Living In The CHAZ, Or: Unplanned Donations

Restore DC Catholicism has a delightful post about what it means to be a woke cretin in Woke Central, the CHAZ. 

It truly is hilarious. Mommy’s darling, who had money, supplies and laptop stolen, gets all passive-aggressive, and lets the woke world know that he/she/it/whatever it identifies with today will now have to go back to mama, then the idea of working for a living never entered his mind. I don’t think this is a girl. I think it’s a boy, plus a lot of soy. But it’s just me.

However this may be, we are in Woke central, and there is no time for such selfish behaviour as whining that your stuff has been stolen. The answer is comedy gold:

This is a masterful, BLM-age retort. I am sure this is not meant to be funny. This is merely the new reality in Woke Central.

Let me count the ways:

  1. I don’t judge you. I really, really appreciate you. You are such a unique snowflake. And now that I have paid my tribute to your sensitive Woke skin, hold fast…
  2. You are judgmental. Just because things disappear, you call this theft? Who do you think you are? If we weren’t in the same Woke Central, I would call you racist!
  3. Theft isn’t theft if we say so. You have no right to your property. If someone who is “disadvantaged” took it, suck it up, boy! You will now see the thief of your laptop use it, and enjoy your food and your money. It’s the way it works here. Be happy for him. Reflect on your privilege instead.
  4. As you have no right to your property, it’s not for you to call anyone a thief, or yourself a victim of theft. But we will entitle you to call it an “unplanned donation”. Unplanned, mind; not unwanted!  You, me, everybody, we are all in agreement that theft is what we are about in this community. See, it works in this way: you have no right to anything whenever anybody else is in greater need of it than you.  
  5. I don’t judge you. You have been a useful idiot for the cause. You did good today. Now, kindly shut up, before I get angry.

It does not need a genius to know that this is what goes on all the time in this wonderful experiment. The desperate race for who is the most woke; the tyranny of communism that you are requested to like and approve; the gentle, “you need to get in line with the party line” rebuke, Communist Party style; the bullying of the strong and the cowardly servitude of the sheep, who aren’t even allowed to whine.

It truly is delicious.


I must say that I disagree with the idea that Trump should intervene, sharp-ish, and put an end to this. I would agree with the policy if those six blocks were inhabited by solidly-thinking, hard-working, conservative people. However, it seems to me that this commune is established in one of the wokest parts of one of the wokest cities “from sea to shining sea”. I frankly cannot see why this new Animal Farm should not be allowed to take its course, a “social experiment” of which the vast majority of its inhabitants must surely approve and, if they don’t, should approve anyway because this is, ultimately, what they have supported for now many years.

Plus, Trump is the ultimate Aikido-fighter, using the energy of his adversaries against them. If he intervened, his own use of force (or energy) would be universally condemned and the cries of “repression” would rise to the sky. In this way, he exposes the inaction at all level of Democrat power (Mayor, Governor, Senate, House) whilst criticising the chaos incessantly; but he still keeps ready to intervene, if the situation becomes so serious that the Governor must be pushed aside, and must let the grown ups do their job.

This can only have a handful of outcomes:

A) Copycats of the CHAZ pop out in other “Woke” Democrat cities like Portland, Berkeley or San Francisco. If the Dem police represses them, get the popcorn. If they don’t, watch millions of moderate Democrat voters discover the virtues of both Trumpism and the Second Amendment.

B) The CHAZ dies a pacific, slow death of exhaustion. Too many mama boys run out of money, not enough soy beans to go around, vegan food difficult to find and not enough people giving the heroes food for nothing, and the like. In this case, they will look like spoiled children with no spine or brains, and the Democrats will look the more stupid for having supported them.

C) The CHAZ ends up being a very violent place, or the lawlessness forces the police to put an end to it with the baton and the.. taser. In this case, Democrats at all levels will have brutally failed, and there will be no way to hide this. Plus, you will see the flocking of sane people to the tactical Trump vote – just until the Dems go back to halfway sanity – as in B).

Before I conclude, a last reflection on the last words of the theft victim.

He writes: “I might be packing up to leave soon”.

Whatever it is that he is packing, I am sure others will be in greater need of it than him. I see more “unplanned donations” coming, nor do I think it is such an injustice.

Live woke, die woke.






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  1. Hoping sets up headquarters at the Democrat convention in Milwaukee—and maybe a 1968 redo as we recall Eugene McCarthy who lost big time due to riots, among other things…

  2. Eyes wide open, seeing nothing.

  3. It does not occur to the man or woman child who is posting this that the entire appropriation of this area is illegal theft in the first place. I’m sure these poor spoiled brats are either completely uneducated or miseducated about the stupidity and horrors of communism. My own personal experience with communism happened in the 70s when I was 18 and fallen away from the church. Through a friend I met a cult member of a “Jesus” group. They just had to be well intentioned etc. I thought. I spent a night in their communal house to find my money had disappeared the next morning. Shocked at the theft, I was told “hey we share everything,” which meant the slothful robbed the working. I made a fuss until they gave me at least carfare to get back and forth to my full time job in New York, although it wasn’t close to what they had taken. I guess though shalt not steal had no application in their theology. “There is nothing new under the sun” as the good word says, only a new batch of useful idiots reinventing a square wheel.

  4. This is end soon, just like Occupy Wall Street. I remember seeing many Occupy camp sites in different cities around the world after the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Within a year they were gone. The same Antifa types lived in these tent camps but eventually they got bored.

  5. Driving home from work today from Portland, I drove past a lovely encampment of ‘the homeless’, which seemed to be mostly garbage (the encampment), but there was one man (?) working away, polishing a piece of furniture with a rag. Further down the road (the second thoroughfare to Seattle besides Interstate 5 which runs from Mexico to Canada), I was passed by a string of cars in very poor condition, with a bunch of characters in each: man-buns, cornrowed heads, loud music blaring, and just generally odder characters than I see in usual rush-hour traffic. I presumed that they were on their way up north to fill the vacancies left by those too ignoble to stand for whatever CHOP or CHAZ demands (in a most woke fashion). On seeing them, I was especially grateful that I am leaving this city in the not very distant future.

    I loved this post.

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