when one crosses the line, his delusional behaviour will bring him farther and farther away from sanity, completely unchecked. We seem to be witnessing precisely that.
    As usual, thanks for your refreshing comments. Keep it going while there’s still some room for speaking the truth online.

    • Stephane, my friends in Europe are amazed that this is real. They can’t believe I live here. I work in Portland and live in the country. But I have taken up the invitation of my children and decided to move with them, somewhere a little more sane. My coworkers couldn’t ride the train or busses the last couple of weeks because they were harassed when they had to make a connection, in town. Horrible violence.
      As usual, excellent post, Mundabor!

    • Thanks, Mary!
      I think it’s wise to go out of Portland!

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