Corporations, Cowards And Crocodiles


An excellent article in the Federalist outlines the myopic and cowardly attitude of Corporations kow-towing to the Racist BLM Mob. 

The article points out something not frequently discussed: the problem for these corporations does not begin when they get sued. It begin when they start hiring “Diversity Directors”. They create a climate of poison, resentment and entitlement at the same time. It is only a matter of time until this behaviour ends up causing huge bills. Bills, mind you, not only due to litigation, but to the money they keep paying in the very stupid hope of appeasing the mob. 

Newsflash: mobs can never be appeased.

The guy above knew this, because he had a robust dose of common sense and was not afraid of speaking his mind; which is why monuments to him must now be protected by the same mob the Corporations try to appease.

One premise of the article I cannot share: that leftists are better than conservatives at boycotting. I disagree. I would say that:

1. Leftists are good at making noise, and

2,. Corporations are so good at giving up, that one wonders whether they received specialised training.

Nowadays, it is fashionable to admit that you have been an idiot for decades in the hope that this will prevent others from calling you an idiot. Guess how that ends….

Quaker just scrubbed “Aunt Jemima”, a brand in use for 130 years.

Have they been racists for 130 years? If yes, all Board members must resign, now.

It is time for the supervisory board to start selecting their board members according to the attributes they have, of course after they made sure they have the attributes themselves first. Only when that happens the constant stream of money flowing to extremists and bigots will stop, and then the game will become much more interesting than it is now.

As per today, too many corporations feed the crocodile that want to eat them. They should know history, and heed the words of wise man of the past, however endangered their monuments.





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  1. Corporations feeds the hand that could bite them. It is the same when they do business with shady governments and trade unions with bribes and payoffs. It’s all part of the seamy business of money making unfortunately.

  2. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Aunt Jemima and now Uncle Ben’s Rice. One person who is very happy about all of this erasing blacks from packages is one David Duke. David Duke has been decrying black faces on grocery products for years. “I’m ecstatic about these changes,” Duke said. “I’m now calling for the black babies to be removed from Pampers boxes,” he said while signaling an OK sign👌
    Now what do the racist #BLM have to say?🤷🏾‍♀️

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