Tulsa: The Autopsy (Or: Still A Superstar!)



Some good and some bad things happened in Tulsa. I would like to examine them one by one, as I see them.

Foreign Interference 

Foreign people inflating the number of participants is a foreign interference in the US election. The same cretins who have cried foul for two years on Russia and Ukraine seem unable to see this. I wonder if one’s IQ decides one’s political allegiance. I personally did not believe the 1 million figure, thinking that at some point it was just a way to show support for Trump from people who knew they did not have a chance to attend (more on this further on). This is why, in my last post, I limited myself to hundreds of thousands; which is, I think, still a very realistic estimate of the real support Trump mobilised. Still, this is foreign interference that must be investigated and made to stop.

Fake News 

Whilst the foreign interference is worrying and needs to be stamped out (this came largely from China; it is difficult to imagine that party officers did not have their Commie Paws in it one way or the other), the idea that they would cause disruption or cause the rally to fail in itself is 1-A Certified Fake News. Trump Rallies’ attendance is not by invitation, it is on a first-come-first-served basis.   Therefore, one can send as many fake invitations as he wants, but he will never cause the right people to stay out of the rally, or be persuaded not to travel to it, because Chinese Commies have already taken all the tickets. Besides, many people travel to get to the party outside of the rally. Therefor,e it would be irrelevant to them if they think all the tickets have gone. The issue is a different one, and it’s the security one.

Security Concerns 

It is absolutely laughable to say that the rally attendance was a failure, a fiasco, or other words of the sort. There were extensive security concerns and, at times, a curfew in place. There is a big difference between the rallies of the Democrats and those of Trump: the Democrats don’t show up, and those who show up are young militants of more or less challenged intelligence and no children. The Republicans show up with the entire families, with their friend’s families, and make of it a big party and a joyous day out. You need to live in fantasy land to think that the fact that many decided not to show up is something that indicates mediocre, even vanishing support for Trump. Is it wise to travel many hours, with your children, for what could have become a day of battle? Exposing your children to scenes of violent clashes between Antifa and police, tear gas, cries, sirens, horse-mounted policemen (as long as they still exist) with batons? Honestly, I am not really surprised. But I live in a different continent, and the locals will have had a better feeling of what the situation was. They would, for example, read articles like this one,  on the day of the rally, and decide not to travel in the end. I don’t blame them.

Huge Interest for Trump 

Hey, Democrats: after you have enjoyed your three minutes of Beavis and Butthead laughter, get this: 5,300,000 people watch Trump live on the sum of all video channels (TV and Internet). 

Yep. Trump is still a Superstar!

This huge interest in watching Trump also tells something very valuable: that it is very realistic to assume that many who decided not to travel made to the decision to watch Trump on video instead.

I remember reading in the past about video appearance of Joe The Creepy Guy with abysmal participation. I really, really hope Dems are too dim to see this obvious point.

Now, let us reflect on this: when millions of moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats read that leftist fringes obstacle democracy in their Country and the Democrats do not say a word against it – actually laughing at Trump instead – how do you think they will react? I think that every episode of threatened violence and subversion of the Democratic process brings more votes to Trump.

But hey, CNN never says that, so I must be wrong…


So, bad news for you, Democrats: Trump is every bit the Superstar, no matter how hard you put your fingers in your ears and cry “lalalalaaaala”.

Still, bad news for Republicans, too: Trump’s rallies must be joyous family gatherings, not potential war zones.

Now that the threat is evident, there must be a corresponding reaction.



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  1. Agree. Trump is a Superstar. No question about it. Antifa and BLM, Communist front organizations, will help only help Trump and assure Democrat failure in November.

  2. I would like to go a tad off-topic to shower praise upon my President.
    Many people who support him also want him to take federal action against violent, disorderly and illegally acting so-called “protestors.”
    Such micro-establishments as the “chaz” (capitol hill anarchy project, also called “chop”- capitol hill oppression project) have made a mockery of our laws and he, being wise beyond the anarchist’s years has refused to take such action, leaving it to the local demokrats (why do these things always happen in demokrat-run cities?) to deal with.
    Either this anarchic burlesque will continue into the election period, guaranteeing Trump votes or, the local politicians will violently (because that is what the anarchists want) end the situation, guaranteeing more pro-Trump votes. Of course a lack of food, sanitation, health care and policing could lead to the chaz simply going the way of the “occupy your mindlessness” protests… fading away after creating more anti-demokrat voters.

  3. Thanks to God that I have found your blog. It gives me hope. You and all brave, holy priests will be in my prayers. 🙏🏻

  4. Local talking heads gleefully reported yesterday evening that McCain’s daughter and her friends who lives in the posh mountain enclave of Park City, Utah bought up hundreds of tickets to the rally helping to dampen the turnout. I imagine many elites with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) did this.

  5. The numbers that go to the rallies do not indicate the number of people who will vote for him. The Silent Majority in the US is a hidden phenomenon. Americans don’t reveal who they will vote for. What people say, and what they think and do, are two entirely different things. My Mom and Dad would never reveal to us kids who they voted for, it was private.
    Still, people still attend a church that contains Cardinal Cupich, so, some Americans are out of touch with reality.
    If Americans in large numbers, can’t look at the actions of Democrats in these last few weeks and conclude America is on the precipice and we need Donald Trump terribly, then maybe there is no hope. I have to think the numbers of big-mouths and troublemakers is relatively small when compared to the Silent Majority. As soon as Trump is in, there’s going to be huge push back. God help us get there.

  6. Good analysis, M. Trump’s handling of the riots, CHAZ/CHOP, tearing down statues, etc, has been crafty. Simply do what any reasonable person would do: 1. Point out the obvious, 2. Demand the (Democrat) authorities take control (Police, National Guard)…which they won’t do, so as not to appear at Trump’s beck and call and in fact will do the EXACT opposite to emphasize how much they are not at his beck and call (ignoring the mayhem, “dialoging” with the mob Jacob-Frey-Style, calling it a Jenny Durkin “Summer of Love”, etc), 3. State the option of Federal intervention to protect the stunned and shell shocked law abiding majority, 4. Wait.

    Once the situation becomes increasingly untenable, unhinged and beyond excusable by any rational and law abiding person’s standards (including Democrat administred authorities) then offer or step in Federally to bring order to the chaos. Basically, it is sitting back, watching and waiting until the insane far left begins to to devour itself i.e. like last weekends’ CHAZ/CHOP internal anarchy.

    While all this is echoing across the nations citizens Republican minds become more resolute and vote for Trump in November, reasoning Democrats quietly decide, reluctantly, to vote for Trump in November, Independents quietly decide to vote for Trump in November and the swivel-eyed, far left take to the streets the day after Trump’s win to repeat what they did 4 yearscago.

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